July 31, 2016

CLAIM: Muslim military training camps in Canada, US

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

This clip was uploaded to Youtube, July 26 2016, but Martin Mawyer has been exposing these camps for years. One of them may be as close to Ottawa as Combermere Ontario.

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commented 2016-08-02 13:57:20 -0400
Betcha the Canadian Camps are not subject to gun control, nor will they ever be with the EL BOW Gov’t in place! Wonder how many tax dollars are being “donated” by Ottawa to fund these camps?
commented 2016-08-02 06:00:34 -0400
Thank you, Bill. I read every one.
commented 2016-08-01 19:45:27 -0400
This terrorist activity is considered legal by the government? We are so screwed. Where’s the KKK when you need them. That’s about all the help we’re going to get, because we know who the government is siding with and it sure isn’t us.
commented 2016-08-01 15:23:45 -0400
Yup, that’s healthy!
commented 2016-08-01 14:23:20 -0400
The Facts show ISIS has a healthy recruiting cell in Canada:

October 2014 – Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, Canadian born and a convert to Islam, shot dead a soldier and was killed after opening fire inside the Parliament in Ottawa.

October 2014 – Martin Ahmad Couture-Rouleau, a Caucasian convert to Islam, deliberately drove into two Canadian Forces soldiers in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, near Montreal, killing a soldier before he was shot dead after a police chase.

October 2014 – Three Toronto girls of Somali descent aged 15-18 left Canada to Turkey in an attempted to join ISIS and get married to mujahideen. The three were arrested by Turkish authorities and returned to Canada.

September 2014 – Canadian convert to Islam who is known by his alias Abu Khalid al-Kanadi joined ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

September 2014 – Mohammed Ali, 23, Mississauga resident, known by his alias Abu Turaab, left Canada and joined the ranks of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.

September 2014 – Mohamud Mohamed Mohamud, Hamilton, Ontario resident of Somali descent and a biology student at York University, left Canada to join the Islamic State (ISIS) and reportedly was killed in Syria while fighting in the ranks of ISIS.

September 2014 – Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh of Kurdish descent was sentenced to the 24-year prison term after being convicted of an attempt to organize a functioning terrorist cell in 2010. In 2009 Alizadeh travelled to Iran then Afghanistan for two months of training by an “expert bomb maker” known as Westa Omar, who was involved in the preparation of IEDs to use against coalition forces from Canada, the United States and other nations. After returning to Canada with his smuggled 56 circuit boards and how-to guides, he stayed in email contact with a man known as Mansoor Al Baloosh who facilitated the travel of foreigners to Pakistan and Afghanistan for terrorist training. He also kept in touch with Kurdish insurgents loosely aligned with the Taliban, and with his brother, Rizgar, described as a member of a terrorist group in Iran.

August 2014 – The brothers and converts to Islam from Calgary, Collin and Gregory Gordon, left Canada and joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

August 2014 – John (Yahya) Maguire, Ottawa student and convert to Islam, left Canada and Joined ISIS.

August 2014 – Former London, Ont., pathologist, Khurram Sher, who was charged in 2010 with conspiring to facilitate terrorist activity in 2010, was found not guilty in al-Qaeda-linked terror trial. However, the judge said the evidence showed Sher was sympathetic to jihad.

August 2014 – Sayfildin Tahir-Sharif, 41, resident of Edmonton, faces extradition to US after his appeal was denied in an Alberta court. Tahir-Sharif is suspect of conspiracy to commit murder after five America soldiers were killed in a 2009 suicide bombing in Iraq. He is also accused of facilitating a terrorist network. The U.S. alleges Tahir-Sharif was a member of a terrorist facilitation network operating in Iraq, Libya, Tunisia and Syria, whose members recruited jihadists in Tunisia and transported them into Iraq to attack U.S. and coalition forces. Security officials in the U.S. said the network was responsible for two suicide bombings – one at a U.S. military base.

