October 17, 2016

MUST SEE VIDEO: Democrats brag about being responsible for inciting violence at Trump rallies

StaffRebel Columnist

A new video by James O’Keefe reveals that Democrats have been using a tactic called “bird-dogging” to incite violence at rallies for Donald Trump.

According to Breitbart, “bird-dogging” is used: to create a sense of “anarchy” around Donald Trump that would undermine his political support. Often, the tactic uses the most vulnerable people — including the elderly and disabled — to maximize shock value.

The video and the investigation reveals that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee are involved in “bird-dogging” and other tactics through a web of consultants led by Robert Creamer.

Creamer, a convicted felon, is the co-founder of Democracy Partners, a consulting group that, according to Project Veritas “contracts directly with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC, and that works with an array of super PACs and consultants to organize, film and publicize their provocations”.

In a hidden camera video, one of Creamer’s consultants, Scott Foval, describes “bird-dogging,” among other tactics and takes credit for instigating violence at several Republican events during the 2016 election cycle.

Foval even admits that his organization is responsible for an incident in September, where an elderly woman was allegedly assaulted outside a Trump rally.

You must watch this video. Check it out.

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commented 2016-10-19 06:15:01 -0400
Published on Oct 17, 2016 on You Tube – today nearly 4.2 views and growing

Still blacked out by the media
commented 2016-10-18 13:47:09 -0400
Mainstream media – complete black out

Seems Trump might be right after all – it is rigged.
commented 2016-10-18 08:57:27 -0400
Huge story, but will not be aired. Trump needs to buy his own network if he wants to share the truth.
commented 2016-10-18 03:17:16 -0400
Astonishing the tone of political discourse in the United States.

When all is said and done it is one of the strongest forms of participatory democracy in human history.
commented 2016-10-18 02:02:43 -0400
Somehow this will still be Trumps fault. Just wait for the spin.
commented 2016-10-18 02:02:17 -0400
As if this is a shock to anyone with a brain. And i see the trolls are not showing up.
commented 2016-10-18 00:44:29 -0400
Subterfuge has always been at the heart of Lefty tactics. Like infiltrating parties.
commented 2016-10-17 21:11:53 -0400
Awesome, not one person in that piece wasn’t gay. I guess some like getting fucked in the ass. Can’t wait for pt.2
commented 2016-10-17 20:04:29 -0400
Investigative journalism at its finest. This is “60 Minutes” quality, but of course the producers at CBS won’t touch it because they’re part of Hillary’s MSM propaganda empire.
FoxNews is looking at it. Let’s hope they expose this and give it the “headline” story treatment it deserves. Big ratings boost for Fox if they do. Can’t wait to hear Hannity’s reaction to it.
commented 2016-10-17 19:46:16 -0400
Funny how the Left, in an example of Pure Projection likes to paint the Right as Facist. Yet the actions described in the Vid are an exact parallel to the tactics employed by Hitler’s SA.

“The Sturmabteilung (SA), literally Storm Detachment, functioned as the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party (NSDAP).

It played a significant role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s. Their primary purposes were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of opposing parties, fighting against the paramilitary units of the opposing parties, especially the Red Front Fighters League (Rotfrontkämpferbund) of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD), and intimidating Slavic and Romani citizens, unionists, and Jews – for instance, during the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sturmabteilung Just history repeating itself.
commented 2016-10-17 19:37:33 -0400
Again, you misname these thugs – these are not actions and values consistent with traditional democrat liberalism – these are fascists in thought and deed – the shock troops of the single party state
commented 2016-10-17 19:33:42 -0400
I wonder if these Marxist “Bird Dogger’s” try tossing the Molotov Cocktails in Concealed Carry Jurisdictions?
commented 2016-10-17 18:42:28 -0400
They are Hitlery’s henchmen!
commented 2016-10-17 18:26:26 -0400
A very fair description of the mind set inherent in Democrats. Nothing more than a bunch of Marxist retards.
commented 2016-10-17 18:12:41 -0400
So – when will the mainstream media bring this out?
Not going to happen
commented 2016-10-17 17:47:13 -0400
As a conservative, these types of tactics are completely unacceptable and they go against what western democracy is all about. This was a very good video of what I suspected all along, but I have to wonder do the Republicans indulge in this type of con job as well? Conservatism and these types of tactics are juxtaposed, but if they are effective is it not possible both sides do it and all is fair in love and war? I’ll hold out and suppose the right do not engage in these same operations, for if I do not I have no where to go.
commented 2016-10-17 17:35:41 -0400
So why isn’t Creamer and his associates in prison? Oh yeah, that’s right. Hillary, and the Obama’s won’t allow this because Hillary’s got to win the election, no matter what. It’s like Michelle Obama says, When they go low, we go high. What a bunch of stinking liars. When will justice prevail in this election that was set up right from the start? I hope Trump and his team of lawyers go after Hillary and the Obama administration (the Islamic Arabian terrorists) with law suits that can’t be beaten if he loses this election.
commented 2016-10-17 17:31:23 -0400
They won’t show up Mike.
I tell ya its a dirty world out there. Canada is just as corrupt. You can be sure our Justin did the same sort of stuff to get in. It is all pretty stomach turning.
commented 2016-10-17 17:30:53 -0400
this shouldn’t surprise anyone and all the lefties will deny deny deny and msm will never do any actual investigating , they’re afraid of what crimes they would have to report about the democrats and clinton .
commented 2016-10-17 17:08:26 -0400
WELL!……this will be fun listening to the resident leftist regressive fucktard Clinton apologists. So…….what say you fucktards?
commented 2016-10-17 16:40:52 -0400
The lowest of the low are those who attack others, especially the elderly, and the handicapped, for having an opinion. May their sorry butts roast in the lake of fire forever!
commented 2016-10-17 16:36:55 -0400
James O’Keefe is back!!! FUCK YEAH!!!