April 02, 2015

Morning Fix: Thursday, April 2, 2015

Emily PrattRebel Correspondent

Canadian teacher Niel Bantleman found guilty of child sex abuse, sentenced to 10 years by Indonesian court. PLUS:

* The Federal budget will be tabled April 21.

* Canadian diplomat’s son charged with murder threatened officer: report

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commented 2015-04-02 18:46:14 -0400
If you go to countries with a different judicial system expect the worst if arrested.
commented 2015-04-02 12:42:27 -0400
Bantleman alleges judge threw out his whole defence, did not allow witnesses, including experts. He will appeal to two higher courts. Like in Canada, lower courts in Indonesia notoriously incompetent due, in large part, to corruption.

The answer to Tom Green’s question is that saving your kids is your responsibility. Do not expect the nanny state to do it for you.
commented 2015-04-02 12:17:11 -0400
Yup and who is going to save your kids with the new sex education??