October 24, 2016

MUST WATCH: Third video in James O'Keefe's “Rigging The Election” series implicates Hillary Clinton

StaffRebel Columnist

In his latest video, O'Keefe demonstrates DIRECT COLLUSION between the Clinton campaign and Americans United For Change.

EXPOSED: New video reveals mass voter fraud and election rigging; Democrat operatives bite the dust

The revealed communications between AUFC, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC is prohibited.

The video's description is as follows:

Part III of the undercover Project Veritas Action investigation dives further into the back room dealings of Democratic politics. It exposes prohibited communications between Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC and the non-profit organization Americans United for Change. And, it’s all disguised as a duck.

In this video, several Project Veritas Action undercover journalists catch Democracy Partners founder directly implicating Hillary Clinton in FEC violations. “In the end, it was the candidate, Hillary Clinton, the future president of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground,” says Creamer in one of several exchanges. “So, by God, we would get ducks on the ground.”

It is made clear that high-level DNC operative Creamer realized that this direct coordination between Democracy Partners and the campaign would be damning when he said: “Don’t repeat that to anybody.”

The first video explained the dark secrets and the hidden connections and organizations the Clinton campaign uses to incite violence at Trump rallies. The second video exposed a diabolical step-by-step voter fraud strategy discussed by top Democratic operatives and showed one key operative admitting that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years. This latest video takes this investigation even further.

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commented 2016-10-25 02:35:45 -0400
How about tv ads exposing msm ctv, global, cbc, etc. exposing their bias lefty lies and deception. I would be overjoyed to see them go down.
commented 2016-10-25 01:41:55 -0400
They are already whining that the videos are faked. Well then the Trump ones are faked to then.
commented 2016-10-24 21:07:11 -0400
Oh my! Better switch over to CBC to catch all the details.
commented 2016-10-24 18:32:51 -0400
The US is fucked. Can’t wait for election night when the shit hits the fan.
commented 2016-10-24 18:13:23 -0400
But what is the point of these videos when no one will see them?
The MSM isn’t carrying this story, they’re still talking about the alleged sexual assaults!
Too late!
commented 2016-10-24 16:29:34 -0400
DANA MOORE, I am sure you are right. These people are nothing but scum and I am sure they had a huge amount of influence on Mohamed bin Trudeau being elected.
Hillary Clinton is so wicked and evil it boggles the mind, and yet there are people that support her. Which tells me that there is BIG money behind the DNC and the witch Hillary.
She almost gives witches a bad name.
commented 2016-10-24 16:15:40 -0400
The wide-eyed looks that I get when I say that I’m hoping and praying for Trump to win, says it all. When people look at me that way, I just tell them that they don’t know the level of corruption that Killary has stooped to, and gotten away with, nor do they know about all of the murders that have direct links to Jezebel Clinton, and her co-conspirator, Bill Clinton.
commented 2016-10-24 16:03:08 -0400
This is a nuke to the Clinton campaign – Trump has already stated, win lose or draw he will be pressing charges.

This directly implicates Clinton and the DNC in Felony conspiracy with an agent engaged in illegal election tampering and riot coordinating. Of course you have to have the ethical make up for this to outrage you – from my observation the status quo Dem voter has to park their ethics/moral principles to support this criminal trying to get into the White House again.
commented 2016-10-24 15:34:52 -0400
What absolute scum these individuals are, which begs the question as to how much influence this bunch had on our own election since Trudeau had some help from the DNC.
commented 2016-10-24 14:44:39 -0400
How the hell can anyone support this evil, demon of a woman called Hillary Clinton?
What a bunch of blind, dumb, low information assholes her supporters are.
Maybe they are or related to Trudeau’s supporters.
The evil in our world just keeps getting worse and worse.
God please help Mr. Trump become the next POTUS.