October 29, 2015

Moody's declares Alberta "credit negative" after NDP budget -- and Notley is "fudging the accounting"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Moody’s, the international credit rating agency, has issued a warning about Alberta’s budget.

So far I’ve emphasized the anti-oil and gas aspects of the budget — the demonization of the industry.

But Moody’s is more concerned about creditworthiness. It's their job to warn the world’s bankers about lending money to Rachel Notley and her NDP extremists.

Their headline says it all: "Moody's: Alberta's planned steep debt increase is credit negative”.

They say Rachel Notley is fudging the accounting. Watch my report to get the details.

As I said in my last video on the NDP budget, I believe the party will be thrown out of government in the next election.

But the damage they’re doing will continue to haunt Alberta for a decade.

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commented 2015-10-29 23:23:27 -0400
Oh my, say it isn’t so! The NDP is being deceptive and hiding truth! Hey, isn’t that simply the style and characteristic of the left-wing progressive deconstructionists?
commented 2015-10-29 22:35:08 -0400
JIMMY, ANDREW, YOUSA, MARK HELLO-HELLO WHERE ARE YOU???? Hiding as usual i see. No way to spin this against Harper so they hide like worms.
commented 2015-10-29 22:33:58 -0400
Another article missing left wing troll commenters? I WONDER WHY? They are searching the net for some lame excuse as to why this is good and they cannot find one reason even on the BS sites they find. LMAO
commented 2015-10-29 21:50:07 -0400
Peter said, “I’m not convinced yet that the NDP policies have been in place for long enough to cause what we’re seeing.”

I disagree. Execs who are responsible for investing billions look ahead not only at the economic climate but the political climate. Any exec who sees a government obviously hostile to the oil and gas industry, who sees the corporate tax rates raised, carbon tax on emissions doubled, royalty rates in review (truly, who believes the NDP will not raise them?), and more that I know I cannot remember, will not invest in the province that government governs. It is only common sense.
commented 2015-10-29 21:43:29 -0400
No comment section in the “Bloodbath” thread………NEP may have been hatched in Quebec, however based on the composition of the Notely Gov’t in Alberta, it is reasonable to assume those policies were hatched in Toronto……………..!
commented 2015-10-29 21:22:07 -0400
I understand their policies could have long term problems for our economy. However, I see this budget more in response to the fiscal reality we are in right now. I’m not convinced yet that the NDP policies have been in place for long enough to cause what we’re seeing. Maybe 1-2 years down the road they will be regressive but overall, I think what we are seeing is the impact of global economic issues. We pretty much weathered the financial crash thanks to some good fiscal policies at the federal level. Those problems were easily traced to greed and probably directly related to the sub-mortgage issues we saw creep from the USA. I’m not like where we are headed in the next 4 year butt I do think that there are more things at play. Other oil based economies here in Canada are also struggling & the respective governments are in pretty much the same situation. Just look out east, there’s turmoil in the offshore industry with some of the major problems backing away from their major finds, even with an oil friendly government in place.
commented 2015-10-29 21:09:36 -0400
Peter Johnson, Alberta has weathered lower oil price per barrel than it is now, even accounting for the difference in the dollar. Sure, the government does not control and cannot be held responsible for the price of oil, but there is a reason Alberta is in such a sever recession this time even though we have gone through times with lower oil prices, and that is because of the NDP government’s policies and now their budget.
commented 2015-10-29 21:06:04 -0400
It looks pretty bad when a non partisan third party credit rating association gives Alberta a Negative Credit Score. For novices, this is like Alberta has already declared bankruptcy at least once this year!
commented 2015-10-29 21:05:17 -0400
Thanks Pete. I’m ready to stand at the ledg with a pitchfork and torch. This is unbelievable. Who let hell loose? 39% of Canadians.
commented 2015-10-29 20:59:47 -0400
I’m not sure our government can be held responsible for the global collapse of the oil prices. It is necessary to be somewhat fiscally responsible. We’ve had it great for the last 20-25 years with the development but was the growth & our economy sustainable? I don’t think it was. Perhaps Notley can tell us how things will be better in the future but with all major indicators showing oil being at the price it is now for the next 5-6 years, that’s the reality we are all facing here in AB. What worries me a little more is how this will carry over into education, healthcare & other areas of our society where investment is needed.
commented 2015-10-29 20:53:50 -0400
Canadians are soon to experience severe household budget “negative” once the Lieberals move into full force after Justin’s swearing in as PM.
commented 2015-10-29 20:33:08 -0400
Congratulations Canada. You reap what you sow (said with lots of pain). You wanted to learn the hard way? Electing Kathleen Wynne was so good you wanted Rachel Notley? And that was not enough, you asked for Justin and now you have it! Congratulations again. Oh we are so fucked.
commented 2015-10-29 20:17:16 -0400
The idiots that voted for this moron are getting what they deserve. Same federally. But the idiots that voted for this tribe of goofs are mostly the takers and the ignorant and the makers have to pay for it. My solution, be like the maritimes and all go on poggy, quit your jobs, why work to support the slime who voted these walking brain dead. Feel for your children and grandchildren, they will inherit the debt and destruction…haven’t even talked about the terrorists coming to your neighbourhood soon.
commented 2015-10-29 20:07:47 -0400
Only the beginning…………………………