May 09, 2016

Monday's TOP FIVE for the counter-jihad: ISIS bans "plus" sign because it looks like a cross

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Here is another collection of facts, horrors and events related to Islamic geopolitics and those who oppose the increased influence of Islamic thought in the West:

1. Baad in Afghanistan: Virgin 'Slaves' Given Away to End Disputes

 KABUL, Afghanistan — A teacher has received death threats from his own relatives as he battles to stop the ancient tradition of families giving away virgin daughters to settle disputes. [...]

The 24-year-old is urging lawmakers to pass women's rights legislation that would explicitly outlaw "baad" — which the U.N. has called "pervasive" but is most common among ethnic Pashtuns. The proposed law has been blocked by conservatives for years.

"Men sell their sisters and daughters under the name of marriage without their consent," said the clean-shaven Adil, sitting in a tent erected against the wall of parliament in downtown Kabul. 

Isn't it fun how NBC in this article says that the proposal to ban this practice has been blocked by "conservatives" for years, instead of "religious Muslims"? Which would be the truth.

Think about it: I doubt you will find a member of the Bush family trading virgin daughters...

2. A teacher in an Austrian school called Islam's founder a child molester, and the police are now investigating her.

The original article is in German. But here is an excerpt from a human translation of the article:

A Bregenzer teacher is said to have described the founder of Islam as a child molester in front of her students.

“Yes, there is this allegation against a teacher,” the provincial educational counsellor Bernadette Mennel confirms the corresponding complaint. The education department had immediately forwarded the case to the prosecutor.

They check whether the allegations are true. Due to the ongoing investigation, no further information on the case is currently available through the state school board. If the allegations were true, the teacher would have to face consequences.

“Such statements are unacceptable,” stressed Mennel to VOL.AT. However, they would await the outcome of the prosecution, before making decisions.

Notice that there is no investigation as to whether or not the teacher's claims are true. Of course they are. Everyone in the Islamic world knows that a 6-year-old girl was "given" to Mohamed. They were married and according to Islamic doctrine, their sexual activities where limited to non-intercourse until she was 9 at which point he raped her.

So that's a given. But the fact that someone actually put it into context? That is the crime.

3. Burning cars isn't limited to urban France anymore.

Muslims are taking the tradition Europe wide with quite a decent inaugural "Car-B-Que" in the town of Ede in the Netherlands.

Apparently local "youths" (some are probably aged at least 45, which in Islam is the new 14) are upset because a club they like is being closed. So they are burning other people's cars until someone gives them their club back.

Details here at Dutch News.

4. The Islamic State bans the "+" sign along with other radical changes to the curriculum in the parts of Syria it has transformed

Additionally ISIS changed the internationally acknowledged mathematical symbol for adding (+), replacing it with a new symbol represented by the letter "z". ISIS’s reasoning is that the "+" sign indicates the cross, which is used worldwide as a symbol for Christians. Using a plus sign would be imitating infidels and is thus forbidden.

It is interesting that ISIS has repeatedly called on families to send their children to school, in an attempt to appear capable of governing state affairs. However, despite their calls, many families have, out of fear of bombings, refrained from sending their children.

According to the "Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently" campaign, many families have chosen to home-school their children.

They can home-school?

5. Threats over "Erdogan burger" force restaurant to close

 Due to "concrete threats", they explained that they felt unable to guarantee the safety of the restaurant's employees -- but vowed to continue to "denounce blatant injustices".

The burger named after the Turkish leader first appeared on the menu of Urban Burgery at the end of April.

The article doesn't really give a solid sense of where the threats are coming from. I think I know which way the bookies would set the odds though. 

A few bonus links:

First, one of the leaders of the Islamic State has been killed again in Anbar province.

Apparently the same man has been killed earlier when he was one of the Al -Qaeda leaders and has been killed on several previous occasions, showing that the Islamic respect for the word "killed" is about the same as the rule for putting a "U" after a "Q."

Waheeb has falsely been declared dead on several previous occasions.

He was killed traveling in a vehicle in a town near Rutba, in Anbar province, Mr Cook said.

The Pentagon said three other militants were killed in the raid, describing Waheeb as the IS "military emir for Anbar province."

Here is a German news story including more footage leaked to the press today, I think from a German police body camera, of the mass rape event in Cologne Germany New Years Eve

"By that afternoon, 11 assaults were accounted for, including a rape by 40 to 50 men"










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commented 2016-05-10 10:59:27 -0400
If you want more in depth information on the religion of peace please go to the following website:

commented 2016-05-10 09:18:34 -0400
1. People living in the past (stone age) like the Muslims should become extinct either by laws of natural selection or education. An education other than Quaran based.
2. If historical accounts claim that Mohamed (MHRIH) raped children and carried out other atrocities, then we must believe these accounts since we are told to believe all the other things they claim and which are patently untrue, such as Allah speaking to Moahamed (MHRIH) through the angel Gabriel. Apart from the lying Mohamed (MHRIH), is there any evidence of some one else being present to substantiate his allegations? No, because he was lying.
3. We will soon have car-b-q’s here in Canada. I predict we will have our first one before the end of the year. This will be as a result of Muslim refugees being told they have to relocate to another part of the country and not in Muslimified Toronto.
4. Just like Muslims, plain stupid. Let them go ahead with their move to eliminate the plus sign. That will mean that they will need to change all their computer systems, all their programming in these systems, all the formulas and code. Sounds like a Canada “make work” program.
5. The Erdogan burger must tast like shit!

commented 2016-05-10 08:52:30 -0400
Broken media
commented 2016-05-10 04:52:27 -0400
@elton Braun…..In Germany after the war it was assumed that the country was but one inflamatory pamphlet or one fiery speech away from another reprise of boxcar to Treblinka so restrictions on free speech and expression are strict there…..this situation shows the absurdity of that….but in all fairness these laws existed in 1920’s Gemany and Hitler did a year in prison and another year of banned public speaking under their provisions.

As well it can be argued that there is no difference between Charlie Hebdo and Der Sturmer…Julius Streiker got hanged over those cartoons.

The left argues that there is no difference between contemporary “Islamophobia” and 1930’s anti-Semitism….no difference between jihad conspiracy theory and communist conspiracy theory of the 1930.s.
commented 2016-05-10 00:54:46 -0400
In case number 2, like so many other similar cases across Europe, could the rebel please tell us what exactly are the laws that these people are being prosecuted (persecuted) with and when did these laws come into being? Here in Canada I could see a lot of shaming and name calling, possibly human rights commission complaints but actual arrests and convictions in courts of law seem pretty outrageous.
commented 2016-05-10 00:31:21 -0400
The news that never ends, of course the useful idiots will ignore or deflect or deny this is happening.
I am sure Jay Kelly will be along to say Ezra is warring on Muslims by simply showing the truth and how we should just be friends, like it is our fault they act this way. Hey trolls they have acted this way since long before we existed. So how is it our fault?