June 07, 2016

Montrealers force referendum, VOTE DOWN mosque

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Today voters rejected a plan to allow a mosque in an industrial area of North West Montreal Island.

This article claims the conflict was over parking issues.

In fact, parking issues are a real concern around mosques, especially new ones.

Here is English planning lawyer Gavin Boby explaining what he calls "the parking jihad," along with other hazards that go along with mosque construction:

Of course, the reaction by Quebec's Islamic community was predictable, with cries of "Islamophobia" (a term coined by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation at the UN to demonize fact based objection to Islamic manifest destiny.)

CTV News has the story here:

The Islamic community centre has been operating on Legendre St. for the past three years, and last year borough council unanimously approved a zoning change to allow it to operate as a prayer centre as well.

That angered many people in the community and they managed to garner enough signatures on a petition to force a referendum.

Opponents publicly said they were worried about an increase in traffic and difficulty finding parking in the area.

This incident raises more important issues, however.

For example, if a building will be a location where Canadian hate speech laws are violated, and where principles of racial, religious and sexual equality are undermined, should construction be permitted, even for religious reasons?

It is good to see the people of Quebec successfully defending their culture and values against a new opponent, rather than their usual enemy -- the rest of Canada.





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commented 2016-06-09 08:34:46 -0400
Ramadan by the numbers

Ramadan Bombathon 2016 Day number 3

Muslims often insist that other religions are just as violent as theirs and that the bigger problem is “Islamophobia”.
We put that narrative to the rest each Ramadan with a running count of ALL terror attacks categorized by motive.

Motive – Terror in the name of Islam………………..Attacks = 28……….Kills = 179
Motive – All other religions combined …………….Attacks = 0…………Kills = 0
Motive – By Islamophobes…………………………….Attacks = 0…………Kills = 0

Source: TheReligionofPeace.com

Those who live by the sword will be shot by those of us who have progressed.

Author unknown

commented 2016-06-08 19:05:22 -0400
Bad, bad Montreal voters. I’m sure the islamist politicians in Montreal will find a way to harass and punish them for exercising their democratic right!
commented 2016-06-08 18:02:19 -0400
I have mixed feeling about this. While I commend some Muslims for worshiping what they call God, I am generally opposed to their false religion. I owe Mohamed nothing and Jesus/God everything.
While I don’t think our Christian leaning culture determined my Faith, because I was born into a Non-Christian Home. The freedom to go, and seek God did let me find God freely. as I am able to just as easily choose to be Muslim, but I wouldn’t be caught dead following the Koran and Islam, even if some of the stuff is fine, many things are not, and its clear its not an inspired book and that Mohamed wasn’t a prophet, not even a very nice guy really.

So, A ban on the Muslim Temple seems like a good Idea, but, I think people should be free, free to stand on their head and worship any God they wish, even though I think there is only one God and Islam is a perversion of it.
Its a tough problem because I want them to be free, Like I am, but they are far to militant for me, and the world situation isn’t a matter left under the mat. It shows me that the Crusades where less of a Christian issue but like today a reaction to the aggression of Islam. I think we fail to realize that Islam is more than a Religion its a Political overthrowing movement that will eat your country if you let it, So, Maybe Quebec has it right. Maybe we have it wrong by even inviting Muslims to our country. Its sort of like inviting some KKK into your country knowing who they are but not stopping yourself cause most of the time they are great people and even pay taxes.
Call me a bigot call me racist or call me a fundamentalist but some times we are our own enemy by not showing more resistance to things. There has to be a balance that gives freedom but stops the bent of Islam from taking over our country. I think our Country has a history of being on the Christian side, and se should cling to that heritage. Not to the Muslims heritage.
ITs funny, we don’t have problems with Jews or Christians or Russians or Swed’s or Australians or such but its the Muslims that we seem to single out these days. Is that our fault or needed caution.
commented 2016-06-08 17:09:25 -0400
I agree, it seems that residents of Quebec customarily say enough is enough!
They said “enough reasonable accommodation” about 10 years ago.
They said “if you want to attend this college and you are a woman, you cannot have a private class and you must sit with the males”.
They said “we are not going to change our menu for Muslims I’m schools”.
They said “you cannot butcher lambs according to halal tradition”.
They said “if you are employed by the government and work with the public, you must not wear veils and so on”
They said “you cannot build a mosque here”
They said “you must have French signage”

They say “why are the Anglos in the rest of Canada so afraid to tell the MUSLIBS that enough is enough”.