July 2014 – Former Ottawa hospital technician Misbahuddin Ahmed has been found guilty of two terrorism-related charges including conspiring to knowingly facilitate a terrorist activity and participation in the activities of a terrorist group.

July 2014 – Toronto security guard, Mohamed Hersi, was sentenced to 10 years for attempting in 2010 to leave Canada to join the Somali terrorist group Al Shabab.

July 2014 – RCMP launched investigation in the case of Ahmad Waseem (a.k.a Muthanna al-Kanadi) from Windsor, Ontario who returned from Syria wounded after fighting in the ranks of jihadist groups during 2013. Waseem went back to Syria and calls for launching terrorist attacks in Canada.

July 2014 – Hasibullah Yusufzai, 25, from Burnaby, British Columbia, is accused of leaving Canada to join with Syrian jihadists, and committing an offence for the benefit of a terrorist group or was directed by or associated with such a group.

July 2014 – Former Ottawa hospital technician Misbahuddin Ahmed has been found guilty of conspiring to knowingly facilitate a terrorist activity and participation in the activities of a terrorist group.

June 2014 – Farah Mohamed Shirdon, a Calgarian in his early 20s, joined the ranks of ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) in Syria. Three more Canadians (one from Montreal, other from Ontario), known only by their nom de guerre, are reported fighting with ISIS and its affiliates in Syria and Iraq.

May 2014 – Canadian Lebanese Fawzi Ayoub, 48, senior member of Hezbollah, was killed in battle against the rebels in Syria.

May 2014 – The security forces in Cairo international airport reportedly arrested an unidentified Canadian national suspect of planning “hostile acts” in Egypt. In his possession were seized “military items,” including several bullet-proof vests, camouflage t-shirts and shoes.

May 2014 – Egyptian security forces arrested Canadian Solar Energy Engineer, Yusri Maurice Tawadros, 65, on his way to Cairo through the desert road. According media reports, the security forces seized in his possession 3 handguns, a sword and bottles of wine.

May 2014 – Suliman M., a 15-year-old Canadian and a student at Azhari Sheikh Zayed Institute for Boys middle school in Giza, was arrested in Egypt for allegedly being a member of “a terrorist cell.” Egyptian authorities alleged that the teenager was part of a group linked to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood that set police stations and vehicles on fire in 6th of October City, in the urban area of Cairo, Egypt. They also alleged the youth and his group funded protests that incited violence against the Egyptian army and police forces.

April 2014 – The Syrian army reported (April 8, 2014) that military forces operating in the southern rural area of the district of Idlib managed to kill several insurgents, including the Canadian national Mahmoud Ahmed Abdou.

January 2014 – Damian Clairmont (a.k.a. Mustafa Gharib and Abu Talha al-Canadi), resident of Calgary, who converted to Islam and joined the émigré brigade in Syria affiliated with al-Qaida, was reportedly executed by the Free Syrian Army.

November 2013 – Salman Ashrafi (Abu Abdullah Al Khorasani), Calgary resident, who joined the ranks of ISIS [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), carried out a suicide bombing attack in Iraq killing dozens.

October 2013 – Two Libyan students/ graduates of Canadian universities, Jamal al-Ratimi (Tripoli) and Samir al-Triki (Misrata) joined the ranks of Jabhat al-Nusra and in Syria and were reported killed in the field of jihad.

September 2013 – Omar Shafik Hammami (Abu Mansoor al-Amriki), US citizen, resided several years in Canada and married Canadian woman (later divorced). Joined al-Shabab in Somalia, affiliated with al-Qaida. Hammami was murdered in internal power struggle.

September 2013 – Ali Muhammad Dirie, Toronto resident of Somali descent. Dirie Joined Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria, affiliated with al-Qaida and killed in action. He was convicted of involvement in Toronto -18 terrorist plot in 2006 and served a long prison term.

August 2013 – Andre Poulin, resident of Timmis, Ontario, who was converted to Islam and joined the ranks of ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), was killed in action during the attack on Ming military airport in Aleppo.

