September 09, 2015

Mulcair grants absolution for anti-Catholic tweets made by Director of Communications, Shawn Dearne

Brian LilleyArchive

It's hard to believe now but years ago, the NDP used to be close to the left wing of the Catholic Church.

They even had a priest who was an MP which was one of the reasons the Church made a rule stating you could either be a Priest or an MP, but not both.

But times and the NDP have changed when it comes to Catholicism, despite how Tom Mulcair likes to talk about his big Catholic family.

A few highly offensive anti-Catholic tweets made just a couple of years ago by his Director of Communications, Shawn Dearne, were recently revealed.

Dearne apologized adding, those aren't my views. Considering Dearne's involvement with Ottawa politics and media and his marriage to CBC Power & Politics regular Ian Capstick, it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect they'd have found a way to make those tweets disappear in the time since he was hired back in February.

Unless of course they knew it wouldn't hurt them. It's hard not to come to the conclusion that despite the apology, Dearne probably still wholeheartedly agrees with the sentiment and also knows that if it isn't about a Tory, it won't be a story.


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commented 2015-09-12 12:23:09 -0400

That’s just fabulous.

Funny that you ignored many of the points that I have made, so hopefully the hypocrisy won’t go over your old and retired head.

Whoo hoo. Football. A sport for white trash and morons – just above WWE Wrestling and Nascar.

Yee haw!

What kind of watch is it – provide the exact model/name. I am quite sure that I can do better with what my career as afforded me.

Have CBC given in to your demands yet?
commented 2015-09-12 01:57:50 -0400
You see Turnip. This is why Peter Netterville and Ron Voss say the things they say about you and stop commenting on your retarded comments. You still haven’t explained the Election in England!! How did the neck and neck polls end up with a Landslide Majority Conservative Government? You try to comment on religion. You are so ignorant, it is futile to talk to a turnip about it. I think I will stop to comment on you. Not because you drive me insane, but because you are cumbersome and boring turnip. And I was trying to avoid this and I want the rebel readers to know that I am not a bragging person. . Please forgive me, but I feel compelled to brag just to bring out the ignorance of this man.

Turnip, re Mcdonalds,
I will not tell you what my business was. You are not worth telling. Since you brought up what I have done for work, and since this will be my last comment to you, you cumbersome ignorant turnip. I will give some details in hopes that it will shut your ignorant mouth.
My work has given me the luxury of knowing almost all professional sports team owners and the joy of becoming friends with a few of them. I have been on the sidelines of Grey Cup games and NFL games. I have been in many owners boxes as a personnel guest of the owner. One owner is an art dealer and I have held a priceless Picasso in my hands. My gold watch is worth more than your best year. The memorabilia I own in one of my closets is worth more than your life.s worth.

Take those anti-retard pills regularly and good bye turnip
commented 2015-09-12 00:08:52 -0400

Are you praying for the silent conservatives to come out from the shadows on election day in Canada?

Tell us how many letters you have written to the CBC?
commented 2015-09-11 23:56:11 -0400
Silent Conservatives explains the election in England Turnip. Why don’t you explain what happened in England. You are becoming very cumbersome Turnip.
commented 2015-09-11 23:08:38 -0400

LOL – silent conservatives. I guess all the batshit crazy conservatives/Christian kooks who make the most noise – make up for all that silence.

It’s good that you are retired from McDonalds and got the gold watch – plenty of time to write those letters to the CBC, that will just be laughed at and tossed in the garbage. But you probably need to keep your mind busy – so keep those CBC letters coming.

I guess you don’t believe in the business saying – rules are meant to be broken. That mentality has worked greatly for some of the most successful people in the world like Steve Jobs and Harvey Weinstein for example.

But yes, a Big Mac needs to be made properly, so I understand in this case why you would fire people for making their own version of the Big Mac.

It is good times when liberals/progressives are getting their way – which people like you have been complaining about. Not to mention an election that you might be losing as well.

It’s all very satisfying for me.
commented 2015-09-11 22:52:24 -0400
Turnip, turnip, turnip,
Are you so retarded that you can’;t understand that Canada, like England. The majority are silent Conservatives. They can’t be bothered with left wing propaganda. Me I am retired, that is why I do. Do you know what happened in England Turnip. The polls were neck and neck until the last day. Do you know what happened next Turnip. Yes Turnip, A landslide Conservative Majority. Very good turnip. You get an extra little pink anti-retard pill Turnip.

