February 08, 2017

MUST SEE DEBATE: Ted Cruz vs Bernie Sanders

StaffRebel Columnist

The two runners up for the Republican and Democrat Presidential nominations squared off last night in an epic debate on CNN.

In this absolute slobber knocker, Cruz and Sanders debate the future of Obamacare. If you're a fan of either of these two politicians, this is absolutely worth watching.

Check it out and SOUND OFF in the comments: who do you think won?

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commented 2017-02-08 13:40:30 -0500
Anyone who thinks Canadas health care system – which is unstainable – is a model to replicate is living in a fantasy world. Its a financially corrupt and inept system which itself is now on life support. Your tax dollars continue to be pissed away with administrative overhead that is unnecessary, overpaid doctors and the likes of Quebecers going into Ontario for health care. It just sucks.
commented 2017-02-08 10:38:07 -0500
A Manitoban just got stuck with a $118,000 hospital bill in the US after suffering a heart attack which Manitoba health isn’t covering. Residents in the SE part of Manitoba go to the US for primary emergency treatment since it is far closer to go to Minnesota than to Winnipeg. Once stabilizes they are then are sent back to Manitoba for continuing care.
This man did that and was waiting for a medivac flight to take him to Winnipeg. The plane didn’t arrive so the doctors in the small hospital in Roseau, MN sent him to a large hospital in North Dakota that was better set up to deal with his problems. Now he’s stuck with the bill unless the Manitoba gov’t decides to cover it.

The docs in MN thought he would die if he didn’t get prompt care in ND. So the much vaunted Canadian health system has many problems that should reduce the level of smugness so many in Canada have.
commented 2017-02-08 09:48:15 -0500
Bernie needs to come to Ontario to understand why the State meddling in health care is a terrible idea. Long wait times, insufficient medical staff, refusals for certain treatments … Need a model where every person gets the same fixed amount to be used however he or she wants – preventative things like gym memberships, regular insurance through private companies, alternative practicioners, or just bank it for that potential terrible illness. People would become responsible for looking after themselves, taking better care of themselves.