It’s time to speak up Canada!

commented 2016-06-08 15:23:05 -0400
To paraphrase Heimdall: Why is it that French Canadians are the only people in this country to have enough savvy (balls) to stand up to the Muslim infiltration?
commented 2016-06-08 15:05:15 -0400
Are the French the last sane Canadians?
commented 2016-06-08 13:48:08 -0400
Here in Alberta petitions on planning matters are no more than an opinion poll and have no legal weight on zoning or development issues. Quebec, in some areas, has more personal freedoms and is more democratic than here in Alberta.
commented 2016-06-08 13:44:04 -0400
@jay Kelly This means that progressives are truly worried if they’re that desperate to silence The Rebel. I’m still waiting for them to counter with facts and numbers instead of emotion and vitriol.

Still waiting.
commented 2016-06-08 10:00:52 -0400
Those who live by the sword will be shot by those of us who have progressed.

Author unknown!

commented 2016-06-08 07:53:36 -0400
Ramadan by the numbers

Ramadan Bombathon 2016 Day number 2

Muslims often insist that other religions are just as violent as theirs and that the bigger problem is “Islamophobia”.
We put that narrative to the rest each Ramadan with a running count of ALL terror attacks categorized by motive.

Motive – Terror in the name of Islam………………..Attacks = 23………..Kills = 79
Motive – All other religions combined …………….Attacks = 0………..Kills = 0
Motive – By Islamophobes………………………………Attacks = 0………..Kills =. 0

Score card by: TheReligionofPeace.com
commented 2016-06-08 03:55:03 -0400
Islam is not a religion. Islam is a political movement. Islam is the antithesis of Western Culture and values. If you love freedom and liberty then you are right to fear Islam and repel its advancement. The fear in this case is totally rational and therefore cannot be described as a phobia.
commented 2016-06-08 00:31:19 -0400
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commented 2016-06-07 23:12:11 -0400
Right on Frogs. Fight minorities with minorities.
I can’t wait till the muzzies pick a fight with the wagon burners.
I bet the Chinks hate them too.
commented 2016-06-07 22:50:48 -0400
So why is it OK for French Canadians to protect their culture without hue and cry, but had this happened out West? Mansbridge’s lead story would be all about those knuckle-dragging Islamophobe rednecks ….
commented 2016-06-07 22:14:35 -0400
Finally, someone grows a pair!
Good on Quebec and Montreal citizens!
Now, the rest of us need to get our act together!

commented 2016-06-07 20:53:36 -0400
John pat and Keith you all hit it on head.I’m sure Justin won’t agree.
commented 2016-06-07 19:37:56 -0400
A step in the right direction.
commented 2016-06-07 19:11:03 -0400
Couldn’t happen anywhere else in Canada, as I recall the french were doing it long before the muslims ever showed up. Just think of it, the muslims andf french united, English outlawed, justin’s dream.
commented 2016-06-07 19:03:58 -0400
Quebec has always been allowed to keep it’s culture, for which I support, but the rest of us are bigots if we should suggest the same.
commented 2016-06-07 18:44:09 -0400
Oh my. A black eye on Trudeaus’ beloved Quebec? Anyone who isn’t French is a target of Quebec’s rabid racism. They finally hit on a legitimate one. Quebec must be the only western sovereign ‘nation’ left that still considers their culture more important than the unassimilatable Islamic culture. Got to hand it to them for that. Could get interesting.
commented 2016-06-07 17:53:29 -0400
i need funding for my trudeauophobia. it is getting worse…
commented 2016-06-07 16:21:52 -0400
good one down hundreds to go.
commented 2016-06-07 16:13:30 -0400
Oooops. Of course Baby Doc is not saddened by the islamophobia of Montreal. By his definition islamophobes are white Westerners, not enlightened Montrealers.
commented 2016-06-07 16:08:57 -0400
I wonder if the islamophile, Baby Doc Trudeau, will quickly pass federal legislation saying municipalities are not allowed to reject the construction of mosques. He must be very saddened at the bigotry of his home town.
commented 2016-06-07 16:03:32 -0400
The Muslims immediately claim Islamaphobia.
commented 2016-06-07 15:53:34 -0400
Good job Montreal! Now if you could just dismiss that nasty mayor who dumps raw sewage in the waterways.
commented 2016-06-07 15:16:16 -0400
Ok if “Islamophobia” is now accepted vernacular…then I will coin “Islamophobiaphobia” wherein moslem minorities fear that if the civil war starts before they have sufficient numbers to assert their manifest destiny then they will become the ones ethnically cleansed rather than the kuffars.