January 15, 2016

Muslim rape slavery comes to Canada

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

A 33-year-old Muslim migrant to Canada, Walid Mustafa Chalhoub, has been convicted of 24 charges of sexual assault and extortion against ten teenaged girls in Montreal.

He pled guilty yesterday, part-way through his trial.

Chalhoub would find teenaged white girls, get them drunk and high, have sex with them and film it. Then he'd threaten to expose them, unless they paid him money, or had more sex with him.

One 16-year-old victim testified: "He said he could set my house on fire, to think of my family, that he was part of the Mafia.”

Chalhoub raped more women than Paul Bernardo did. Convicted, 11 year sentence. But of course, under our laws, he’ll be out on day parole in less than two years.

This is Rotherham style rape slavery, and it's now in Canada.

Did you hear about it in the news? On the CBC’s National? On CTV? The Globe and Mail, the National Post, the Toronto Star?

This is the most shocking crime I have read about in Canada in a year. And yet there’s a media blackout about it.

And 50,000 more Syrian migrants are being fast-tracked into Canada, without a single question about their views of women, or infidels, or violence or sharia law.


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commented 2017-06-15 11:10:50 -0400
Good man, Ezra. It always takes a Jew to remind us about these things. When the rest of the world has gone insane and all black. The Jewish voice is still alive and well bringing light back to the great unwashed among us. Keep up the good work Mr. Levant. You have gotten in trouble for your big mouth at times, but you are certainly no Bill Maher. And Canada needs a voice of sanity in a time of Liberal excess and madness.
commented 2016-09-06 23:52:04 -0400
Monique, wake up! You need to educate yourself by watching Brigitte Gabriel videos. Go and visit any of those 57 moslem countries and I bet, you will never
come back alive! It has been established that the media do not tell the truth, they
hide most of the facts.
commented 2016-07-28 13:05:09 -0400
It is islamophobic to charge a muslim with rape. Shame on you racists for not tolerantly celebrating rapes and beheadings and honor murders and cliterodectomies bombings from superior not white cultures. You are just not evolved enough to understand. Or something.
commented 2016-07-26 14:28:07 -0400
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commented 2016-07-26 14:28:05 -0400
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commented 2016-07-26 14:18:30 -0400
This is such a piece of garbage journalism and given the author, I am not surprised!! He goes on about Syrians refugees and this man was for the Ivory coast and has been here since 2007. This POS pig should be locked up for a very long but the fact that Levant is trying to once again, mix up facts in order to instill more hate and division is unforgiving and has to stop!! We, as Canadians, are not that stupid!! We know when someone is spewing hate and division and this is a perfect example of it!! Yes, this disgusting human being is a vile pig and yes, he happens to be muslim but POS come in all size, shapes and colours!!
commented 2016-04-11 15:48:26 -0400
I’m confused, I think you’re saying that what is happening to women by muslims is wrong and horrible. But I just watched a video of your friend Gavin Mcinnes. It was pretty violent all in all. The venom spewing from him and his thoughts on women was a little scary to say the least. Where I’m confused is that the muslims and Gavin seem to feel the same way about women, and dare I say, and so probably does Rebel Media since it is condoned there. I thought the threat of islam was off-putting, but to know you feel the same hatred they do is downright frightening. So, is Rebel Media an instrument to protect men from muslims, and perhaps even your children, (male children) only to have women seek solidarity at your door only to have your boot push me off the stoop because I’m female makes you no better than the muslims you want eradicated. Perhaps you feel your territory is encroached on by muslims, when they’re stealing your action.
commented 2016-04-11 13:34:02 -0400
Be SMART and do your part by helping exterminating this scum that JUSTIN is bringing in by the tens of thousands , You have to Protect yourself your family & friends from this filthy scum because NO ONE ELSE WILL …..
commented 2016-01-18 00:29:00 -0500
edward Jobin… you’re another funny little monkey…
:-) :-)
commented 2016-01-17 23:19:31 -0500
Greg Ficek: If the rapes go unreported how do yo know they happened?
commented 2016-01-17 13:44:54 -0500
Some of the Muslim apologist commentators are so naive. Sexual assault is an epidemic in the Middle East and South Asia. It may or may not be related to the inherent misogyny within Islam, but it is definitely ingrained in Middle Eastern and South Asian culture. Do a little research:
commented 2016-01-17 13:07:32 -0500
I think Ezra is wrong… I’ll just use places like Chicago for example, the ghetto is predominantly black predominately poor and predominately uneducated unskilled and unemployed…
And many women there suffer multiple sexual assaults a year that go unreported… there is also statistically speaking more black on black crime and black on white crime then there is white on white or white on black crime. And that includes sexual assaults so I guess it just depends which statistic book you’re reading from.
commented 2016-01-17 12:35:43 -0500
Tony Lewis: In the grander scheme of what has happened in Europe ( the downplaying and deny of problems of no go zones and mass sexual assaults) I think Ezra has a point? Your point that most sex crimes in North America are committed by white males is moot. Why wouldn’t they be seeing we have the larger population No doubt in Middle eastern countries the sex assaults are mostly committed by men of middle eastern descent. I fail to see your point. You also seem to think this story was covered in Quebec because it’s origins are from Quebec and thereby only relevant in Quebec however that is simply a fallacy. Sure I grant they may have more relevance there but I hear stories coming from other provinces appearing regularly on CTV news Ottawa. I don’t think race is an issue but no one seemed to have any problems identifying Catholic priests who committed sexual assaults against children but for some reason the media wants to avoid the M word. I might not feel the urgency to know of every Pee-Wee Herman styled perversion happening but I would think the public would be interested in knowing the identity of anyone who committed sex assaults on anyone regardless of their race or religion. Eventually most of these people are going to be unleashed on the public again and I think we all have the right to know who they are whether we ever cross paths with them or not.
commented 2016-01-17 12:17:10 -0500
GREG FICEK commented 5 mins ago
Marc Lepine gave our authorities the excuse they wanted / needed to engage in gun control after massacring many women at their workplace in Quebec.

