January 21, 2016

MUST WATCH: Best Uber driver ever shows patience as DRUNK GIRL attacks him, destroys his car and throws things out of it

StaffRebel Columnist

Need more proof Uber drivers are amazing? Watch this video.

A video of a Miami Uber driver dealing with a drunk woman has gone viral.

According to the video description, “We were on the phone with this uber driver while he pulled up to our location. Out of nowhere the girl in the video gets in the backseat of his car and won't get out. We told the driver it was ok, to just cancel our ride, but he did not want to take her anywhere so he kept telling her to get out.


Eventually the driver gets out and says he's calling the cops to get her out of the car. After a couple of minutes of the driver pretending to talk to the cops (im assuming he was pretending because they never showed up at first), the girl decides to reach into the front seat, grab his keys, and start walking away with his keys in her hands.... That's where the video starts...”

The woman tries to kick and punch the driver and won't let go of him. Eventually she gets into his car and begins throwing documents, scissors and the man's iPhone out of it and onto the street.

What happens next will leave you amazed.

The video description reads, “The police finally showed up after this video ends. The girl was in a taxi cab about to leave when the showed up and they had to stand in front of the taxi and tell him to stop. The girl eventually got up from the area the cops had told her to sit and wait, and tried to walk away from the scene.

Once in handcuffs, she then tried kicking some of the police officers on the scene. It was only when they put her in the police car that she started crying, apologizing, and claiming that she would lose her medical license (she claimed to be a neurologist) if she got arrested.

The Uber driver was too good of a person and decided to take a cash settlement instead of pressing charges. In his words, "...she was crying (and) said (she) was sorry for everything." I don't want to disclose the amount the driver was paid, but can say he could only use the money to pay his cellphone bill and maybeee his cable bill.”

The Rebel cannot independently verify this account of what happened, but judging by the video, the driver has incredible patience.

Would you say this is the best Uber driver ever?

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commented 2016-01-22 20:19:29 -0500
That there is one screwed up lefty with superiority attitude
commented 2016-01-22 02:04:50 -0500
If it happened to me I’d forcefully retained her and pinned her to the ground. Cops and the justice system just don’t seem to care.
commented 2016-01-22 00:54:14 -0500
And that right there is why, after 20+ enjoyable years of working as a bouncer in Toronto, I packed it in. Every night had turned into that. Every night was dealing with children like that who are a product of laissez faire parenting, an educational system that is teaching kids that they are all special little snowflakes and that there are no consequences for their actions. Liberal society run amok teaching young people “self” above and before all and to hell with any damage you might cause others. It boggles my mind how they stay perched on the moral precipice of imagined superiority with absolutely no solid foundation beneath them.
commented 2016-01-22 00:43:07 -0500
daddy owns some taxis?
commented 2016-01-22 00:39:14 -0500
Liza i agree , her parents can bail her out , but i doubt they would blame her for the incident , they created this spoiled brat.
commented 2016-01-22 00:18:30 -0500
No I don’t think he’s the best Uber driver ever because by being passive, he’s enabling this BS to happen. She was crying crocodile tears because she was in handcuffs. Neurologist my foot, she’s nothing but a little lying narcissist brat & the driver should either have pressed charges or shut up.
commented 2016-01-21 18:10:36 -0500
The Uber driver is a sucker, and that woman is a con.
commented 2016-01-21 17:53:31 -0500
Lohn Landry – good one bros!!! LOL!!
commented 2016-01-21 14:25:40 -0500
I would have pepper sprayed her at point blank range in the eyeballs, right after her knee went for the crotch.
People have to be held accountable; it’s gonna cost ya. That’s the only way some people learn.

commented 2016-01-21 14:22:26 -0500
She will probably lose her job anyway. Her face is plastered all over. I hope she gets what she deserves, which is indeed losing her job, and being charged with drunk and disorderly, vandalizing property, assault, leaving the scene, resisting arrest, and anything else they can think of to charge her that will stick. Who ever brought her up to feel that entitled, needs to be prohibited from bailing her pretty butt out. A grown women (God help us, a neurologist??) with a 12 year old’s emotional maturity, should not be on the street after dark without adult supervision, let alone be in possession of a medical license she’s afraid of losing!! She needs to go to jail for the night, be fully charged, and answer and pay for her lawlessness. Probably won’t happen.
commented 2016-01-21 13:32:16 -0500
Best part is when he barely pushed her and she went flying.
commented 2016-01-21 12:37:46 -0500
When a thing like that woman comes up, there has to be some rights for men to protect themselves and their property. I’m surprised the OPP didn’t arrest the Uber Driver.
commented 2016-01-21 12:16:28 -0500
Beauty is only skin deep. Very superficial. She’s really a twat that only apologized after getting to the point of having charges pressed against her. TWAT!
commented 2016-01-21 12:04:23 -0500
Some people should never drink.
commented 2016-01-21 11:40:35 -0500
This little bitch makes me want to do a little female dwarf tossing….leading with her face and
whatever car window is close by…
commented 2016-01-21 10:15:03 -0500
give her equality, knock her chicklets down her entitled throat. and when she goes down, put the boots to this entitled immigrant bitch.
good job integrating immigrant.
commented 2016-01-21 09:48:28 -0500
Daddy’s little princess!
commented 2016-01-21 09:47:17 -0500
Charge her a $200 vomit surcharge
commented 2016-01-21 09:44:58 -0500
I am glad I am not a cab driver whether for Uber or cab company. I would not want to deal with that.
commented 2016-01-21 09:09:53 -0500
Leave the bar business for the cabbies.
commented 2016-01-21 09:05:42 -0500
That’s an Uber Bitch!