October 05, 2015

More of my aphorisms for the 21st century

Tim BallRebel Columnist

If it ends in “ism,” there will be a schism.

If you want the rope to snag, it won’t. If you don’t, it will.

A superiority complex is always a cover for an inferiority complex.

It’s a conspiracy of silence. If parents told their children what it is like to have children, they wouldn’t have any, and the whole cavalcade would end.

People who walk against red traffic lights usually have the least urgency to go anywhere.

Our hobbies and pastimes were survival skills for our ancestors. Do we intuitively know we will need them again?

As we slow down, time speeds up.

We are living longer, but the parts still wear out at the same time.

Every community should have a giant wheel for all the joggers to produce electricity with the energy they waste.

What happens to the Dutch Elm beetles when they kill the last Dutch Elm tree?

It’s only obvious because somebody made it obvious.

You can get ahead by pulling yourself up or pushing the other people down. Guess which is easier?

Introspection results in exposition, and most don’t like what they see.

Real, practical, terse philosophy occurs on bumper stickers.

People will say there is too much government, but within 30 minutes ask why the government isn’t doing something about a problem.

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commented 2015-10-05 18:44:53 -0400
My current favourite is one my wife used as a quilt theme:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift,
“The purpose of life is to share your gift.”

Sadly, I am still at the meaning of life stage.