October 30, 2018

More than ever, fashion industry prizes “diversity" over beauty

Martina MarkotaRebel Contributor

You might recall that the prestigious Elite agency just signed a "black trans disabled" model, but this is part of a trend I've been watching (and reporting on) for some time. Today's fashion industry is focussing more on diversity rather than beauty.

Did you know that an all-black modeling agency was launched in 2015? Probably not, but imagine if someone had started an all-white agency — we'd all have heard about that.

Something called the Diversity Report now issues charts, tracking the race of the runway models used by design houses in their runway shows. How disturbing.

When, and where, will it all end? And how is this "progressive"?

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commented 2018-11-03 07:11:45 -0400
Models of color / people of color. When will people stop using these phrases? Is sounds like at least one group is exclusive, which is something I don’t agree with. Everyone has a color.

And why would there be outrage over an all white modelling agency if an all black agency is okay?
commented 2018-10-30 20:48:27 -0400
Fashion is fascism.
commented 2018-10-30 20:06:57 -0400
This is the 3rd story of this nature in 3 days where the minorities want us to go by their rules, and therefore take us over in our own country.
It would be different if their countries, whatever the race, were sending us billions of dollars to help feed and house us, as our IQ’s weren’t high enough to take care of these functions ourselves. However it seems the opposite as PM Trudeau continually sends billions of our tax dollars to other countries. The TAXPAYERS FEDERATION reported today that the Liberals gave other countries 5 billion for Climate Change alone.

Then there the other departments in our Govt that pay billions in welfare to Trudeau’s Refugees and failed Immigrants that still don’t work.
We are treated like 3’rd class citizens by this Govt and when we point it out, we are called names. We need a change; if Brazil and Italy can do it, so can we.