May 04, 2015

Morning Fix: Monday, May 4, 2015

Emily PrattRebel Correspondent

Ontario parents pull students in protest of sex ed curriculum. PLUS:

* Federal government seeks emergency stay of Omar Khadr’s bail

* PEI voters head to the polls

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Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum sexualizes young children, undermines parental authority and imposes the government's morality on every Ontario family.

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commented 2015-05-04 12:00:31 -0400
Time for charter schools – fk Wynne and her unions and the waste, over hiring, over spending and massive tax burden.

The world visits Alberta to see their charter school system. But the communist PIG WYNNE can’t be bothered, but PIG WYNNE supports the idea of sex-ed for kids – a program built by a convicted pedophile and University of Toronto prof.

Wake up Lee Harvey Oswald – there’s another job for you.
commented 2015-05-04 11:22:34 -0400
The photos in this story about the parents that have pulled their children from class tell the real story.

Muslim parents pulling their children from one school for a week will do absolutely nothing to change the government’s mind to teach children no one has a right to cut girls.

If the government were to cave to the demands of these parents, it would weaken our security.
commented 2015-05-04 10:56:32 -0400
My new favorite news person :-) tyvm