Turnip wrote" Every single job I have ever had – rules were broken even by management, people did things their own way because it was more effective" I have fired many people like you , even managers, who claimed they were being more effective when they were just being lazy. Have you ever worked hard in your life Turnip? Liberals don’t. Conservatives do.

These are your good times??? LOL. Blessed are the ignorant indeed
commented 2015-09-11 18:32:12 -0400

Um, I have had many jobs because I have advanced in my career and went on to bigger and better things. I am glad that you were content being a manager of McDonalds your whole life – that’s great.

That’s funny that you tell me to keep calm, when you are the one freaking out about CBC and their vile ways to the point that you actually sit down and write letters. Do you complain to TV networks too when you see something that offends you?

Please keep me updated and let me know when you have destroyed the CBC. Until, it is so satisfying that liberals/progressive are getting their way on most everything – while people like you cry like a bitch. AND Harper may be out of a job on top of that.

Good times indeed.
commented 2015-09-11 17:13:58 -0400
Keep calm, enjoy life, and make sure you take your anti- retard pills regularly, and you might be OK someday. But you are becoming cumbersome. And that is why you probably have had many jobs. I wonder how many husbands have you gone through?
commented 2015-09-11 15:56:30 -0400

That’s irrelevant about Fox News – the point you fucktard is that they also have “journalistic standards” that they are supposed to live up to, but don’t. Just like no other media source on the planet does because as humans there is always going to be a bias one way or another – but some dipshit named Alex Armutlu thinks that CBC should be the ONE source on the planet that is above that. You are an idiot.

Have you heard of the BBC? They also get tax money and there is a bias.

I have my mail delivered to my door, so it’s all good for me.

Beta was better than VHS, despite VHS winning the videocassette war. Good times.

CBC actually does a lot of great journalism – I suspect that is why millions of people get their news from the CBC among other sources.

Sure you can complain all you want about the CBC and write all the fucking letters you want even though we can’t pick and choose where our taxes go, but like I said – Stephen Harper won’t cut off the CBC, Trudeau and Mulcair won’t cut off the CBC and the majority of Canadians support the CBC, so you will NEVER win here.

But I will continue to.
commented 2015-09-11 14:25:48 -0400
Turnip, turnip, turnip
Have I ever told you my opinion of Fox News? Does Fox news suck $1.1 Billion a year from Canadians? I will try my best to take the CBC down. Hopefully many of the millions who support the CBC will change their minds after they hear me. If not so be it.
But you turnip, are very ignorant. You support Elizabeth May’s quest to bring back door to door postal service. I bet you run a VHS and Beta rental business. Very ignorant turnip. For you to acknowledge the tax sucking CBC leans left will hopefully change the views of a lot of Liberals. Or at least the ones that were under the illusion that the CBC practices responsible Journalism or objective journalism.
But what about your commentary turnip? They may be some of history’s most ignorant “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it” or “prove that your taxes go to the CBC” is right in line with Justin Tinkerbell’s “budgets will balance themselves” or Mulcair of France’s “this is not our war” or Neville Chamberlain of England’s “Hitler is no threat to Europe”. Look at the bright side turnip. you may go down in history.

Turnip said “so why the fuck do you think you get a say about the CBC?” Because I can Fuck Face!
commented 2015-09-11 12:34:19 -0400

Explain Fox News, who claim to have the same journalistic standards that you are bringing up with the CBC. Again, the mission statement looks nice hanging on the wall, but I understand that every single news source on Earth has a bias one way or another despite “journalistic standards”. I am not naïve like you are.

Good luck with your crusade to take the CBC down – considering the many millions of people that support it. CBC can’t be all things to all people and please everyone. Based on the fact that CBC is among the most popular sites in Canada with the most traffic out of millions of websites with people going to the CBC every day and numerous times a day – Canadians are obviously pretty happy with the CBC. Of course there are always going to be people like you who complain.

Don’t forget to put your tin foil hat on to help stop the “vile ethics”. Don’t be too overdramatic here. LOL.

“If you don’t like it, don’t watch it” is actually a very fair and reasonable response. I can’t stop my taxes going to the things that I don’t support, so why the fuck do you think you get a say about the CBC?
commented 2015-09-11 09:55:17 -0400
The Turnip wrote, " Every single job I have ever had – rules were broken even by management, people did things their own way because it was more effective". How many jobs have you had turnip. Many, I assume. Explain to me how if a Mission Statement says “Strive for responsible journalism” or “Strive for objectivity” how you would do it your own way, because it was more effective. Don’t confuse effective with lackadaisical. Is this why you had so many jobs?

