April 30, 2018

MLB Commissioner hits “chutzpah” home run with taxpayer funding request

David MenziesMission Specialist


Major League Baseball Commissioner, Rob Manfred, hit a chutzpah home run during his recent visit to Toronto. He had the gall to suggest that the Toronto Blue Jays should get taxpayer dollars to renovate the SkyDome.

The Blue Jays — the team that led the American League in attendance last year and that sells tons of swag and is owned by a multi-billion dollar conglomerate — need taxpayer money?

How about, “No, Commissioner!”

Rogers Communications already received the taxpayer-funded gift of the century when the cable barons acquired SkyDome some 14 years ago.

On top of this, he wants the Sky Dome-Centre reconfigured to include “millennial spaces.” I have no idea what those are but I’m dead-set against it.

This will be a big test for Toronto’s Spine-Challenged Mayor John Tory.

Toronto needs new subways and infrastructure while the Blue Jays are one of the richest teams in baseball.

Will Tory summon up the testicular fortitude to tell Manfred to stuff it or will he back up his big buck corporate buddies?

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commented 2018-05-01 02:05:45 -0400
commented 2018-04-30 22:19:47 -0400
The taxpayers have been Roger’d enough.
commented 2018-04-30 18:45:30 -0400
Never mind renovations, The Skydome is going to be used for another purpose soon. That being Toronto’s new Sanctuary City location for housing the massive flood of Parasitic Welfare Maggots coming across our border at an accelerated rate, now the warm weather is here. I’d like to take Rob Manfred’s suggestion to burden, or should I say ROB, as in steal money from taxpayers to pay for reno’s to a privately owned operation and RAM IT UP HIS PISSHOLE. That being said, I’m sure Toronto’s Spineless, Virtue Signalling, Politically Correct, Ass Sucking Mayor will do as he is told and finance whatever the Skydome owners demand.
commented 2018-04-30 18:02:15 -0400
“Millennial spaces” translation : cry closets.
commented 2018-04-30 17:53:01 -0400
afraid publicly funded sports stadiums are an evil all cities must put up with or risk losing their teams. always some city in the states looking to buy an established team, and the blue jays would be wanted by many right now. remember where our can. dollar is right now too. and it’s torontos money and not mine, most important reason.