April 05, 2016

“The Trudeau Effect”: Why did Liberals run so many Muslim candidates in SK election? (PS: They all lost.)

Rebel Staff

I’ve got a lot to say about the amazing Saskatchewan election, but I want to focus on one telling detail right now.

Wall’s party won a rare third majority government in a row, with a whopping 63% of the vote.

The NDP got thumped — just 30%, their lowest result ever.

But look at the Liberals.

Not six months after Justin Trudeau’s majority win, and amidst all the Media Party love affair for the Liberals, they only got 3.6% in the province.

Here's a list of some Liberal candidates, every one of whom lost:

Nadeem Islam. Gulraiz Tariq. Ana Ashraf. Shah Rukh. Ezaz Jaseem. Naveed Anwar. And so on.

In the last census, 0.1% of Saskatchewanians are Muslim.

But they’re more than ten percent of the Liberal candidates — that’s 100 times more than expected if it were random.

So what were they thinking? I’ll tell you my take…

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