January 23, 2017

My trip to Trump's inauguration

Gavin McInnesArchive

I had lots of fun celebrating Donald Trump's inauguration in Washington, DC. I went to the DeploraBall, fought some protesters, and ended up watching the ceremony on TV (because I didn't feel like standing in the Mall...)


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commented 2017-01-24 02:08:40 -0500
I really appreciate your work, keep unmasking these Democrats. Good Job dood!
commented 2017-01-23 22:18:02 -0500
There’s just one thing to say to those protesters: GTFU. Or Trump could quote his predecessor: “I won.”
commented 2017-01-23 21:34:11 -0500
Gavin: You should have worn your KOC hat and cloak.

BYW, has anyone heard if either Hilary or Barack has made a statement telling people to ‘calm down’? Obama sent out two tweets after he left the White House, did he send a tweet to try to calm the waters?
commented 2017-01-23 21:30:51 -0500
That last clip looked like an exorcism
commented 2017-01-23 20:56:48 -0500
Gavin, well said. And the animal in the video with the bright neon green vest offering the primal scream was indicative of the current spiritual state of the USA. So sad.
commented 2017-01-23 18:37:41 -0500
Love how these twerps are surprised when someone dares to talk back and defend themselves, and then they realize how wimpy they are.
commented 2017-01-23 18:35:59 -0500
NICE Gavin NICE! Poor little pantywaist was upset that his mask was pulled down, LMAO!
commented 2017-01-23 18:35:24 -0500
Remind me never to piss you off… lol
commented 2017-01-23 17:00:53 -0500
If only we could clone you into a big army and from time to time when needed , sic them on the (" marchers ")
commented 2017-01-23 16:59:12 -0500
Gavin, I have to compliment you, you have a hell of a right cross – sent that Beta male cuck flying. Ye like a good dust up with a leftard eh? Tip, always wear sturdy gloves – you don’t want to cut yourself on their busted teeth, Gawd knows what these perverts are carrying.
commented 2017-01-23 16:45:46 -0500
You throw a good punch . after a few scotch you’re meaner .
commented 2017-01-23 16:20:30 -0500
Gavin , i watched you on info wars and next news network, i loved it how you didn’t take any shxx from those lefty rioters , good job Gavin.