Marc Lepine was born Gamil Gharbi to an Algerian father and a French-Canadian mother.
It is a very interesting story of Gamil’s upbringing. His father was Muslim but apparently not practicing. He was a violent unstable man… he was jealous and possessive, he beat his wife regularly and constantly belittled her in front of the children. Even though his father was a nonpracticing Islamic Muslim the philosophies that are taught in the Koran were very apparent and influential beyond our understanding as a western civilization.. His father hated women and beat her when she didn’t behave (which could’ve been anything from leaving a light switch on or not doing exactly as she’s told at any minute in time) and taught his son to hate women. The Islamic religion is far more than a religion… It is a generationally ingrained philosophy of how to act, think and feel. Even though his father was a non-practicing Muslim it’s like saying that most of us are Christian but we don’t go to church. But our Christian values still hold true as do the Muslim values even though they don’t go to mosque. Muslim men are taught to hate anything that is not of Islam to conquer and destroy it. I think that the Western leaders still don’t understand (or maybe they do and this is what they want ) that these people do not share any of our Christian values and as they bring them into the country in massive relocation policies that the hatred for us by these people will only grow as their segment of the population does until it is beyond the control of our authorities. We now are in the fight of our lives for our lives and our way of life.
Good luck to all and God bless
commented 2016-01-17 08:25:55 -0500
At least none of these girls had a gun.
commented 2016-01-16 22:41:41 -0500
Wilder aghast was an editing error on my part… It should have read “while a guest” in our country
commented 2016-01-16 22:33:29 -0500
Yeah Matthew… We can see the shape that this country is in from your reasonable , passive and left-wing university educated pseudo-elites…
The only thing that I find more irritating than somebody that speaks the spin is somebody that actually thinks they understand it and supports it. I believe no… I know I speak for more people than just myself that don’t care where anybody’s from and Wilder aghast in our country and they perpetrate crimes like (multiple rape of minors) this who gives a shit where they’re from or who they bow to…. You have been so desensitized by your addiction to mainstream media and the entertainment media you could probably justify that act and blame it on the victim even if it was your sister….
You were not worth debating..
Matthew K your politics are sickening and will bear ugly fruit on the tree you have planted.
commented 2016-01-16 22:09:00 -0500
Right on Tony. Glad to hear another reasonable and educated voice that can see through the crap in this article.
commented 2016-01-16 21:56:58 -0500
Wrong again Tony…!!!!!! Most sexual offenses are committed by blacks in North America and violent sexual crimes against white and black women go look at the stats before you start making outrageous comments like that…
I am submitting that little blurb as a finished summary and I don’t feel like going through all the work to dig up the information for you.
commented 2016-01-16 20:39:00 -0500
If he is Muslim has nothing to do with his crimes. Most sex crimes in North America are committed by white males. It is white males who are are convicted of sex extortion and ‘revenge’ sex videos by and large.
commented 2016-01-16 20:30:54 -0500
There was no media blackout. This news was local to Montreal. It may not be front page news in western Canada, just as similar news from BC will not be front-page in Quebec. Just because it may have not been reported to your satisfaction is not proof that perceived under-reporting is a cover-up or manipulation. There are no charges of rape in this trial. The charges are sexual assault, pimping, extortion and kidnapping. These are very serious and I do not discount the suffering of the victims. I am glad he was brought to justice. Yet, comparing his crimes to Paul Bernardo is disingenuous on your part and sensationalistic to drive readers to your blog. Also, the suggestion is left in the readers’ minds that he was a Middle Eastern refugee by mentioning the Syrian crisis. Again, baiting and disingenuous. This guy has been in Canada since 2007 and was from Ivory Coast in west Africa. This guy never murdered and butchered his victims. Paul Bernardo did.


commented 2016-01-16 20:07:06 -0500
Michael…. You’re such a funny little monkey… I don’t care if you lick windows or fart in the bathtub and bite at the bubbles… Some people say that retards can’t read or write but look at you go little buddy.!!! You go girl… And you hang in there cupcake because I know deep down there’s just a shred of right wing in you. and you don’t really like foreigners raping our women while they are guests in our country no matter where they’re from.
Now Michael be a good little monkey and go play someplace else and if you can play someplace far enough away take some of the rapists with you.