January 05, 2016

More aphorisms for the 21st century (Part 2)

Tim BallRebel Columnist

When a person prefaces a remark with “Let me tell you the truth,” does it mean their remarks without the preface are lies?

It says, “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”, which really means this mirror does not work properly.

Stubbornness in the elderly is a conundrum because it makes them live longer but also more difficult to deal with.

If you try to legislate equality, you will guarantee inequality.

Today’s philosophy is: You only broke the law if you get caught.

Governments are like cancer because they grow unchecked to kill the body.

Proselytizers are emotional and intellectual bullies.

The more writing on the outside of the envelope, the less information inside. (This is also true of people with tattoos.)

Generally, people in favour of abortions oppose the death penalty, and those who oppose abortions support the death penalty.

If you have to plan your historical legacy, you don’t and won’t have one.

Banking basics: You make a mistake you pay; they make a mistake you pay.

Environmentalists are the new puritans.

How qualified is a celibate to give marriage counseling?

Business is a balance between reality and government regulations.

Allow the space between cars recommended by the driving manual, and somebody will cut in.

Is a homosexual priest required to be celibate?

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(Photo credit: Ryan McGuire)

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commented 2016-07-09 14:08:05 -0400
Here’s a suggested improvement on your line that says: “Governments are like cancer because they grow unchecked to kill the body.”

Governments are like cancer—they keep getting bigger and bigger and spreading into more and more places, causing increasingly serious problems wherever they go. Eventually they kill liberty.

BTW this was inspired by an asinine regulation our small city is trying to enforce. It happens at all levels of government, not just the largest ones. However the bigger they are, the more damage they do.