April 20, 2015

Morning Fix: Monday, April 20, 2015

Emily PrattRebel Correspondent

Durham district high schools on strike. PLUS:

* Finance Minister Joe Oliver picks up budget shoes

* Four British sailors accused of sexual assault to appear in NS court

* Revamped q debuts on CBC Radio

What else are people talking about today?

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commented 2015-04-20 14:29:49 -0400
" . . . does this mean that the position of cabin boy has been replaced?"

Well, either that or boys are getting pregnant now, which would be, well, odd. :)
commented 2015-04-20 12:16:37 -0400
regarding the royal navy..another report says 25 pregnant sailors were airlifted from war ships last year….does this mean that the position of cabin boy has been replaced?
commented 2015-04-20 12:03:11 -0400
All the employees making 70 large is not going to work out well . . . some will work harder and possibly deserve the increase . . . but others may not. After a period it will likely hurt the organization as most will sink to the lowest common denominator . . . as the hard workers see some of their fellow employees becoming “Passengers” . . . why would they continue to perform at a high level?