June 13, 2016

MUST WATCH: Donald Trump's POWERFUL speech on terrorism, immigration and national security

StaffRebel Columnist

Donald Trump spoke at Saint Anselm College today regarding the terrorist attack in Orlando as well as what he will do to stop radical Islam in America.

Trump pulls no punches in this speech and says a lot of things that you may have never thought a politician would say.

“Many of the principles of Radical Islam are incompatible with Western values and institutions. Radical Islam is anti-woman, anti-gay and anti-American,” Trump says.


“I refuse to allow America to become a place where gay people, Christian people, and Jewish people, are the targets of persecution and intimidation by Radical Islamic preachers of hate and violence. It’s not just a national security issue. It is a quality of life issue,” he adds.


“If we want to protect the quality of life for all Americans – women and children, gay and straight, Jews and Christians and all people – then we need to tell the truth about Radical Islam. We need to tell the truth, also, about how Radical Islam is coming to our shores.”

He went on to target Hillary Clinton for her response to the terrorist attack.

“Hillary Clinton – who has been forced to say the words today after policies she supports have caused us so much damage – still has no clue what Radical Islam is, and won’t speak honestly about what it is.

She is in total denial, and her continuing reluctance to ever name the enemy broadcasts weakness across the world,” Trump blasted.

“The bottom line is that Hillary supports the policies that bring the threat of Radical Islam into America, and allow it to grow overseas. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s catastrophic immigration plan will bring vastly more Radical Islamic immigration into this country, threatening not only our security but our way of life.”

Obama was also on Trump's radar.

“Truly, our President doesn't know what he is doing. He has failed us, and failed us badly, and under his leadership, this situation will not get any better -- it will only get worse. Each year, the United States permanently admits more than 100,000 immigrants from the Middle East, and many more from Muslim countries outside the Middle East. Our government has been admitting ever-growing numbers, year after year, without any effective plan for our security,” he said.

This is truly a must watch speech. What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments.

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commented 2016-06-15 11:33:36 -0400
Marshall Macluhan once said “the medium is the message”. We at the rebel have come to realize those who control the medium control the message. The reason why Trump’s views seem so foreign to some is we have been inundated with one side of the story so long that to hear any message that questions their narrative seems foreign and scary even if it is simply taking actions to preserve our own survival. We need to find a way to bring the balance back to the medium or nothing will change. As Deborah Graupner mentioned they will simply use the same deceptive formula on Trump that they did on Harper. All citizens should be interested in hearing different perspectives whether we like them or not and no religion should be exempt from criticism or questions. Truth is not injured by honest enquiry!
commented 2016-06-14 19:07:51 -0400
The fight against Islamist terrorism begins with the Saudis. If Trump becomes President and he hits the Saudis hard, then the world will be great again. If he does not the same shit will continue.
commented 2016-06-14 18:02:56 -0400
They are using the same formula on Trump, that they used on Harper, or Ford, or anyone with a brain in their heads, and concern for their country.
commented 2016-06-14 18:01:30 -0400
Obama and Kerry are real hunchbacks, from all the bending over and butt kissing that they do for Islam.
commented 2016-06-14 17:47:02 -0400
Ken Joyce

I agree 100% with your statement. CNN has been increasing the amount of time and effort to criticize Trump. Additionally, this includes video clips of Obama, Killary, Senators, Congressmen, anti Trump Republicans like Romney and Rubio, correspondents, social justice warriors, pundits and communists like Van Jones. Fair and equitable rebuttal time for pro Trump supporters is decreasing as the rhetoric and pressure is increasing. The leftard socialists are getting worried and the proportional danger to Trump increases.
commented 2016-06-14 16:32:31 -0400
I think he did a very presidential job. Excellent. He appeared angry – Obama only gets angry when he talks about gun reform, the rest of the time he apologizes.
commented 2016-06-14 15:07:37 -0400
Clearly DT has identified that MUSLIMS who disavow ISIS / #DAESH / Radical ISLAM … should step-up … no more political-correctness!
commented 2016-06-14 14:54:08 -0400
Nice to see CNN cutting and pasting Trumps statements to suit their blatant and EXTREME BIAS. I would truly like to know how ALL their so-called journalists vote. Everything he says is cut and distorted. Yet, even though all these leftist morons at CNN are using Soviet style deception and propaganda to get Clintoris into office, It will backfire. The terror is not over yet folks, it is just the beginning of summer. I have just watched one hour of a blatant CNN ATTACK on Trump with absolutely NO statements from anyone who understands what Trump is saying. The other Republican leaders are now sticking their heads up their asses and running scared. No wonder THEY could not win an election. All this simply fuels Trump support and CNN will ultimately be revealed ( just like the CBC ) as being a solid political platform for THEIR preferred honey pot Fuhrer! THESE are the REAL enemies of FREEDOM. Sometimes I am not sure who is the greatest enemy of humanity, Islamic terror or the plethora of ultra LEFT ass licking media outlets.
commented 2016-06-14 14:14:06 -0400
Trump has empathy with those who suffer violence from unhinged savages because he is a target as well.
commented 2016-06-14 13:42:14 -0400
Scripted speech with no solutions . He is only good at constantly lying and attacking others. No to Clinton and No to Trump.. wish Cruz was still in the race. I am not voting for the lessor of the evils
commented 2016-06-14 13:15:34 -0400
This is the message for which the western world has been waiting!
commented 2016-06-14 12:57:48 -0400
The fact that the leftards heads are exploding over Trump ( see leftist progressive fucktards comments below ) is enough to know that he is on the right track. If the crazies are looking for a safe space, then he would be my choice if I was a US voter.
commented 2016-06-14 12:12:57 -0400
So, Hillary has decided to go half-Trump and mention “Radical Islam”.

