January 08, 2016

MUST WATCH: Tommy Robinson rips into the media, politicians and feminists after the Cologne rape rampage

StaffRebel Columnist

Fresh off his interview with The Rebel's Ezra Levant, Tommy Robinson has a new video ripping into Germany's self-destruction.

Tommy's passionate video rips into the media, feminists, German politicians, Angela Merkel and the problem with the mass influx of refugees.

He points out that the problem isn't limited to Germany and Europe in general is in turmoil by importing such large groups of men with no idea how to behave in a civilized society.

“They beat them and they rape them and they rob them,” he says

Sweden has the second highest rape rate in the world!” he adds. “Sweden!”

“We have to wake up!” he exclaims. “All these women being attacked, that's not our fault... That's Merkel's fault. That's her government's fault.”

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commented 2016-01-08 16:03:34 -0500
Tommy speaks the truth that EVERY rational thinking human being already knows and has been saying for years. The predictions of Dr. Pipes of civilized society becoming more divided is coming faster than even he anticipated. Rank and file citizenry and the 4P professional coward hypocrites are quickly entrenching. Throughout history this kind division always ends the same way, civil war. Like it or not that same division, entrenchment and anger is well underway here in Canada and the US and we can plainly lay the responsibility for this coming conflict at the feet of ‘progressive’ political liars and their mindless sheep bleating after them.