June 08, 2017

Muslims migrants are failing to integrate - Statistics prove

Rebel Staff

The leftist narrative that all immigrants are able to integrate into Western nations is flat out wrong, and I've got some statistics that prove a disturbing amount of Muslims migrants are failing to adopt our values. 

Statistics from Europe and North America show many Muslim immigrants support the imposition of Sharia law, blasphemy laws, and believe violence against non-Muslims to be justified. 

WATCH my video to see the hard and disturbing facts that point to troubling trends within Western Islamic communities. 

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commented 2017-06-11 14:03:56 -0400
commented 2017-06-11 04:02:43 -0400
It turns out that immigratns almost never want to learn to change their ways. They prefer to keep their language, customs and like minded people for a support circle. And then they look down on everybody that is not like them.
commented 2017-06-09 09:34:50 -0400
If the Bible read like the Quran it would be deemed hate literature and the Liberals would be all over it .
Don’t worry after a few attacks and killing in Canada it will be the norm . Not that the bull crap CBC would report it . Lots of people never heard about the lady playing through at Canadian tire .
Trump is right on the money yet many Canadians are still bashing him .
And what the hell is it with immigration giving points if you speak French or have family here at the same time no points if you speak English . Talk about discrimination . Wake up snowflakes before it’s to late .
commented 2017-06-09 08:12:51 -0400
If you study the history and ideology of Islam you realize that their inability to integrate is completely natural. They simply follow the Quran and their imams. Islam is an ideology that has a declared objective of ruling the entire World. They want a Sharia based World. Yes, there are moderate Muslims. Unfortunately our liberal governments shun them and cater to radical Islam instead. This is wrong.
commented 2017-06-08 19:32:04 -0400
Absolutely right, Islam will be ushered into Canada via sharia law by a tipped demographic. So far in Canada the bleeding heart liberal globalists have facilitated appointments in our foundational institutions, but very soon the demographic will be sufficiently tipped to insure a largely Islamic municipal, provincial and federal infiltration. A police force,educational institutions, judicial and regulatory system we won’t even be able to recognise. Not tomorrow, but coming sooner than you think. Then there will be no fighting against it then. Islam’s supremacy demands it. All they need is a little more demographic and Bob’s your uncle!

If we don’t care about our own sovereignty Islam will take it from us. ‘He who cares less wins’, does not apply here Canada. If Islam is more interested in Canada than its own citizens, they will take it from us.. There actually is no ‘sharing’ with infidels in Islam. We may think we can share our bounty with Islam but they think that means we don’t care. They have no concept. They think we are weak and stupid. Guess what if we allow this to move forward that is exactly what we will be, weak and stupid.
commented 2017-06-08 19:29:00 -0400
I would like to know if ANY are integrating and embracing Canadian values. The Koran tells them NOT to. I would offer that the only ones who do assimilate are EX Muslims, apostates, who should be shunned or even killed as far as their fellow Muslims are concerned.
commented 2017-06-08 19:22:57 -0400
In order to maintain democracy, every once in a while, we’ll have declare a state of civil war, kill a whole mess of ppl, and start all over again – according to US Founding Fathers. I think they’re right!
commented 2017-06-08 19:09:27 -0400
Elton Braun, I am saddened this is the state of our world.
commented 2017-06-08 18:23:50 -0400
Because of its leftist bias, our lying media and ineffective laws, I’m pretty sure that Canada will be a hellhole of islamists quite fast if Canadians do not change course. We already have mosques recruiting centers for AlQaeda and ISIS at many know locations, and the gov’t does nothing.
commented 2017-06-08 17:38:54 -0400
Tammie-our new opposite world.
commented 2017-06-08 17:30:54 -0400
The hate speech spoken every Friday at many mosques, and, during meetings at cultural centers is ignored. These Imams and invited guests are not subject to Canadian Law – why is that!?
Jay Fayza, Islamic hate speech is protected in Canada, so is hate literature! The politicians who pander to this group of voters are sell- outs to this ideology and are without a conscience!
commented 2017-06-08 16:52:54 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,480 Attacks, 215,941 Killed, 297,212 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-06-08 16:18:44 -0400
The fact that supremacist, extremist Muslims already control our government, none of this comes as any surprise.