Too little and so late.
commented 2016-06-14 11:32:29 -0400
Bravo, no, there is a different attack coming Trump’s way. Obama and Hilary are working with the judge in the Trump University case. They are going to try to give him jail time.
commented 2016-06-14 10:35:27 -0400
MUST WATCH: The international doctor of common sense comments on the post-Orlando Trump speech


Shuttle through to 4:46, it gets good there
commented 2016-06-14 09:52:53 -0400
I will feel a little bit safer if Trump gets in. He means what he says. The tyrants who are knocking at the front and back doors and trying to get in the unlocked windows need to hear that. Trump is saying what I want to hear, and I believe he will get the job done.
commented 2016-06-14 09:48:11 -0400
Safe, rich and great sound good to me. It is imperative that America take it’s place at the top of the pack again. The vacum Obama has created has now been filled with threats that have to be beaten back. Trudeau is at least as bad as Obama, and if Hillary gets in Trudeau boy will be emboldened. In that scenario the our world will indeed be a more dangerous place.

Someone suggested hunkering down in Muskoka if Trump gets in. My question is why? Why not go back to the UK where things are already turned upside down. It sounds like that would be more suitable than to stay in Canada at all, where we value ‘strong and free’. She probably has duel citizenship anyway. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, and enjoy your new life of submission.
commented 2016-06-14 09:27:40 -0400
I hope Mr. Trump is bullet proof because I also believe that there will be an attempted assassination on his life, in the near future. These people will stop at nothing. Evil knows no bounds, under the religion of body pieces.
commented 2016-06-14 07:27:47 -0400
There will be an attack on Trump – there are far too many who want him dead.

I personally think he is the best hope for the US of A.

I hope his security is up to the task because a lot of rich people are terrified at what he will do to shake up their country.

Trump’s enemies are powerful and they are vindictive and this speech speaks volumes of the changes he plans to make.

We need him in canadallah – yesterday might have been four days too late for this country – we need someone like him or we are sunk.

The gay boy pm is going to take us farther down the road than the POS in the white house in the US of A managed to do.
commented 2016-06-14 02:22:20 -0400
Betina enjoy your Burka, you deserve it.
commented 2016-06-14 01:28:22 -0400
@ Betina Dunn commented 3 mins ago
Leslie Sanders, there is no big conspiracy. Betina – YOU are the conspiracy! Go take your meds – the ones the Zombie Doc prescribed and go back to the UK and all will be OK for you. Stay here and your existence will be challenged by all!

Chill and GFYS!!
commented 2016-06-14 01:24:17 -0400
Betina Dunn – go back to the UK – your presence here is not required!! We here in Canada are way tooo slow for your Zombie intellect! Leave & see that doctor ASAP! The UK is also having Zombie problems – and we just do not need to add to the global problem of having people with your symptoms polluting the world! GO QUICKLy!!

@ Leslie – our politicians are way too busy being Tyrants to discuss the important issues you so rightfully bring to the table – we are only to listen to their prescription of what is “healthy” for all of us: Submission
I am with you all the way – in supporting The Trump Train!! … the Le Penn Train!! , the Farage Train!!, the Geert Wilders Train!! all we need now is a Canadian train to get onto, before it’s left the the station. Been seriously considering the Putin Train, and I am not a communist – socialist nor a Marxist – just a plain ol’ democratic capitalist, pissed off ol’ man needing the dignity to retire as a pauper! I worked my ass off for this ungrateful country and am still willing to lay down my life for it & my family – but things do need some serious changing!
commented 2016-06-14 01:21:43 -0400
Leslie Sanders, there is no big conspiracy.
commented 2016-06-14 01:08:24 -0400
We have no one in Canada of Trumps quality. Our only hope would be that Trump force Trudeau to curtail Muslim Immigration or face trade tariffs .
commented 2016-06-14 00:39:47 -0400

If there is to be discussions raised by politicians and the media about gun control, then there needs to be discussions raised by politicians and the media about how to tackle the Islamic terror situation that is sweeping the globe like a wild fire.

Placing a temporary moratorium on Islamic immigration “until we can figure out what the hell is going on” needs to be discussed PUBLICLY.

There is no deadline for Muslims to immigrate to Canada or America (or is there???). What’s the hurry for? Does Islam have something BIG planned for the west and the deadline for everybody to be in place is coming up soon? Trump mentioned the Trojan Horse thing today, and he is correct.

Look at Obama’s record of letting his “JV team” grow so big. Besides training and arming Wahhabi terrorists in Syria, let’s look at the refugees he is bringing in. Trudeau’s policy is very similar.

Syrians entering US in first six weeks of 2016 fiscal year; 98% Sunni Muslim

Obama’s Religious Test: 2,098 Syrian Muslim Refugees Allowed Into America, ONLY 53 Christians

Despite the fact that the Christians and Yazedis are facing genocide by the Sunni cult, Obama is bringing in people who share the same Sunni Wahhabi cult as ISIS. We already know that about a third of Syrian refugees have ISIS sympathies.

Donald Trump is spot on. Waiting a few years until Islam can straighten itself out sounds like a rational thing to do. I mean, it’s quite obvious to me and any other person who hasn’t already been hogtied by political correctness.

Let’s hope that in Canada it never comes to what the president of Hungary is saying…

Viktor Orbán: “The Time Has Come for Opposition and Resistance”
commented 2016-06-14 00:39:21 -0400
Although it was from a few years back.

Back in the UK we used to actually keep up on the news, not on here!
commented 2016-06-14 00:33:36 -0400
I thought that was a pretty good piece?
commented 2016-06-14 00:25:58 -0400
Betina Dunn Sure hope you gained some insight! Now go and see that Zombie doctor – he has medicine for you.