January 24, 2016

Milo Yiannopoulos launched college scholarships for low-income white males. Then this happened.

Harry KhachatrianRebel Blogger

To the hysteria and dismay of social justice warriors around the world -- and likely beyond, extending to their home planet -- Breitbart.com Tech Editor and dark knight of the cultural libertarian movement, Milo Yiannopoulos, has unveiled his latest venture.

And I have to say, it’s the nuclear bomb of macroaggressions: a college scholarship fund – for white men: The Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant.

In an interview with Buzzfeed’s senior tech reporter, Joseph Bernstein, Milo explained that the idea for the scholarship grant had originally started out as a practical joke to infuriate the thin-skinned political correctness crowd.

However, upon digging deeper into the issue and coming up with research supporting the fact that today, low-income Caucasian males are in fact disadvantaged in academia, Milo decided to go ahead with the idea. And thus, through private donations and $25,000 of his own money, put his plan into fruition.

The reaction to Milo’s charitable foundation from the authoritarian left really highlights the lack of moral in their ideology.

Besides the usual progressive blogs publishing columns accusing him of “stomping down on minorities”, or calling him the “Kanye West of Journalism”, progressives went a step further in actually engaging in malicious cyber attacks against his website.

Through a series of DDoS attacks, the Privilege Grant website was taken down.

Fortunately, and to the discontent of the "progressive cyber-attackers," Milo’s IT staff was working around the clock, it had the site back up and running soon after.

What Milo has done, is personally set up a scholarship fund through the voluntary donations of various benefactors, including the donation of his own earnings. Really, does it matter what group of people Milo’s charity is aimed at?

Never-mind the fact that the data supports his claims of current imbalances existing in academia  ; the underlying truth is, that people are voluntarily engaging in acts of charity.

Should we, as individuals, not be free to elect the beneficiaries of our voluntary charitable deeds?

And the left hate this: Milo’s chosen name of “Privilege Grant” is just the cherry on top.

The same adversaries of the Privilege Grant for the most-part believe and support nationalization of education. They want all college education to be funded with the taxpayer’s dime.

The fact is, that they themselves aren’t personally paying to put someone through college, they support a government program that uses other people’s money to do so – whether they want to or not.

And thus, what really matters to the Left is obtaining this unearned sense of moral superiority at the cost of never really having to do anything.

The difference is, that Milo has. He did put down his own money for a worthy cause, and he didn't need government to do it. That's what the left can't stand.

If you disagree with Milo’s premise that low-income Caucasian males are disadvantaged in the academic world, then by all means, start your own charitable venture aimed at helping the people you so choose to.  


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commented 2016-01-25 01:47:39 -0500
Michael Mann. Who effing cares about Hollywood dude? They – including the “losers” are making millions a year!!! You know, the one’s you hate ‘cause the top 1% make 80% of the money? Did you forget to hate them? And should I, for example, a working class poor white guy be “made to pay” for what does or doesn’t happen in Hollywood, or silicon valley or bay St, or anywhere else?? You’re a racist – pure and simple. Actually, worse, you’re self-racist! Actually, even worse than worse, you’re a self-racist and proud of it! And since you hate all White guys, STOP USING STUFF WE INVENTED!! (starting with your computer!!)(add all the science disciplines, abolition of slavery, the invention of equality and rule of law, democracy etc etc). You wanna live in a communist country – MOVEGET OUT!
commented 2016-01-25 01:33:27 -0500
Funny thing is this was Russia’s plan to turn the west communist. We are not ready and might not ever be ready.
commented 2016-01-24 23:07:48 -0500
Acuuna, the left enables the terrorists…so the left is worse as they diminish our ability to defend ourselves. Kind of like teachers in the school yard telling the child being hit that it’s not ok to hit back. Just take it and quit your complaining…
commented 2016-01-24 22:25:49 -0500
can’t wrap my head around who is worse, Islamic terrorism or the left…?
commented 2016-01-24 21:51:30 -0500
Now, if Milo launched a scholarship fund for poor gay men, he would be hailed as not only a great benefactor, he would be showered with accolades, not to mention becoming a candidate (and presumptive winner) of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Funny world, isn’t?
commented 2016-01-24 21:46:37 -0500
The Marxist Left need to keep control of the free worlds educational system, as they have been doing since the mid 20s. They have done a pretty good job, so far, at doing just that. This is why the modern world is so screwed up and is on the verge of reverting back to savagery. Strong action is needed, to halt this regressive trend.
commented 2016-01-24 21:21:08 -0500
Reality does not count anymore. The leftists believe whatever crap the cultural Marxists tell them to believe. I have been a member of the same race as the owner and managers of General Motors all my life, but I have yet to get a free car because of it. In spite of all of my white privilege, they still make me pay for every car I buy.
commented 2016-01-24 21:06:45 -0500
Michael Mann….the moment you decide that it is OK to suck cocks….all manner of bullshit will thensforth spew out of your mouth…..:-)
commented 2016-01-24 20:37:31 -0500
Even the liberal film industy have proven that white people still get every opportunity and door opened for them compared to black people and other minorities, even with affirmative action.
commented 2016-01-24 19:30:19 -0500
The Left are total psychos!! They actually think their bigotry is ok based on some self sense of moral superiority. Hmm, isn’t that what White Males in the days of slavery thought too? We grew, fixed it. They went backwards and don’t even see it. They’re blind to their own hate! It doesn’t get any worse than that!!
commented 2016-01-24 19:19:49 -0500
Thanks Milo! I’ll donate a few bucks too.
commented 2016-01-24 17:52:18 -0500
Thanks Milo, this is great!! Maybe now the Shaun Kings of the world won’t need to pretend to be black!!
commented 2016-01-24 17:44:55 -0500
Milo should have gone one step further, and narrowed the target population for able bodied and heterosexual.
commented 2016-01-24 17:06:14 -0500
When I attended MSVU in the 1980s I could have graduated student loan debt free through merit scholarship….but I was told that white men did not qualify….they later denied they said this when I threatened to sue…there was no paper trail.

