July 19, 2018

More HIGHLIGHTS: #FreeTommyRobinson rally in London

Rebel Staff

Distinguished international speakers and ordinary folks came together in London on July 14, 2018 to support political prisoner Tommy Robinson. PS: SHOW YOUR SUPPORT at TommyTrial.com.


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commented 2018-07-20 21:17:57 -0400
I said this before..The good prison guards better be looking after Tommy’s best interest’s…and feeding him T-Bone steaks..
commented 2018-07-19 22:33:08 -0400
He’s a political prisoner – Free Tommy NOW!
commented 2018-07-19 20:43:09 -0400
I guess Ezra and crew are the only reputable Canadian Reporters there on the Case..If they are the only ones..Ezra is a great Representative for the Canadian supporters of Tommy and Free Speech..

Thanks again Tommy and Ezra..
commented 2018-07-19 10:59:31 -0400
The imprisonment of Tommy may be the greatest bellwether of Britain’s current age and the best thing that has happened for liberty in our age. He has certainly got the attention of Britons. Too bad the Lugenpress in the ROW is studiously ignoring it all.

But be assured that if he is freed the LP will be there to express their outrage that this “alt-right extremist” was released.