Mustafa Khattab

Rebel Staff



"For me, someone who is homosexual is like someone who has diabetes or someone who has cancer or AIDS." - Mustafa Khattab

Mosque: Al-Rashid Mosque - 13070 - 113 ST. EDMONTON, AB T5E 5A8

Born in: Egypt

Lives in: Edmonton, AB

What he's preaching:

Here is a transcript of what Mustafa Khattab said when teaching students of the Edmonton Islamic Academy (a private Islamic school funded by the Government of Alberta) about how Muslims should treat homosexuals:

“It's a good question about homosexual people, before I'll answer the question I'll talk briefly on homosexuality. Islamically, homosexuality is not allowed, okay. Maybe in the West, this is the culture, they try to abuse, to take advantage of freedom and this is what I'm always saying, the best thing I like about the West is freedom and worst thing about the West is too much freedom.

Insha'Allah [God willing], you are allowed to do whatever you want, but don't go to the extreme, don't go overboard. Homosexuality is against everything. It is against akhlaq [moral values]. It's against nature or the way we are created.

The first law in physics is opposites attract and similars repel. You never heard of this law? I was a farmer for about 25 years of my life, to tell the truth I've never come across gay ducks or goats, it's only human beings, humans that try – listen up – this is an important question. Humans, because they get bored of everything, just like a little kid, every time you give them something new, they like it the first day, then they break the toy, trying something new, and this what humans do. They try new stuff even if it's wrong, because it's cool Not everything new is cool, okay. You like to be cool just put yourselves the fridge.

So, homosexuality is not permissible. The reason the people of Lot peace be upon him were destroyed in Sodom and Gomorrah, because of this sin, so it is not permissible. Deal with someone, with a homosexual, in my view, as I said homosexuality is abnormal, this is not the norm.

So, for me, someone who is homosexual is like someone who has diabetes or someone who has cancer or AIDS, he has a special case and this person needs special treatment.

Can I talk to them? Why not? Just like I talk to everybody, ok. But, personally I don't like to be associated with them.

One day, we were in California, in Los Angeles and we were sitting around a table, people from different faiths, people from different countries and the guy who was sitting next to me, we were talking for some time, I think he was a different person [last two words are inaudible] or something, we were talking about discrimination against people of different faiths Muslims, Christians from some countries, and Jews, and whatever, and this guy was sitting next to me.

He was seemed alright to me and we were talking. Then all of a sudden he started talking about abuse and discrimination against homosexuals, and he said, ‘Personally, I’m a gay’ [students start laughing] and people abuse me all the time [students keep laughing, amused].

I was sitting next to the guy, I just like [shifting himself to the other side of the table in order to demonstrate taking distance from the homosexual who was talking to him] I moved my chair. I didn't feel comfortable to sit next to the guy. Again, you can talk to them. Okay, let's change this up. We have time to two more questions."



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