I have already written to the Prime Minister about the CBC and it’s vile ethics. I am hoping that what I write will persuade others to write and eventually we will rid Canadians of this left wing propaganda machine. Things don’t happen instantly Jimmy. And budgets don’t balance themselves either Jimmy.

I am trying to convince others what a waste of $1.1 billion of tax payers money the CBC is. I am trying to expose the CBC of not practicing responsible journalism. I am trying to expose the CBC of not practicing objective journalism which is their directive from their employer. Canadians.

Finally, I am trying to expose how ignorant the people who support the CBC must be. Which brings us to you Jimmy. You are a very ignorant turnip Jimmy. You make my points about the CBC very valid Jimmy. “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it” is a very ignorant response Jimmy. Asking me to prove that I pay for the CBC to exist is very ignorant Jimmy. Would you like me to talk to you in a three year old’s language again? Would it be easier for you?

And you are calling me naive. LOL. You are one stupid turnip
commented 2015-09-11 07:18:05 -0400

You are SO fucking naïve – and no one is telling anyone to ignore anything, even at the CBC or McDonalds. It’s just the reality of life. Every single job I have ever had – rules were broken even by management, people did things their own way because it was more effective, etc. A mission statement looks nice on the wall.

Fox News have the same sort of mission statement – clearly they are not following it as well.

The BBC is the same as the CBC.

You have a few more weeks – write a letter to Stephen Harper and ask your lord and savior why he hasn’t cut the funding to the CBC. He’s been in a power for 10 years. There is no one else for conservatives to blame but him.

You get that right? You bitch and moan about the CBC – but it’s your guy in power. You act as if the liberals have been in power for 10 years and you have been waiting for a conservative to come along and finally defund the CBC. You have had that conservative for 10 years. So give Harper shit – not people like me that support the CBC.
commented 2015-09-11 00:14:23 -0400
So when companies frame up their mission statements and hang them. Or post them on their websites. Do they tell their employees to ignore it. Do you see how retarded you are?
Jimmy wrote “Every single news source on the planet is the same as the CBC”. Another classic from the hip, trendy, on the map, grey poupon loving metro sexual who thinks Toronto is the envy of Canada. LOL. How many news sources suck 1.1 Billion dollars from the government coffers every year Jimmy?????????????????
Double up on your anti-retard pills, keep calm, enjoy life, go to sleep and tomorrow, For once Jimmy, try to give more than a one brain cell response to the question.
commented 2015-09-10 22:56:40 -0400

Tough shit. Who said life was fair? My taxes go to things that I don’t support as well, but I don’t bitch about it. I understand that taxes are not a la carte.
commented 2015-09-10 22:55:17 -0400

Yes I know what a mission statement is, but you are naïve as fuck if you actually think anyone truly follows it. Fox News is a shill for the Republican party, but even they try to sell themselves as fair and balanced. You are asking for something that doesn’t fucking exist.

Every single news source on the planet is the same as the CBC – the only difference is some lean right and some lean left. If you had the brain capacity to understand that – nothing more would need to be said.
commented 2015-09-10 22:16:42 -0400
Jimmy, The CBC is paid for by Tax Money. As a person who votes Conservative, I strongly object to paying taxes to support the CBC, which is nothing more than a Left Wing Broadsheet, a Lib/Dem Comic Book. Their lies are as disgusting as the people that tall them. A private Club for half arsed Commies
commented 2015-09-10 21:04:23 -0400
Jimmy, I understand you have issues and you are one very special turnip. So I am going to type real slow OK.

Do you know what a Mission Statement is Jimmy? In their Mission Statements all broadcasters say they strive for objective responsible journalism. How to report objective responsible journalism is what is taught in schools. Are you with me Jimmy, or should I type even slower. Broadcasters are taught to give both sides of the argument, left and right, and let the viewer or reader decide what is true. When Paul Calandra gets interviewed he has a NDP member on one side and A liberal on his other side. When Fin Donnelly gets interviewed he was alone. Can you understand the unfairness of in-objectivity. If not, go get some milk and cookies. I will wait.

Now I will talk like you do so you can understand Jimmy. When a broadcaster leans left or right. It is very berry wrong Jimmy. It is like telling a lie. Is telling lies good Jimmy, Noooooo.
Now Jimmy. . You see when we pay taxes Jimmy. We send money to the government. The government puts the money in the bank.The money in the bank is our money Jimmy. Do you like banks jimmy. Banks smell niiiice.

