February 09, 2017

MUST SEE: Black Republican reads out all the hate mail he gets - “I left out all the ones that use the n-word”

StaffRebel Columnist

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, a Republican, read hate mail he received for supporting President Trump’s attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions.

Scott read the twitter comments on the senate floor and it's absolutely eye-opening. Democrats always claim that Republicans are racist, yet the mail this man receives will set the record straight.

“If you sign up to be a black conservative, the chances are very high you will be attacked,” Scott said. “It comes with the territory, and I’ve had it for 20 years, two decades, but my friends and my staff, they’re not used to the level of animus that comes in from the liberal left that suggests that I somehow are not helpful to the cause of liberal America and therefore I am not helpful to black America.”

After he finishes reading the racist comments, he adds, “I left out all the ones that used the n-word.”

SOUND OFF in the comments: is it time Democrats stopped pretending that Republicans are the racist ones?

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commented 2017-02-09 16:37:27 -0500
Tim Scott is correct that the tolerance of the left only applies to those that agree with them, which of course, defies the definition of tolerance.
commented 2017-02-09 14:30:16 -0500
That is just terrible. Very sad to see such a nice man beat up over social media. Disgraceful!
commented 2017-02-09 14:02:10 -0500
The first Marxist professor appeared in the late 1950s , and has been cloned many times , I believe his name was HANNIBAL LECTURER
commented 2017-02-09 13:54:39 -0500
The leftards are the result of unopposed school teachers and university professors , of the prevelent Marxist type that have produced suicide cannibals that are programmed to destroy the Anglo America west
Do your best to prepare
commented 2017-02-09 12:08:32 -0500
More reality inversion from the leftoids. What they claim is the opposite of reality. Makes finding the truth easy. Just reverse whatever they say and you’ve got it.
commented 2017-02-09 12:05:50 -0500
Considering the left are mostly inbred morons it should be no surprise he is being attacked. Just look at Senator Horseface Waters and Senator Dried-up Raisonface Pelosi about the intelligence of the left. Man are they stupid.
commented 2017-02-09 11:48:23 -0500
The left is hardest on visible minorities and women who speak out against them. They are regarded as traitors to their identity group and singled out for virulent abuse.
commented 2017-02-09 11:32:13 -0500
The tolerant left doling out their love.