MOVE THE EMBASSY: Tell the Conservatives to promise to move Canada’s Embassy to Jerusalem

Rebel Staff

Right now the Canadian embassy is in Tel Aviv — we’re not recognizing reality, we’re not respecting Israel’s democracy.

We should move the Canadian embassy to Jerusalem.

The last three U.S. presidents promised to move their embassy to Jerusalem, but they always broke the promise when in office. Donald Trump just went ahead and did it.

And you know what happened? Nothing. No war broke out. Sure, the terrorist group Hamas called for an uprising against Israel. But they say that every day. That’s their terrorist job description.

Most Arab leaders were quiet. A few warned Trump that it would “raise tensions”. That’s really it.

After Trump's announcement, other countries followed suit. First, it was Vanuatu, a tiny country. Then two more countries, the Philippines, and the Czech Republic, said they were considering it. Other European countries might do the same thing — like Hungary or Austria or Poland. And it wouldn’t surprise me if India made the decision, too.

But even if no other countries followed suit — isn’t it the right thing for Canada to do? Canadians believe that Israel is a democracy, and if it chooses its capital city, who are we to say otherwise? 

Now, obviously, that’s not going to happen under Justin Trudeau. He’s the pro-ISIS prime minister — he’s welcoming back ISIS terrorists, giving them poetry and art classes, he won’t take away their citizenship. Trudeau wouldn’t follow Trump’s footsteps anywhere — especially not on Israel.

But what about the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer? According to the National Post, "Conservatives won't say whether or not Jerusalem should be recognized as Israel's capital.” According to Conservative foreign affairs critic Erin O'Toole, "while the U.S. decision is currently 'driving the conversation,' O'Toole said he wants to take a more thoughtful approach."

More thoughtful? Is there a lot more thinking to do? How much time do you need to think about it — because Israel’s capital city has always been Jerusalem; for thousands of years; and since its founding as a modern state in 1948.

Andrew Scheer is not saying he would move the embassy, he’s not saying he wouldn't. In fact, he’s not saying anything — he’s bravely leaving that to Erin O’Toole.

So in other words — he’s not going to move the embassy.

We need to change his mind. We probably can't convince Trudeau, and that's why we need to make sure Andrew Scheer doesn't give up on Jerusalem.

Please sign our petition below demanding that Andrew Scheer adopt the policy of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's eternal capital and move the Canadian embassy accordingly. 

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The Conservative Party should declare that it will move Canada’s Embassy to the capital city of Israel, Jerusalem.

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