On the television Jimmy there are channels. One channel is the CBC jimmy. Now I have to whisper this to you because I am afraid of monsters Jimmy. The CBC is a monster and the monster has a berry berry big and scary left leg jimmy. So this monster always leans left jimmy. And do you remember what we said about leaning left jimmy. That’s right jimmy, when a broadcaster leans left or right it is like lying and lying is berry berry bad.

Now the CBC monster does something else that is berry berry super duper bad. Do you remember what the government does with our money Jimmy. VERY GOOD Jimmy, that’s right., they put it in the bank. What are you dressed as today Jimmy? A TURNIP! Isn’t jimmy special. Jimmy, all the other channels have to work to make money. Do you know what the CBC monster does? He goes at night and steals our money from the bank jimmy. Is stealing good jimmy, Nooooooo. Is leaning left or lying good Jimmy Noooooooo. Did I tell you how good you look as a turnip Jimmy. You sure do. That’s right, you are the most special vegetable in the class.
Now, can you go and take your pretty little pink anti-retard pills so you can have your nap. Good night jimmy
commented 2015-09-10 20:23:18 -0400
“Dearne apologized adding, those aren’t my views.” I … see. I hear that there is some great land to build a house on in Florida for sale, its real cheap too. (shhh don’t admit its swampland).

“if you are gay you cant be a bigot.. thats the rules.”
Man o man its hard to keep up, they keep changing the rules.

“jimmy troll doesnt understand” not touching that one, too easy.
commented 2015-09-10 18:43:45 -0400

No they don’t, especially when that doesn’t exist. It’s the same thing with the BBC.
commented 2015-09-10 18:42:18 -0400
ian copstick was hired right after his hubby made that rant.. if you are gay you cant be a bigot.. thats the rules.
commented 2015-09-10 18:42:13 -0400
Paul Taalman said, “It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person but it’s damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person”

And it is even harder yet to win an argument with a stupid person who thinks he is the world’s gift to intelligence.
commented 2015-09-10 18:39:34 -0400
lol the jimmy troll doesnt understand that by using tax dollars the cbc needs to be impartial.. please dont stop drooling
commented 2015-09-10 18:32:13 -0400
Ron: I’ve taken your advice too but did it before you wrote it. It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person but it’s damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person…Just sayin’.
commented 2015-09-10 18:04:46 -0400

Every single media source in the world leans left or right. The CBC is no different and thus it’s moronic of you to single them out.

You can’t have it both ways – either no one is watching the CBC like conservatives here claim as one of the reasons that we should get rid of the CBC or everyone is watching the CBC, thus they could impact an election.

Which is it?

The Toronto Sun, The Rebel, The National Post, Calgary Herald, Halifax-Herald, Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Sun, The Vancouver Sun, Lifesite Canada, Brietbart, Fox News, The Drudge Report, The Washington Times, Glenn Beck, The Wall Street Journal, The Blaze, Rush Limbaugh, The Daily Caller, Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter to name a few.

I think conservatives are covered for conservative media and news and you don’t need to whine about the CBC.
commented 2015-09-10 17:36:30 -0400
No Jimmy, Canadians believe that the CBC practices objective, responsible journalism. That is The Mission Statement of almost all broadcasters. You, yourself admitted to the CBC practicing left wing propaganda. If Canadians knew the truth. Harper would have a landslide majority. You will be reduced to performing at pride parades
commented 2015-09-10 14:51:40 -0400
Bill is referring to Ian Dipstick
Respectfully I disagree with you. Jimmy highlighting Liberal views is very important for Canadians to see. At this moment, as per Kathleen Wynn’s agenda. Jimmy may be helping his 10 year old son with his homework. Learning how to put a condom on a cucumber.
Do you not think Canadians should know what the Liberals bring to the table?
commented 2015-09-10 14:07:22 -0400
Mr. Dulcare, Tommy. It is my honest opinion, You are an excellent example of the residue left by dirty Bath water. If, God help Canada, you should win the Election, do you honestly think that your Political friend, Islam, will still support you, once they have enough Muslims in Canada, to Vote their own scum in to power. Never mind the probability that You will introduce Sharia Law to Canada. The Muslims will cut your throat just the same as they will cut the throats of anyone else, who dose not convert to their Dogma of Ignorance.
Wake up Tommy, you have your finger in the wrong Orifice. You are willing to Kill Canada, just to become the Emperor.
commented 2015-09-10 14:06:43 -0400
Hey Tommy, you pos…
en-de-pee mantra has always been…
phucking commies!
Just saying…