June 21, 2016

“It’s anti-journalism”: Montreal Gazette calls man who cheered Orlando attack a... “blue-collar worker”?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Here’s a story in the Montreal Gazette “newspaper”: “Orlando shooting: Lachine blue-collar worker suspended for cheering on shooter.”

Lachine is a neighbourhood in Montreal.

Those blue-collar workers in Lachine! They’ve always been trouble. Here, let me read more:

"He is reported to have said that he was happy about the situation, and that it was too bad the shooter didn’t kill everyone he shot at. “He said his God doesn’t accept homosexuals, and neither does he,” coworker Alain Gaudet told the TVA news network. “One colleague said to him, ‘they have the same blood as us, you are not allowed to be happy about this.'”

It reminds me of those news reports when, night after night, Muslim rioters torched cars in Paris suburbs. And each day, the mainstream media called the rioters “youths”. Yes, they were youths. But that’s not quite the salient characteristic of them.

This isn’t journalism. It’s anti-journalism, deliberately filtering anything useful. You just can’t trust the mainstream media.

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commented 2016-06-22 19:08:47 -0400
So there’s an old saying that actions speak louder than words. So what does this action say, besides covering the truth up, the Montréal Gazette is anti-working class, that’s right, to cover up the truth, by inference they’d blame the working class. Conclusion, the Montréal Gazette likes Muslims better than the working class of Canada.
commented 2016-06-22 19:08:18 -0400
" You just can’t trust the mainstream media."
I don’t!
I haven’t trusted the MSM, or the Media Party for decades.
Once you break a trust, you can never get it back…
The Media Party is just as much an enemy to Canada and our way of life as the Islamists are – as are their co-conspirators – Canada’s other mortal enemy, the socialists, presently wreaking havoc under the JustinButts banner.
Oh the chattering class…
commented 2016-06-22 01:15:39 -0400
Jay proves the point again; lefties never learn from their mistakes, they never learn from history and they refuse to exercise discernment.
commented 2016-06-22 00:07:03 -0400
I’m just an old skeptic…but when MSM says ‘blue collar worker’, they are trying to make me think it was a guy just like me. That makes me think they are being evasive.
commented 2016-06-21 23:32:51 -0400
Kurt Andrews points out that most people in Lachine are secular humanists.

That interests me. Are most secular humanists in Canada of Christian background, or did most come from somewhere else?

Figures point out that most Quebecers are of Christian background, but more than 40% identify themselves as secular, or as having no religious background.

Is it possible that Islam, or identifying as Muslim fills the void?
commented 2016-06-21 19:54:05 -0400
I’ve found a new term. The Luciferian Media
commented 2016-06-21 19:40:37 -0400
Most people in Lachine are secular humanists, Jay. The same bankrupt ideology that has led Quebec to be such a shithole over the years.

If he was a Christian, the Gazette would have mentioned it at least six times in one article.
commented 2016-06-21 19:35:46 -0400
Living in the MTL area I can confirm that Ezra is correct on The Gazette article that they would have showed up on the blue collar doorstep if he was a local Quebeker.
Trolling the comments area of several french languag news sites the person may have been from Cameron Africa ( not 100% sure) Country that has french english christian muslim mix,
commented 2016-06-21 18:05:13 -0400
Yeah, you really don’t get it yet do you, Jay? If he were Christian, that’d be a front-and-center aspect of this story.

I must ask, is it your understanding that Christians are known to cheer on Islamic terrorists?

It has become blatant: There is an anti-White, anti-Christian agenda at play amongst government and the media. Large numbers of socially incompatible migrants are being flooded into our White countries for that reason.

No one says China is too Chinese, no one says Africa is too Black, or that India is too Indian… Just that WE are “not vibrant” (an anti-white slur) because we’re “too white”.

I won’t accept the pedophile prophet of Islam, and his minions will not receive an “inclusive” atmosphere from me.
commented 2016-06-21 17:51:33 -0400
Jay- obviously he is not because the biased left wing media didn’t tell us that.
commented 2016-06-21 17:48:27 -0400
Elton, in all likelihood he is a Christian. Most people in Lachine are.
commented 2016-06-21 17:42:01 -0400
Begs the question. If this man had said he was a Christian and had been taught this by his pastor, does anyone think the media would have considered that to be pertinent information?
commented 2016-06-21 16:58:46 -0400
Ramadan Bombathon 2016 Day number 16

Muslims often insist that other religions are just as violent as theirs and that the bigger problem is “Islamophobia”.
We put that narrative to the rest each Ramadan with a running count of ALL terror attacks categorized by motive.

Motive – Terror in the name of Islam………………..Attacks = 122.….….Kills = 938
Motive – All other religions combined …………….Attacks = 0…………Kills = 0
Motive – By Islamophobes…………………………….Attacks = 0…………Kills = 0

Source: TheReligionofPeace.com

Those who live by the sword will be shot by those of us who have progressed.

Author unknown
commented 2016-06-21 16:51:20 -0400
Since 9/11 IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: Attacks – 31,172, Killed – 197,559, Injured – 277,437.
commented 2016-06-21 16:40:29 -0400
Pretty shoddy on Ezra Levant’s part. Does he know the name of the guy? Does he know his ethnicity? Does he know his religion? If so he should tell us. Why cover it up?

If Ezra Levant does not know the suspended worker’s name or ethnicity or religion, then what is he implying?

It has been said before and it is worth repeating. Not everyone in the world is as pro-gay rights as The Rebel.
commented 2016-06-21 16:30:20 -0400
Lets just cut the crap and call it what it is; The MSM are co-conspirators in the Islamic terror cover-up that is going on at every government level both in the US and Canada. The problem here is that the general public are not quite as dumb as they think we are. It is blatantly obvious This eventually will kick back in their faces very hard.
commented 2016-06-21 16:06:42 -0400
🙈 they do not see with eyes wide open the events unfolding in front of their own eyes
🙉they do not hear the words because it’s not what they’re willing to admit is happening and it’s not part of their own messaging
🙊the words give substance and power to the events so they will not speak them as it makes it true and they would then have to deal with something they fear.

Welcome to 1984 for real… he who controls the narratives controls the masses
commented 2016-06-21 16:03:58 -0400
From the perspective of someone who values truth, modern journalism is a hostile, factually illiterate agent of social/cultural regression pandering corrosive agenda-based whitewashing of true realities. It is an intellectual and spiritual ghetto which claims many victims but the primary victim is truth.
commented 2016-06-21 15:48:42 -0400
To no surprize CBC, CTV and Global likewise reported the man as being a “blue collar worker”.
commented 2016-06-21 15:44:49 -0400
Genocide deniers—— the MSMERS
commented 2016-06-21 15:44:49 -0400
the item was completely false
commented 2016-06-21 15:35:29 -0400
LMFAO!!! This shithole country just gets better every day!!!