March 08, 2019

Miles McInnes: 5 myths about Ilhan Omar

Miles McInnesSocial Justice Warrior

No, Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar did not marry her brother (ask her); and no she did not say negative things about Israel (she deleted those Tweets).


Besides, what’s so anti-Semitic about criticizing Israel? They are a Nazi state that basically supports apartheid. Aren’t Jews supposed to be against Nazisim?

If anything, Ilhan is standing up for the Jewish doctrine more than most Jews.

This is likely because, as Jimmy Clyburn put it, her experience is “much more empirical and powerful than that of people who are generations removed from the Holocaust.”

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commented 2019-03-09 13:30:02 -0500
Has anyone ever looked at Ilhan Omar’s fingernails? She paints them black, and has them sharpened to a point. She is one pushy conniving little infiltrator. She is so far left of sanity that marrying her own flesh and blood is normal to her.

I don’t think it is necessarily anti Semitic to criticise Israel, or any other country. But she is totally anti Israel and anti Jew. She is a supremacist. Not a nice lady. A danger to western countries and what she is doing in Congress needs to be addressed so it can be rectified and stopped from happening in the future. She doesn’t want to be American, she just wants America, in true Islamic fashion.

Miles, I just can’t.
commented 2019-03-08 21:32:12 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,881 Attacks, 238,384 Killed, 317,452 Injured that we know of
commented 2019-03-08 15:12:49 -0500
97 days with no sign of a hammer falling.