July 2013 – John Stewart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody, couple from Surry in British Columbia. Both converts to Islam, were arrested on suspicion of planning to bomb parliament building in Victoria.

July 2013 – unidentified individual, possibly Canadian resident, filmed with weapon in Homs, Syria, while fighting with rebel forces.

May 2013 – unidentified individual, presumably Canadian resident, was killed by the Syrian Army while planning to carry out a terrorist attack on behalf of group identified with al-Qaida. The two other foreigners who were also killed in the same attack are the American woman Nicole Lynn Mansfield (convert to Islam) and the British Ali al Manasfi.

April 2013 – Chihab Esseghaier, resident of Montreal of Tunisian descent, and Raed Jaser, resident of Markham, born in Kuwait of Palestinian descent, arrested on suspicion of planning to blow up VIA train on Niagara bridge on course to US. Ahmed Abbasi, Tunisian citizen, resided in Canada between 2010-2012, arrested in US on suspicion of involvement in plans to blow up the train.

April 2013 – Mahad Ali Dhore, 25 year old Canadian of Somali descent, student at York University, joined al-Shabab group, affiliated with al-Qaida, killed in terrorist attack in Somalia.

February 2013 – Jamal Muhammad Abdulkader, student from Montreal, member of Kurdish family from north Syria, joined Jabhat al-Nusra, affiliated with al-Qaida. He was killed while driving a boobby-trapped attack in central Damascus.

January 2013 – Ali Medlej and Xristos Katsiroubas (convert to Islam), residents of London, Ontario, joined al-Qaida, and were killed while committing a suicide attack, after participating in the murder of dozens of civilians in an attack on an Algerian gas plant. Muhajid ‘Ryan’ Enderi, additional member of this group from London, Ontario traveled with them abroad and has since disappeared.

December 2012 – Aaron Yoon, resident of London, Ontario. Converted to Islam and allegedly established ties to groups affiliated with al-Qaida. Visited Mali. He was arrested in Mauritania on charges of ties to terrorist groups and later released and returned to Canada.

November 2012 – Hussam Samir al-Hams, Canadian of Palestinian descent, enlisted with Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigades. Hams was killed during operation ‘Pillar of Fire’ in Gaza Strip.

July 2012 – Hassan El Hajj Hassan, holding dual nationality, Canadian and Lebanese, Hizballah activist, member of the terrorist cell that bombed an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria.

July 2012 – William Plotnikov, 23 year old Canadian of Russian descent. Converted to Islam and joined a terrorist group in Dagestan. Plotnikov was killed in gun battle with Russian security forces.
commented 2016-08-01 13:30:11 -0400
To Jay and any other apologist’s of Islamism in Canada. Why wouldn’t there be training camps in Ontario and BC at the very least? There are 22 in the States, and every Islamist in the world knows that thanks to Trudeau Canada is an easy mark. Islamics set up these recruitment camps in rural areas where there are few cops in the area, in heavily treed, rugged and mountainous areas. Where do we have those in Canada boys and girls? In the recruitment video , the Jihadist said you can join in CANADA, at 3:42. It is not even remotely unlikely that we don’t have them in many of our own backyards, as a few here have commented they know of.
commented 2016-08-01 12:53:13 -0400
Dan Mancuso commented 23 hours ago …
Dan – first targets must be the Whorehouse, 24 Sussik, and people like Jay Kelly and all the leaders of those working to oppress us the way TruDope & Obumer are working double time to appease the jihadists! Otherwise these idiots will invoke every foul wrath they can on us who see freedom as our right. What’s happened so far is nothing – just observe how that despot Edrogen is “cleaning” up his Turkey sandwich!!
commented 2016-08-01 12:10:03 -0400
Terrence FItzpatrick: So your rebuttal is based on religious bigotry and because the person holds views you don’t like?
commented 2016-08-01 07:22:07 -0400
@ Jay Kelly commented 6 hours ago
Wouldn’t it be great if Muslims had some secret training camps in Ontario? It would justify all the vitriol on this website.

