May 04, 2016

MUST SEE: This '300' parody featuring Donald Trump kicking Obama into the pit will make you laugh out loud

StaffRebel Columnist

Donald Trump has had many fan videos made after him as he continues his march towards the White House and this might be the best one yet.

The 300 parody featuring Trump's face superimposed over King Leonidas and George Soros as Xerxes. A

Other politicians make cameos including Ted Cruz, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and commentators such as Ben Shapiro.

There's even one shot of Chris Christie that will you spit out whatever you're drinking.

Give this a watch and enjoy!

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commented 2016-05-04 21:16:33 -0400
That was very well done! I loved seeing Obama get the pit.
commented 2016-05-04 13:30:47 -0400
That pretty well confirms that all politicians are actors!
commented 2016-05-04 12:59:58 -0400

Like everything else that is marketed in Canada, it would have to be made in the same place as Canadian flags and souvenirs are made and that would be China.

To see it, it would have to be broadcast from some other country.

I’m looking forward to seeing something about Turkey’s greatest turkey, Erdogan.

commented 2016-05-04 12:52:22 -0400
@ Raymond ,great post , love it ,unfortunately turdo’s media outlets the cbc ,all the rest would never let it happen and it wouldn’t surprise me if the CRTC stepped in and censored it after turdo and his liberal sheep followers complained it was racist and bigoted
commented 2016-05-04 12:03:53 -0400
That was great . . . this will have the insane left pulling their hair out . . . lol
commented 2016-05-04 12:03:03 -0400
Someone should make one with the Boy Idiot.

Let’s see :

Trudeau,Wynne, Notley in the “Three Stooges”

Trudeau in “The Great Dictator”

Trudeau in “Born Free”, his role would be the lump of elephant shit on the African plains.

I’m positive there could be a lot more movies that could be made with JBT in a starring role.

commented 2016-05-04 11:01:20 -0400
That was hilarious … thanks to who ever did that …
commented 2016-05-04 10:41:05 -0400
Seeing Trump give Barry the boot is priceless.
commented 2016-05-04 10:24:10 -0400
I hope Trump does better than the real King Leonidis. Very slick production!