August 19, 2016

MUST SEE: Facebook deletes anti-Democrat page over THIS meme about how liberals treat Muslims, Christians

StaffRebel Columnist

Popular Facebook page Occupy Democrats Logic was removed from Facebook and its admin's account was suspended for posting an image about how liberals react to Muslims and Christians opposing homosexuality.

The meme in question suggests that when Christians say “homosexuality is wrong” they're labeled as “hateful bigots” while when Muslims do the same, they're considered “awesome” by liberals.

Facebook removed the image for being “in violation” of its community standards.  A few days later, the page was removed completely.

MORE: More Facebook censorship is coming as Mark Zuckerberg advocates for global government and open borders

The page often exposed the left-wing nonsense of the pro-Democrat page “Occupy Democrats”.

Greg, the admin, contacted the Libertarian Republic when his page got shut down to expose Facebook's left-wing slant.

We at The Rebel have been exposing Facebook and its admins for some time now, and will continue to do so as the social media giant censors anyone who doesn't agree with its leftist politics.

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commented 2016-08-21 16:52:32 -0400
I guess social websites thinks they are God…a very dangerous assumption…Don’t think God likes others impersonating Him…He just might fix that attitude problem…and welcome…

Open borders are an invitation for a world dictator…what will the little people do when there is nowhere to go to get away from a rogue ‘world’ nation run by a ruthless power hungry leader? Fortunately no two people can get along for long, so I don’t think we have to worry about a one world dictatorship lasting for more than a year or so…perhaps God made man so crazy to keep them from actually unifying into a single world power.
commented 2016-08-20 17:08:26 -0400
From my FB page:

Joan Ruth Abernethy
Dan, your logic is clearly lost on Mackenzie Blyth. Someone flagged you and maybe threatened to sue the rebel. You could maybe find out who it was with a request for disclosure under Freedom of Information law that will black out the name but give you the context. Or you could threaten to sue the rebel. Send them a lawyer’s letter protesting discrimination. I see nothing different in offense between what you said and the rebel headline about the left eating their own …

I am disappointed to hear the rebel is targeting you on behalf of some or one of their readers. Maybe it is someone who donates a lot to the rebel in exchange for some editorial control. A dyke perchance?

Or it may be that your clever rhetoric is just too sophisticated for rebel fans.
Like · Reply · 1 hr

Dan Mancuso
I’d settle for a clear explanation…I still like and appreciate THEREBEL – warts and all. It finally hit me, the next words I write could see me banned from THEREBEL – three strikes and I’m out…and I have no idea what could trigger that. WTF!
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commented 2016-08-20 09:05:25 -0400
My question here is: Why do people still use Facebook while complaining about it? I boycotted Tim Horton’s over removing Enbridge ads. Zuckerberg supports much more dangerous ideologies than Tims, to say the least (ie. Communism, Open borders [because thats working so marvelously in Europe] and globalization). Why doesn’t the rebel call for a boycott of Facebook (and twitter while we’re at it)? They are far worse. I can say that as someone who does not have an account on either. I just think its a little hypocritical to slam facebook over their political stances (again, which are worse than Timmies, for example) while keeping an account on it. I’m not judging anyone, of course, thats just my opinion and what I’m doing about it.
commented 2016-08-20 08:24:04 -0400
As for the FB page – I think it is awesome and True. Probably flagged by a million Ontario residents – the typical low info, spoiled, arrogant, entitled and smug Canadian.

As for the Zuck – the sooner his private jet crashes with him on board, the better.
commented 2016-08-20 08:23:37 -0400
Dan – interesting – I have said far worse – think there is a “flag herd and cull” issue here? You were deliberately targets by someone or some group in my opinion. I am not so certain there was even a person in the loop at that stage.

If this Mackenzie is indeed a real person she needs to get her own intelligence level up a notch or two from what I read.
commented 2016-08-20 03:14:39 -0400
So is the following:


“ Sponsors via
10:29 AM (12 hours ago)
to me
Dan —
You have violated a rule. You have lost and will be banned from participation after 3 rule violations. We hope that you will take the time to review the rules page so that you can avoid further infractions, as we would like for you to remain a member of our community. Thank you for your understanding."
OK fine… but you need to explain to me exactly what I did to cause this second warning!
“Mackenzie Blyth
10:29 AM (12 hours ago)
to me
Hello Dan,
A comment you made on our website was flagged, specifically:
More claims of ‘racism’ from the left, Ellen Degenerate? Who cares…
How about offensiveness?
I am deeply offended that a stupid, ugly, liberal dyke gets her/his/it’s own TV show ONLY because they’re a stupid, ugly, liberal dyke!
Of course I haven’t watched TV for a couple of decades now…I prefer my intellect intact and unsullied by moronic filth.
We hope that you will remain an active member of our community and that in the future you refrain from using derogatory language.
Was it my derogatory use of the word stupid, or ugly, or liberal, or dyke, – or what?…“A comment you made on our website was flagged”