Instead, Muslims in Ontario and across Canada are doing what they do best: worshipping and gathering for prayer and working hard and contributing to society.
Well liar and cheat Jay – we know the islamics vermin are doing their share of raping and additional activities in Ontario – but you ignore that – go wrap some pig skin around your dick and buy another 5 year old for use as your personal sex slave – you seem to support it.

Done lying about your military service and on to another story yet?
commented 2016-08-01 02:40:32 -0400
Hello again Jay.

Ever hear of the Toronto 18?

Ever hear about the Via Rail plot?

Ever hear about the pressure cooker plot at the BC Legislature?

Ever hear about the muslim who wanted to bomb the Toronto financial district?

You see Jay. People don’t necessarily need real estate to plan and execute terror. They can use their apartment to build an explosive device.

BTW, how many of the 27,000 muslim immigrants are now working? I am surprised the old man can keep his pants on long enough to do an eight hour shift. LMFAO
commented 2016-08-01 02:27:53 -0400
Wouldn’t it be great if there were multiple attempted attacks by Muslims, oh wait there were.
commented 2016-08-01 01:47:45 -0400
Wouldn’t it be great if Muslims had some secret training camps in Ontario? It would justify all the vitriol on this website.

Instead, Muslims in Ontario and across Canada are doing what they do best: worshipping and gathering for prayer and working hard and contributing to society.
commented 2016-08-01 01:47:13 -0400
Don’t worry people, if there is one i am sure they will respect the gun registry and hand in their weapons.
commented 2016-08-01 01:45:43 -0400
I would love to see this proved, and then hear all the excuses and BS the media party could come up with, it would be damn hysterical.
commented 2016-07-31 22:33:18 -0400
The Canadian Military is no more stupid than the American Military . CSEC has a nice new Billion dallar building . They put CSIS to shame . The Military tolerates Leaders like Justin and Obama—— and are Ready to move in at any time when Populace gets so fed up that they revolt. This time is coming. Tell Justin to ask the UN.
commented 2016-07-31 19:29:57 -0400
I read how some express a need for putting together a fighting force to combat the terrorists. This will never work. Once when they find out, you will be attacked by the media and the police. The difference is that with the Muslims they are many, but they are one in that they all have the same direction, the same agenda, the same religious doctrine that they follow without question. All quite commendable actually, wish we were the same. We on the other hand mostly go our own way, because of our commitment to freedom of choice. Which is precisely why we would not fair well putting together some training facility in the hopes of fighting terrorism. Because some one in our midst would sell us out and betray our trust, there is never any end to traitors in our society. In their societal make up, there are no traitors, if they discovered one you can only imagine the outcome.
commented 2016-07-31 19:07:27 -0400
I have been saying it for years, that we no doubt have training for the jihadis hidden away here in Canada. They are out there in some remote locations, perhaps on out of the way farms they have acquired, running training camps for terrorists. It may seem an over reaction but think it is closer to the truth than not. The Muslims have been found to have training in the USA in Mosques with weapons and tactics. I look at things like this and say to myself. If I was them, what would I do ? I would want my people trained so that they would be successful at inflicting as much damage to my enemy as possible. Let’s face it, they’re getting training. There is one thing about the Muslims, they have way better leaders than what we have, that’s why they are winning.
commented 2016-07-31 19:02:15 -0400
If real American or real Canadian or real Australian or real British or real French or real Germans or real Italians and so and so on tried to set up a training camp like these Muslim throwbacks We would have every police with high powered rifles with armed belts with tanks descend on us like we were traitors
They have been waging war on us since the 7th century time to declare war and get on to Armageddon
commented 2016-07-31 18:02:47 -0400
Yes Len, it’s still the same, but you know what happens when you give some knuckleheads a little power. That’s what I say, what would happen if that same guy stumbled upon a training camp. I think I know the answer.
commented 2016-07-31 17:47:10 -0400
Kevin…unless things have changed a great deal since I held a Free-miner’s License, you can work your claim year-round!
commented 2016-07-31 14:34:13 -0400
It is time for Real Canadians and Americans to start similar operations, like our Muslim friends, for if we do not, we will all die. Our Governments will not help us. The current power brokers, Obama and Trudeau are both on the side of the enemy. We have no alternative other than to organize ourselves.

