December 02, 2016

Muslims in Indonesia march against Christian Governor for alleged BLASPHEMY

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Indonesia (one of the very few places Islam apologists claim prove that Islam can coexist with other civilizations) has been experiencing massive protests against a Christian governor alleged to have challenged the Koranic notion that a non-Muslim is forbidden to rule over Muslims.

The argument goes like this:

Ahok, the Christian governor, was seen in a video arguing against his opponent's position in an election, that the Koran specifies that no Muslims may have a non-Muslim leader (which the Koran does in fact say.)

This of course, would be arguing against the Koran, which is an blasphemy.

Ruptly estimates the crowd at over 200,000 people. It also offers this statement from a protest leader:

SOT, Abu Tiar (Bahasa): "This action is to show the world that Muslims love peace. But we also do not want to let a blasphemer off without getting a proper punishment."

This Reuters article explains that the PM of Indonesia believes this mass-march is part of a plot to overthrow the government by what appear to be Islamic religious forces. 

Lastly, here is a link to an Islamic State video on Indonesia. It appears to be in the local language with subtitles in Arabic.

THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE and shows the HALAL SLAUGHTER of what appear to be Buddhist monks.

The video is peppered with the usual terms of contempt for the unbeliever. 





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commented 2016-12-04 14:46:22 -0500
These people smell blood; they love that smell.
commented 2016-12-04 07:23:26 -0500
Here is hoping that Trump will stop this idiocy of giving money to Countries that hate US. Personally— I would dismantle Every government department that has anything to do with taking money from Me and handing it out to YOU.
commented 2016-12-04 03:09:44 -0500
From Baby Doc Trudeau’s official PM web page of a year ago:

“The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced $14.25 million in funding to strengthen infrastructure development in Indonesia, in order to promote sustainable economic growth and reduce poverty in the country.”

When the money was given, a few days later a Christian women was publicly flogged. Now a year later, they are after the governor because he is Christian. Ah yes, isn’t it great that Baby Doc just passed an anti-Islamophobia law, essentially quenching any and all criticism of the practices, laws, and behaviour of Muslims.

So this is the kind of open and free society that our dear Fearless Leader, Baby Doc, has decided to give $14,250,000 of the money he borrowed in the name of all Canadians (and what we will have to pay back with interest) to the Sharia run Indonesia. Yes, to a land that just being a Christian can cause demonstrations, arrest, charges, and the possibility of jail time (or worse).

What a good little idiot we have as PM. Still a silly child, still thinking he is at his father’s knee. How about infrastructure help for Ukraine or other nations that seriously need assistance? Just wait and see how much he will be giving the dictatorship of Cuba.

How about infrastructure help for Canada before other countries? After all, its our borrowed money. Fort Mac could use $14.25 million, as can our health care system.

Oh wait. What was I thinking! How can Baby Doc make himself look good to other nations unless he gives away the money which we don’t really have to give away.

One year and we are over $30 billion in the hole; when he started we had a $7.5 billion surplus.
commented 2016-12-03 00:34:04 -0500
“This action is to show the world that Muslims love peace. But we also do not want to let a blasphemer off without getting a proper punishment.” Jay Kelly must be giving non-sequitur lessons.
commented 2016-12-03 00:32:55 -0500
Looks like a lineup for the Muslim Games: “On Mour Marks. Get Set, RIOT!”
commented 2016-12-02 20:51:35 -0500
To be fair progressives think this is tolerance of another viewpoint.
commented 2016-12-02 17:21:54 -0500
raj , they are all brain washed ,, brain dead idiotic retarded lemmings and if they had a choice would not be there groveling on their knees for a murderous pedophile , what an ugly site .
commented 2016-12-02 16:49:46 -0500
Are those all men praying,out in the open ?
commented 2016-12-02 16:40:22 -0500
Just shows how what once were “moderate” regimes such as Morocco and Indonesia can begin turning to failed states.
commented 2016-12-02 16:33:40 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,348 Attacks, 207,033 Killed, 289,864 Injured that we know of.
commented 2016-12-02 15:57:52 -0500
The first Video is blocked from this web site (The Rebel) by AFP, but it can be viewed on You Tube.

Muslims, Go Home!