February 21, 2019

Miles McInnes: Why I never criticize Islam

Miles McInnesSocial Justice Warrior

Lots of right-wingers fight with me, asking, "Why don't you ever talk about radical Islam?" 

"Why don't you talk about the Bataclan attack or 9/11 or the massacre in San Bernardino?" or all the other hundreds of examples like that.

What these idiots don't understand is, I'm like one of the Freedom Riders in the 1960s. It's like I'm in Seal Team 6, but my targets are Nazis and white supremacists, like David Duke and Richard Spencer and... there are lots of others, ok?

It's not my place to criticize Islam.

That would be cultural appropriation!

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commented 2019-02-22 17:48:30 -0500
Why are you talking like a whining teenager Miles ? I didn’t like this piece of yours at all .
commented 2019-02-22 17:46:27 -0500
Cultural appropriation , are you serious ? There are not that many far right racists around who are doing harm . Of course according to the Left and the Remainers in Britain every who criticises them or who voted for Brexit Is an extreme right wing racist bigot which makes at least 17.4 million of us . That’s where most of us come from is it ? In London alone , even according to the security services , there are at least 7.000 Islamic Jihadists who wish us all dead so one could probably double that figure without any fear of exaggeration . Is this the kind of dangerous people you have no business criticising ?
commented 2019-02-21 21:36:51 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,812 Attacks, 237,900 Killed, 316,921 Injured that we know of

I had to make a slight correction on the numbers killed from yesterday. Sorry about that.
commented 2019-02-21 17:50:48 -0500
“To answer Gavin’s question: “Why don’t these people focus on the crimes of Islam? Answer: It’s not in their job description.”

Yeah and besides…it’s a dirty thankless job….but somebody’s got to do it.
commented 2019-02-21 16:29:55 -0500
Most groups and individuals opposing the white racist movement work for the government. Police intelligence agencies cooperate with designated university faculties, and like-minded philanthropic foundations, to maintain legions of operatives that infiltrate, disrupt, vilify and attack the white nationalist milieu. The oligarchy is committed to wide-open immigration and thorough dissolution of working class solidarity. They anticipated a backlash and they are on top of it. To answer Gavin’s question: "Why don’t these people focus on the crimes of Islam? Answer: It’s not in their job description.
commented 2019-02-21 15:22:09 -0500
I must admit your shtick is effective, I read your crap solely out of discust.
commented 2019-02-21 15:12:01 -0500
There are none so blind as the willfully blind, as your satire exposes. The Nazi legacy lives in radical Islam, yet the left refuses to see it and instead fight imaginary fascists. Because to “see” it would be like looking in a mirror. https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/myth-busted-actually-yes-hitler-was-a-socialist-liberal/

commented 2019-02-21 14:57:46 -0500
Good point, White people lose everything over a 10 year old tweet that they made as a teen. Now you watch Ralph and Trudy come up with a plan to bring back the Isis wives, even though Australia and of all places the UK are leaving them in the ME.