When Trump becomes President, things will look different, I am sure he will have a few words to say to Justin, assuming that Justin dose not run away and hide.

If it comes to the point that we are being put down, just make sure that you take, at least, one of the Bastards with you.
commented 2016-07-31 14:06:55 -0400
A Christian fundamentalist that is against marriage equality, pay equity, supports voter suppression…

Of course no one from ‘the camps’ are interviewed…
commented 2016-07-31 13:44:32 -0400
Kelvin Grabowsky commented – “With all the rednecks on the endangered species list in this country,there will be no one in this country to stop this take over of Islam.”

The enemy of western civilization is an alliance between cultural Marxism and Islamism – funded by globalists, they presume to rot out the pillars of western law, culture, democracy and propel us into a hell storm of civil conflict and bureaucratic authoritarianism where reason is outlawed and “fairness” is tyranny. This is the enemy – to concede an inch of cultural or social or civil territory to this enemy, the enemy will destroy you with it. They are not reasonable. They are indoctrinated zombies and they are despicable. This is war.

If everyone on our side of the culture war, understood this and spoke with a unified voice as do our enemy, we would have won this conflict long ago. Not only are we sharper because of a drug free lifestyle, but we are more literate, strategically cleverer, far better informed and more honest, un-hypocritical, and logical than the opposition – but we also have all the factual ammunition to win every battle we fight because history and reality has a right of center bias.

Those who capitulate or stray toward the enemy camp (CINOs etc.) suffer from one of two major political disabilities – first is pathalogical individualism, which defines the libertarian nature of the center right, it also makes us reflexive non-joiners, we hate groups and “crusades” and “movements” preferring self actuated responses to attacks – second is this silly propensity in our leaders to be “liked” by the enemy – I don’t need to explain the folly of that foible – the enemy is absolutely ruthless and resolute at destroying our freedom and economic independence and subjugating us to authoritarianism, so we need to resolve to respond in kind and double down on the ruthless evisceration of the lies and bullying they engage in.

Regulatory bullying is a favorite tactic of globalist puppets in statute enforcement administrations. When they substitute their political agendas for the letter of the law they are vulnerable and should be indicted or sued every time they use malicious coersion to bully an ideological opponent

Just ask Milo, you think he cares about the broken psyches of SJW freaks he leaves in his wake of logical factual assaults? Maybe that’s why he’s become a gay super hero in a political orientation which normally rejects Gay activism.
commented 2016-07-31 13:43:15 -0400
What about all those experienced vets who are being screwed over by Obama and Trudeau…SF, SEALS, regular infantry, etc., someone should organize these patriots, arm them and send them into all these Islamic terrorist camps and just waste everything…with your skills, training, experience and manliness as warriors you could be in and out, and no Obama/Trudeau goons the wiser. You will do another invaluable service to your country and get rid of a lot of nasty trash…make sure you leave them ready to meet their maker covered in pig slime! Send a message…
commented 2016-07-31 13:42:31 -0400
Since 9/11 IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,433 Attacks, 199,692 Killed, 280,448 Injured.
commented 2016-07-31 13:23:26 -0400
John Landry commented 2 hours ago: “I was in a Sikh temple a few years ago where they had classrooms for children. On all the walls were portraits of Tamil Tiger martyrs with their weapons of choice. That was disturbing to me, but to have Muslims in Ontario training in terrorism is very sick.”

