May 02, 2017

MUST SEE: Students hate Obama's policies when told they're Trump's

StaffRebel Columnist

In a new viral video by Campus Reform, students at George Mason University start trashing a list of things Obama did in his first 100 days when told they were Trump's.

For example, students were told the Trump went on an “apology tour” in the Middle East. When asked if he should stop apologizing to countries like Saudi Arabia, students said “for sure”.

Obama’s stimulus package gets referenced in another segment. “He would tax people then use that money to try and use the government to help create jobs. Is that something you view positively or negatively?” Campus Reform asks.

“That kinda would be... definitely more negative,” the student replies.

Give this a watch. And let us know in the comments what you think.

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commented 2017-05-03 02:29:59 -0400
That bright red t-shirt with the hammer/sickle motif would make a great long distance target…aim small, miss small.
commented 2017-05-02 18:46:37 -0400
So, for any Lefty’s that still troll this channel, let me ask you – what does it feel like to be part of the violent stupid half of society?!?!?!
commented 2017-05-02 17:38:27 -0400
Oh wow ! Is right kids
It’s all most like all your existence from birth to the present has more the most part been a waste
commented 2017-05-02 17:04:41 -0400
How can these snowflakes be soooo enamored by Obama when they apparently have no idea what he stands for?
commented 2017-05-02 16:57:49 -0400
“I think he is trying to fix band-aids” – What?!!!!!!

Obama reeled them in; hook line and sinker. Wow, what a bunch of lame brains!
commented 2017-05-02 15:51:39 -0400
Bet they would come up with the right answer, if asked ‘When was Stalin’s Birthday’