April 07, 2016

Italy: WATCH what happened after Muslim population TRIPLED in one part of Rome

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

This report from Italian news this week shows how in Rome there is an area with stunningly rapid growth of mosques and non-integrated Muslims. 

There appears to be areas like this all over Europe which mirror Molenbeek's demography and attitudes. This area is in Rome. But there are clearly hundreds more. 


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commented 2016-04-07 22:15:46 -0400
Irony— crusades , the Roman Catholic pope , Rome , Muslims, history
What Isis said they’re going to do to Rome, just last year
commented 2016-04-07 19:33:19 -0400
I had the questionable privilege to come face to face with a Muslim terrorist in Amsterdam’s Schipol airport a week after 9/11. How did I know he was a terrorist? He was dressed exactly the same as his fellow mule. ( reminds me of Brussels airport both bombers dressed exactly the same).His accomplice dropped documents on the floor and the guy quickly picked them and put them in his backpack. I tapped him on the shoulder and he whipped around to glare at me. I said “those belong to him” He said “I know” and if looks could kill, I’d be a dead woman today. So, I looked at his boarding pass which he had in his hand and saw he was on a Delta flight to New York City. He was sitting behind me on my connecting flight from Barcelona and I heard him tell the flight attendant that he was going to NYC, was worried he’d miss his connection and had no luggage. So, I looked for the cameras in the ceiling of the walkway to North American flights and pointed at the top of his head. Low and behold, when I went past the Delta departure lounge I saw his flight had been cancelled and the local constabulary were scouring the lounge. YES!!!I’m sure the flight attendant also reported the no luggage passenger to NYC.
What is my point in telling you this story? We gotta get our noses out of our machines and start noticing our surroundings and TELLING SOMEBODY! Every person must do this because there are too many of them who are determined to kill us and not enough of our forces to protect us all, all the time.
They are amazingly easy to see as they are literally hiding in plain sight.
commented 2016-04-07 14:35:24 -0400
Anthony Z commented 4 hours ago: “If you have a young family and love them dearly I highly recommend you have an exit plan.”

Although, if a man raises a family he has a responsibility to protect, feed & the well being of his family, nobody can disagree with that. Nonetheless, a man should also have fidelity towards it’s country, if we all leave Canada because we don’t like the way it’s being governed then our adversaries, with no one to oppose their tyranny, would have a greater chance to ruin our country. That would make us no different from the millions of coward, opportunist Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Africans & other mohammedans who are fleeing their respective countries. It’s the same sentiment which some hard core leftist/democrats are talking about to coming to Canada if Trump wins in USA.
We are not rats who are the first to abandon the sinking ship. Think what would’ve been the situation if most of the able bodied men have left Britain for safer regions after the first Blitz over UK.
commented 2016-04-07 13:56:55 -0400
The hapless Europeans should take a few minutes out to watch the ape scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 , A Space Odyssey. They clearly don’t understand the concept of survival of the fittest.
commented 2016-04-07 13:31:41 -0400
Did you know that the city of Ottawa (and I presume all other cities in Canada) offers translation services in 170 different languages?
What’s wrong with French or English?
The immigrants can’t understand either language no there is no incentive for them to learn either of the official languages but, they surely understand any errors in official documents (ie: government chequer and the forms to fill out to go on the dole)
Many of these refugees have no language skills, no training, no education, no jobs but have a great need for medical and dental care and money.
commented 2016-04-07 12:13:27 -0400
In another news from Italy:
“90% would not hesitate to convert to Islam to save their own lives, if the Islamic State should conquer the country. This “shock result” (Il Giornale) was produced by a test of 13-year-olds in an Italian middle school. Only 2 of 25 students disagreed. Both of them are from devout Catholic families.”

I suppose with 3 decades of social engineering in our schools & brainwashing by media Canadian kids & their parents would think any different from these Italians.
The situation could be more grim in Canada. The ‘core Canadian identity’ has already been eroded by mass immigration from over 190 countries. Over 7 million in last 3 decades from over 190 countries have been added to Canadian population, now how many of those actually identify them as Canadians? Not many I guess.
commented 2016-04-07 11:29:05 -0400
the fact that they put them up in hotels here shows the profound lack of intelligent thought that comes from the mind of a liberal. no plans, no strategy, no nothing…you know…budgets balance themselves and wtf …it’s not trudeau’s money that he is spending so why should he care anyways.
the Great Purge draws nearer
commented 2016-04-07 10:59:19 -0400
ANTHONY Z commented 8 mins ago

Correct – Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver – nice densely populated centers.

Ka-boom – and there go the body parts.

Thanks Bernie Trudeau – we know you love your terrorists!!!
commented 2016-04-07 10:49:06 -0400
Peter Netterville,
With regard to the time the migrants will spend on the Canadian bases I am only speculating. Trudeau has a plan to bring in 50,000 a year. Whether the current inhabitants of the base will be moved for the new migrants or the new migrants housed elsewhere I do not know. Perhaps the Liberals do not know as well and are fumbling as they go along. What I am certain is that new migrant ghettoes will be created in cities across Canada and we will feel the blowback with a rise in sexual assaults and terrorist acts. We have already seen the show in Europe and know how these things go.
commented 2016-04-07 10:24:27 -0400
Anthony Z said, "This is only a transition space and they will not be there for long term. Once accommodations are found they will move out so the next migrants can move in. "

And how long do you think it will take to find suitable accommodations for them?
commented 2016-04-07 10:18:37 -0400
Trudeau is so far meeting his quotas for bringing in Muslim migrants. The Rebel Media has revealed that Canadian Forces bases in Ontario and Quebec have had military personnel and their families vacated to hold migrants. This is only a transition space and they will not be there for long term. Once accommodations are found they will move out so the next migrants can move in. It is highly probable they will eventually all be housed in public housing neighborhoods in cities across Canada. With no language skills, no money and no work skills, they will just live on the dole for the long term in these new homogenous neighborhoods. Many new Molenbeek neighborhoods will be in effect created across the country. How many of these migrants are ISIS? Hard to estimate but it would be foolish to say none are. How many of these migrants have uncles, brothers, cousins back home that are ISIS members and are committing atrocities. I suspect it is a very high number. They will be in close communication with these relatives and terror cells can be created for destruction in Canada. Justin Raimondo wrote a very informative article that Molenbeek, Brussels (and countless other European ghettoes) have been successfully colonized and are just as much a part of the Caliphate as towns and cities in Syria. Trudeau has brought the monsters and terrors to our shore and there will be consequences here. In my case, I have no illusions about Canada’s future. We have relatives in the USA and as each of our kids reach university age we plan to send them for post secondary education in the USA where they can stay with relatives. Eventually my wife and myself will follow. If you have a young family and love them dearly I highly recommend you have an exit plan.
commented 2016-04-07 09:58:49 -0400
When ISIS (or some other Muslim organization) attacks Rome. And they will. Just a matter of time. It will be extremely symbolic for their caliphate.

We’ve lost Europe as we knew it, in just a few short years.
commented 2016-04-07 09:40:06 -0400
This is investigative journalism as it should be. The integrity, fortitude this lady displays is not to be found in those passing for today’s journalists.
commented 2016-04-07 08:54:04 -0400
Hey Bob,

They are already in Canada. You think those mosques being built in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and every other city are not recruitment centres? They may not be recruiting for Isis but they are recruiting for Islam.
commented 2016-04-07 02:00:59 -0400
That female journalist has great talent. Without fear, she went directly into some hard questions and never got derailed. One of the men interviewed said Isis is all over Western Europe including Germany thanks to Merkel.