Those pictures you saw at a sikh temple are NOT tamil tiger terrorists (of Sri Lanka) they are their very own sikh terrorists who waged war against indian govt. A lot of sikh population in Canada are sikh terrorist sympathizer (remember bombing of Air India flight 182 by BC based sikh terrorists). Many of these sikh temple across Canada are hotbeds of sikh terrorism and display pictures of dead terrorists especially the ones which were killed in action by indian security forces. Also unbeknownst to the Canadian govt. & society during their summer camps or evening classes for the kids they educate against ‘Christianity & Canadian society’ in general & how their ‘sikh religion & culture is superior’ to everything else.

Now coming to the issue of mohammedan terrorist training camps; It’s not surprising at all because mohammedans have been running such terrorist training camps in BC & ON for last many years. I do a lot of outdoors activity (hunting, fishing, birdwatching, nature photography or just hiking) and have come across many such ‘camps’ myself. If you guys remember the Toronto 18 organized one such camp firing several kinds of guns in the back woods of Ontario and were recorded by police. (Even several sikh terrorists operate such training camps in BC from time to time. Just a couple of months ago a sikh terrorist sympathizer was exposed running a firearm training camp near Mission, BC. Then he went complaining to turdo as to how he’s being discriminated in Canada just for being a sikh).
Past several years I noticed how mohammedans are accumulating tons of ammo & guns in Canada. Whether they are buying & storing it legally and then passing it over to the terrorist recruits for training & war purposes or keeping it for their own use against Canadians we don’t know.
commented 2016-07-31 13:18:10 -0400
We have a real problem in the West with our come from behind approach to dealing with problems like this. We wait for gangs to start fighting over territory before we want to admit there is a gang problem and we wait for terrorists to commit large scale attacks before we ask where did they come from?, where did the learn their hate? When information is presented before the commissioning of a physical crime they take a wait and see posture. Our enemies know our weakness and are using it against us and we know it but refuse to confront it. If the government is serious about avoiding a backlash against the Muslim communities they need to address these problems before they explode on the scene.
commented 2016-07-31 12:48:24 -0400
I was on my mineral claim in BC for the last 3 months and was hassled by a forestry official for "squatting " , he kept insisting that I was only allowed to camp there for 2 weeks at a time. After a short and heated argument I finally called him a commie so and so and told him to pound sand he then tried to insist that I leave BC and go back to Alberta. I was legal and well within my rights under the mineral act to be there. Now because I am a older white male, this little government stooge THOUGHT he could push me around, I’d like to see this same government stooge push these terrorists around .
With all the rednecks on the endangered species list in this country,there will be no one in this country to stop this take over of Islam.
commented 2016-07-31 12:38:13 -0400
If the Jihadis are running armed assault drills in Onterrible it will be with no AR or AK select fire platforms and no restricted hand guns or any scary-looking auto loading carbines – it will only be with 5 shot pinned center fire mags and 10 shot .22 rim fire mags on non restricted long arms bought at sporting retailers – NOT!

Shit will fly here because police are more frightened by licensed lawful squirrel hunters and tin can plinkers owning a .22 small bore rifle that holds more of these tiny cartridges than they fear is needed, than what is ending up in Jihadi and Gangsta hands through the reserve smuggling pipelines. Cracking the illegal gun trade would require real police work and ethical resolve – naaaw, it’s safer to demonize/criminalize gravel pit tin can shooters and hold them up to the public as the real threat to public safety.

“Did you really think we want those laws observed?" “We want them to be broken. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system” Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged
commented 2016-07-31 12:05:50 -0400
Wow! I bet Mohammad Trudeau would be impressed with this development. They can practice terrorism with impunity knowing their Canadian citizenship can never be taken away. Un-elected Liberal judges will side with them and MacLeans. “Canada’s News Magazine”will put them on their front cover as heroes…
What further annoys me about this is that when the Muzzies do decide to go on a rampage, the MSM will turn it into an issue of gun control and the gutless authorities will go after the sport shooters…