October 25, 2016

MP Peter Kent on the UN’s blacklisting of The Rebel (Full interview)

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

MP Peter Kent is now the Foreign Affairs Critic for the Conservative opposition, but he was also Stephen Harper’s longest serving Minister of the Environment.

In that capacity, Kent attended a number of the UN’s climate change conferences, so he was the perfect guest to talk about the blacklisting of our journalists from the upcoming COPP22 event in Marrakesh.

He talks about how he was treated, and how “scripted” these events are.

So what does Kent think about the UN’s refusal to accredit Rebel reporters? This banning is making international news, and even a CBC radio host wasn’t impressed by the official censor’s excuses.

Kent said the issue was important enough to be raised in Parliament.

If you agree that The Rebel's journalists should be granted the same standing as the 3,000 other reporters the UN has accredited for this event, SIGN HERE at LetUsReport.ca and send a message to the censors at the United Nations.

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commented 2016-10-25 21:47:16 -0400
The Rebel Media is too small to engage in International events. They will continue to get pushed around until a giant on-line, world wide news and entertainment Company buys them out. Then the bullies would be afraid of getting sued if they mistreated a larger Company. (like Breitbart )
Of course keep the Rebel Staff as they have the Canadian expertise.