Now I hope this new fund for the lean of tooth white trash includes courses in triggernometry…this ain’t no time in history fer white fellers ta be gittin poor marks or have poor marksmanship…and when y’all learn that high falutin edjubacation talk be sure ta read Allan Rock’s manifesto on gun ownership in Canada…it is still the Liberal Party’s agenda goal.
commented 2016-01-24 15:37:37 -0500
I realize that this was like waving a flag at a Bull, however, if you just check the internet, there are hundreds of College and University scholarships, and other financial assistance programs offered throughout much of the world using one or more selection criteria based on, for example, an applicant’s financial need, sexual preference, race, colour and Nationality, in order to focus on whomever the financial-giving organization wants to promote and presumably help further their education and economic stability. I would think that local economic situations would differ all over the world and selection criteria would likewise vary depending on an identified individual or group needing assistance, and likely because of previous neglect or need. I guess that’s a little hard for the morally-superior to grasp, or perhaps they feel neglected themselves.
commented 2016-01-24 15:34:17 -0500
NAACP scores great victory…
All black colleges in USA scores great victory..
Only black scholarships in USA scores great victory.
Only black beauty pageants scores great victory in USA
Every self hating leftist liberal scores great victory..
AIPAC score is the greatest victory of all…
Our freedoms are under attack and for the most part people are so delusional that they don’t understand it and cannot see it..
commented 2016-01-24 14:19:40 -0500
I clicked on this link:

The Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant.

I get this:

Secure Connection Failed

Seems it is down again – under attack for being truthful and righteous.

commented 2016-01-24 14:18:31 -0500
Political Correct Crowd = Nazi Punks!!! Supported by the politically correct Nazi Liberals, with Jr. Nazi Turdeau at it’s head.
commented 2016-01-24 14:15:32 -0500
Too funny

Well done

The reason I joined the military and did not go to college?

We were dirt poor and the old man told me I was on my own.

White privilege?

Well this white guy used to shit in the barn behind the cows because the out house was too cold during the winter months.

This white guy had no plumbing, electricity or even a telephone until he was 16 years old.

This white guy walked or hitch hiked until he was 22 and could afford his first beater truck – a rusted out GMC half ton with three on the tree and a straight six motor.

Privilege to get to where I am today?

Nope hard work and lots of it.

Including a lot of failures along the way.

That got me here – and it kept me here.

Not too many guys like me go out and burn down our neighbourhood to bitch about privilege.

This is an awesome idea – hope he has good security at home – someone will come and the visit will be unfriendly.

Good on ya’ Milo Yiannopoulos.
commented 2016-01-24 13:53:16 -0500
Political Correct Crowd = Nazi Punks!!!