May 26, 2017

MUST SEE: Ami Horowitz annihilates the myth of 'white privilege'

StaffRebel Columnist

In a new video, Ami Horowitz went to a “White Privilege Conference” in Kansas City and interviewed a bunch of hypocritical self-hating white people.

Numerous leftists at the conference believe every white person has “white privilege”, believe the country was founded on white supremacy and even believe all white people are racist. However, they then went on to agree that it's “wrong to judge people collectively.”

When asked what examples of “white privilege” they came across, most of the people interviewed couldn't give a real answer.

Horowitz then headed over to the Jackie Robinson Housing Projects in Harlem to ask black people what they thought about “white privilege” and their responses are priceless!

“I know it sounds cliche, but I can accomplish anything,” one girl said.

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commented 2017-05-26 19:54:17 -0400
All those non white people who did not agree with the left wing stupidity must be WHITE SUPREMACISTS and self loathing racists.
commented 2017-05-26 19:51:45 -0400
“Is it wrong to judge people collectively?” “YEAH!”
Holy Sh*t there is a lot of stupid in these people.
Still waiting for my privilege check to arrive in the mail, it always seems to get lost.
I sure hope the whites in South Africa are enjoying their current privilege.
commented 2017-05-26 19:48:00 -0400
Liberals love to exclaim their guilt , but they want others to pay for it.
commented 2017-05-26 19:04:27 -0400
I think regressives should stop with the cultural appropriation.
commented 2017-05-26 18:49:22 -0400
Lefties essentially love minorities to death.
commented 2017-05-26 16:12:21 -0400
I loved the comment “I’m not good at thinking” Duh obviously.
commented 2017-05-26 15:50:13 -0400
Avi interviewed a number of people who disagree with the concept, and, the one gentleman nailed it when he said white privilege is a myth.

The leftists couldn’t see their own judgmental attitudes at all, brains are slow to engage!
commented 2017-05-26 15:33:27 -0400
White leftists want to attract attention to them by showing fake guilt. Hypocrite self victimhood in disguise.
commented 2017-05-26 15:04:26 -0400
This reminds me of hearing a friend trash-talk African countries in general as screwed up. I tried to point out that a few of them aren’t really that bad and are progressing nicely. She continued trash-talking them as places where she’d never want to live.

She’s black.

commented 2017-05-26 13:31:15 -0400
Simple principle…if you are not a member of an identifyable group you do not have standing to advocate the grievances of that group. Let them speek for themselves and let reality speak for itself…..with that…it is time for self loathing white liberals to STFU.
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