September 13, 2016

MUST SEE: Hilarious Donald Trump action figure commercial

StaffRebel Columnist

Prepare to laugh out loud.

A fake toy commercial about a Donald Trump action figure follows all the tropes of standard toy commercials in hilarious fashion.

The Trump figure, equipped with “normal-sized hands” does battle with a Hillary Clinton doll before claiming “you're fired” and setting it ablaze.

Then, he takes on “the evil Robobama”. You just can't make this stuff up. Enjoy.

SOUND OFF: Would you buy a Donald Trump action figure?

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commented 2016-09-13 20:07:54 -0400
That was indeed funny!
commented 2016-09-13 17:37:58 -0400
I’ll have a dozen please!
commented 2016-09-13 14:27:13 -0400
America! Fuck yeah!
commented 2016-09-13 12:32:47 -0400
Paid for by Mexico lmao.
commented 2016-09-13 11:43:47 -0400
Some millennials and sundry snowflakes need hand puppets to explain the facts of life in a declining America.