April 15, 2016

VIDEO: Muslim rape gangs represent "a tiny minority"? -- "Sorry WRONG ANSWER"

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

British lawyer Gavin Boby did the math on the UK's Muslim rape gangs, based on data included in the must-read book, "Easy Meat."

"Easy Meat," a book about the infamous cases of Muslim "grooming" and rape gangs in England, is replete with open source links and news stories about this horrifying phenomenon.

To cite one news story in the book:

When a father tried to rescue his pre-teen daughter, who had been forced into prostitution by Muslim rape gangs, the father was arrested and not the gang.

Review of "Easy Meat," courtesy of Xanthippa

When the news of the gangs of adult "Asian" males systematically grooming, seducing, then raping or prostituting underage British girls broke out. I paid attention.

I read all the news articles and many blogs.

I soon learned that "Asian" was a code word for "Muslim."

I soon learned that most of the victims were white girls -- and that when Sikh girls were targeted, the Sikh community took matters into their own hands and there was violence between them and the Muslim perpetrators of this crime.

And, I soon learned that the reason why the authorities had failed to lift a finger to protect these girls was because their abusers were almost all Muslims and the authorities were terrified of being accused of "racism" and "Islamophobia"...

But, until I read Peter McLoughlin's book "Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal", I had no idea just how deep the rabbit hole went!

In this excellent and meticulously documented book, Peter McLoughlin first demonstrates the breadth and depth of the problem -- and the dimensions are staggering. He even quotes a retired police officer who remembers these grooming gangs from as far back as 1978. (...)

Nobody in position of authority dared speak out and Muslim organizations labelled the numerous complaints brought forward as "racist propaganda."

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commented 2016-04-17 23:21:52 -0400
It is a real shame that Canada has now become a Nation that Prides itself in being Submissive. Actually, this must be a Liberal or NDP attitude. I don’t think that we should submit to ANYBODY.
commented 2016-04-17 20:42:31 -0400
Canada is well on its way to becoming another Rotherham. You know that story about kids being bullied in Halifax? Here’s another one for you, this time in Fredericton. Fredericton High has male Syrian students enrolled as 18 year olds. Trouble is, they’re in their twenties. Did they lie about their ages to get access to young schoolgirls? Either way, nobody checked. As soon as they arrived they began trying to groom and proposition the 18 year old girls, bragging “I’m 22!” The older girls weren’t receptive, so they moved on to the youngest ones, 12 or 13. They are having more success with the less knowledgeable girls. Now you’d think someone from the school board would have sat the girls down and explained to them about grooming, but of course not – SOMEONE might have been offended!!

Anyway, parents and the person who told me about this (she works at the school) are afraid to speak up, especially after what happened in Halifax with media and school board throwing parents and victims under the bus. My friend is a single mother who can’t afford to lose her job. I told her about the anonymous tips email address at the Rebel, and asked her to pass it on to affected students and parents. We will see… I hope The Rebel gets plenty of tips, because I’m positive this nonsense is going on at every school infested by these Syrian trash.
commented 2016-04-16 23:32:22 -0400
Britain is so finished as a culture and as a country with a history that goes back thousands of years. With the police working with the politicians to cover up these crimes, this is no different then living in a 3rd world country where the people are considered to be a “problem” when they don’t go along with the official party line. The average Brit is now being hunted by the police forces anytime they open their mouths and question or complain. I wouldn’t be surprised if concentration camps are next. The only way this can be stopped now is a full revolution in the streets with many politicians and police officials being rounded up and punished just like they did in Romania.
commented 2016-04-16 02:37:34 -0400
What might wake Trudope up would be if one of his daughters was attacked by one of these f#%*ng pigs.
commented 2016-04-15 20:22:12 -0400
That this is happening to the degree it is in Europe and Great Britain, relative to the percentage of Muslims there, then logic would dictate that it is happening here in Canada also, as well as every other Western nation, relative to the percentage of the Muslim population – and the resources being used to cover it up there, must also be relative to the resources being spent here to cover it up…
Forget all the rhetoric and BS from the usual suspects, logic and common sense dictate that.
I have noticed a spate of knife attacks in the MSM the last year or so, not your usual gang/citizen stuff, more like what Israelis are enduring. The MSM/police won’t tell you if it’s a protected species or not (Muslim, Black), just like with THEKNOCKOUTGAME in the States. So it could very well be and very likely is happening here – especially given all the players…
Get a globe, start in the Mediterranean Sea and see the proximity of Europe…Toast!
Who’s next? Australia/New Zealand. South Africa. Canada and America way off between the Oceans – and Justin’s flyin’ them over by the plane load.
The West is f**ked…
commented 2016-04-15 14:42:54 -0400
Ezra mentioned Muslim grooming gangs in one of his shows earlier this week. One or two papers covered the story but then suddenly abandoned it.

Muslim youths were raping girls in the GTA. It would seem that a cover up is in effect, instigated by Trudeau. He couldn’t stand the thought of young girls being raped and groomed by his Muslim brothers.

Trueau is just as guilty as his Muslim brothers, for these rapes. He needs something to wake him up, like a red hot fire iron shoved up his Jacksy.
commented 2016-04-15 13:19:21 -0400
Robert Raymond,

You read my mind brother. I’ve had that thought in the back of my mind for years. 1 little laser guided missile and that stupid monument they all circle like hippies on an acid trip … gone. That would at least set off the beginning of the end and we could finally get down to the business of cleaning up this mess.
commented 2016-04-15 12:48:46 -0400
It seems pretty evident that no matter what the west does, it will be preyed upon by the Islamists.
Someone suggested bombing the hell out of Mecca. Sounds like a good tactic and it may well disorient the Islamists to the point where they understand that the west will simply roll over and not push back.
commented 2016-04-15 11:12:23 -0400
The future of Halifax if this train is not derailed RIGHT NOW.
commented 2016-04-15 10:58:16 -0400
Because the media party won’t cover it and we know the police would cover it up and we know the political class would cover it up; it is left to THE REBELS to cover it.
If it is happening in Britain it must be happening in Canada WHY HAVE WE NOT HEARD OF IT because of government cover up.
I would like to see the rebels and the REBEL MEDIA start an investigation into it here in Canada
If it’s happening in Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Greece and everywhere these Muslim throwback live IT MUST BE HAPPENING HERE IN CANADA let’s find out.