An explanation is in order…" …posted originally on:

FaceBook or THEREBEL? Discerning minds want to know…
commented 2016-08-20 01:42:43 -0400
From what I can see The Rebels are the only ones doing real reporting. Go to the likes of the CBC and all you get is them manipulating the news, censoring the news and outright lying. If you want the truth you have to come here. And when you get a lot of people complaining about something, that should be reason enough to prevent freedom of speech. I would hope not, remember there is probably many millions more that want to make it illegal to say anything about the ills of Islam. And when you get a lot of stupid people together, they do things, like elect shiny ponies to the office of Prime Minister. There is a lot of things I find offensive that are said or acted out by people, but as long as they hurt no one and do not violate our common sense laws, then they have the right under our freedoms to post their views.
commented 2016-08-19 22:56:34 -0400
When a page gets reported by 1 million people. Facebook removes it. If that many people hate it guess what…. I expect the same to happen to rebel if it doesn’t clean up its act and do proper reporting.
commented 2016-08-19 18:42:21 -0400
That’s why we closed our Face Ache account. Only those who believe in Mark Zuckerberg’s way cool authority to help Merkel get Germans jailed for speaking out should have a “membership” on this creep site.

Twitter shows these totalitarian tendencies too, but so far they’re leaving us alone.
commented 2016-08-19 17:52:22 -0400
A modified saying for our times-The first victim of progressivism is the truth.
commented 2016-08-19 17:51:02 -0400
This is what lefties call freedom. Stopped using FB a while back , tired of their BS, my fiance has been blocked for periods for cross posting adoptable pets and for calling Hillary a hypocrite. But for some reason the one time i get fed up and report a Muslim fanatic blatantly telling commenters on the old Sun News stories that their throats would be slit, that came back as not violating their community standards.
I will do nothing but laugh if FB ever gets attacked or Cuckerberg ever gets beheaded.
commented 2016-08-19 16:29:45 -0400
No one cares what happens on FB any more, it’s a spent meme – it only matters to the sub 50 IQs who are still addicted to snark and narcissism
commented 2016-08-19 16:10:46 -0400
Big Brother is here. Stop using Facebook, let them rot in hell.
commented 2016-08-19 15:32:49 -0400
Fuck Zuckerberg, if he’s half as nuts as portrayed in the movie, he shouldn’t be in charge of anything.
commented 2016-08-19 15:14:39 -0400
Facebook is an intelligence agencies wet dream come true. IF you use FB post as little about your affairs as possible. Post pictures of everything and anything and tag them as yourself. Don’t tag others in photos etc as this helps refine facial recognition software. Everything you post is scrutinized by FB and FB IS WORKING with agencies like the CIA. Even if there is a massive outcry about the censorship, etc the slimes at Google, FB etc all know that you simply cannot do without your social media and like sheep will continue to not only keep them up on your affairs but willing help them to refine their algorithms to monitor, track and find people.
commented 2016-08-19 14:09:04 -0400
Why does anyone still use this blatant form of liberal hypocrisy and propaganda!!!
commented 2016-08-19 13:49:27 -0400
So Zuckerberg advocates for open borders does he, must be a buddy of Soros then and apparently he has donated 13,000,000 to Clinton’s campaign.
commented 2016-08-19 12:19:20 -0400
Leftard logic, never ceases to boggle the mind. Of course the words logic and liberal can never be used properly in the same sentence.
Oh the warped mind of the leftist regressive fucktards.
commented 2016-08-19 11:54:23 -0400
I wonder what Facebook’s reaction will be if people start posting about Hillary’s strange and obtuse behaviour of late, how she can’t walk, becomes confused when more than two people speak with her, her curious facial expressions that go on for an uncomfortable length of time, bring up the long list of dead people who were about to give evidence about her wrong doings, Bill and his black eye (supposedly more than once), her tantrum and violent fits, her caught-on-film lies, the Clinton Foundation investigation (state and federal), her constant flip-flops to suit the audience, et cetera. What will the Zuckster and his minions do?