September 10, 2017

NAFTA: Liberals fish for union support in vote-rich Ontario with “right to work” fight

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Right to work laws give employees the ability to choose whether they want to be in a union or not, and the Trudeau Liberals are trying to make their removal part of NAFTA negotiations.

This could violate the 10th amendment which stipulates that outside of federal matters, individual states are able to make their own laws.

But, as previously explained, right to work laws mean competition for the auto industry in the Liberal stronghold of Ontario, so the Liberals want none of that.

The auto industry is a great example of the problem with unions— they’re an enemy of capitalism, costing taxpayers billions of dollars in addition to having the power to sway elections.

Watch as I explain why Trudeau’s Liberals are so highly motivated to work against right to work laws in NAFTA.

Between taxpayer bailouts for the Big Three auto companies and big salaries and benefits for auto workers, the financial demands of the United Auto Workers union are high.

In fact, they pledged $53.4M to Obama in 2008 so is it any wonder Democrats essentially nationalized the auto industry using billions in taxpayer money from 2009 to 2013?

And as we know, Trudeau and the Liberals love to emulate the Democrats, which helps explain why they’re against right to work.

The Liberals see what they stand to gain from unionized auto workers in Ontario- a lot of money and a lot of votes, and with the right promises, there’s a lot of both up for grabs.

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commented 2017-09-12 01:58:30 -0400
Narthan W that is crap, you say corporations are interested in denying workers rights while ignoring the fact that right to work is a right. Try some reality.
commented 2017-09-11 13:14:23 -0400
Can you imagine the chuckles and laughs being provided by Canada’s NAFTA team to the American team at the end of each day when they finally get together behind closed doors?… Sad….
commented 2017-09-11 12:25:31 -0400
Nathan W commented – ““Right to work” laws, or an absence of them, is a legitimate and interesting area of policy debate.”

“Interesting” in what way – as in it’s “interesting” to have your right of freedom of association gooned over just to keep your job in closed shop bargaining monopolies?
commented 2017-09-11 12:08:30 -0400
Ontario: old Huron word meaning “big teepee full of papoose”.
commented 2017-09-11 10:52:46 -0400
Maybe if the auto sector could hire and fire with no notice, lowering wages at will – at risk of driving staff into other industries – then they would not be able to retain staff at nearly the quality that they do at present.

Both corporate and union donations are banned at the federal level in Canada, and presumably more such rules will be adopted at provincial levels in time. There is still a lot of misinformation and misled thinking on this matter – for example, corporate and union donations into the millions of dollars a year are substantively different from staff of a corporation or union developing or discussing specific positions (sometimes questionably manipulative) with respect to policy that matters to them, for example during an electoral campaign.

Canadians are allowed to express politically both as individuals and as groups.

Canadian corporations and Canadian unions are both allowed significant freedoms to represent their interests as a part of bargaining processes.

“Right to work” laws, or an absence of them, is a legitimate and interesting area of policy debate. But please do not try to tell us that there is something inherently wrong about a group transparently (true, some talks are held other than in public and recorded locations) and openly representing its interest.

Among other things, corporations should be more explicit in admitting to their interest in the matter, and refrain from pretending to take sides with workers when in fact generally just wanting to erode the bargaining power of workers. The incentive to invest is reduced if your business (or at least its profits) may be “taken over” by labour. BUT, workers must not be denied the right to negotiate collectively via hired representatives to negotiate with the paid representatives of shareholders. The incentives of workers to invest in their own skills, or be bothered to even try to get a job, could be significantly eroded if too many jobs are only available on highly insecure and otherwise unrewarding terms.
commented 2017-09-11 09:20:15 -0400
Junior and his lying elitists become more pathetic by the day!
commented 2017-09-11 08:58:46 -0400
Perhaps Unifor can start its own automobile manufacturing company, or any company, and showcase how it should be done,…..didn’t think so. Canadian delegates demanding during NAFTA negotiations that the US abandon right-to-work legislation is never going to happen and they know it. Other than virtue signaling the Canadian negotiating team is outmatched and witless. Sad
commented 2017-09-11 08:44:33 -0400
He is losing the support of young voters with all of his failed and broken promises, might as well do the same with his Union base. The stupid is strong with this one.
commented 2017-09-11 06:14:24 -0400
Private sector union membership is in decline. Public sector unions are doing fine, funny about that.
commented 2017-09-11 02:53:17 -0400
Sounds like being a union member has its benefits.

I thought the American car companies ran into trouble because their cars were inferior to foreign cars.
commented 2017-09-11 02:21:47 -0400
Forced Unionism is wrong for legal workers in the USA, but if Canada wants to do that to their own workers it’s their own issue to deal with.
commented 2017-09-11 01:17:41 -0400
Maybe Trudeau should attach restrictions to the Second Amendment to the NAFTA negotiation. If you are going to stick your arrogant Quebecer nose into American politics you might as well go big.
commented 2017-09-11 01:02:38 -0400
Anyone who want to know why too much union influence is bad just needs to look at Quebec.
commented 2017-09-11 00:25:07 -0400
Well this should prove to be very interesting! Femme faggot POS PM TruDope trying to influence the President Trump people will be a sure suicide of NAFTA – and properly so.
TruDope, take that sorry ass of yours & that lunatic Marxist Butts & all your gang of lunatics and redo your grade schooling – you Lieberal lunatic Libtarded & Climatarded people are way too stupid to deal with a MAN like President Trump, so STOP making us Canadians look like the fools you dick-wads are!
commented 2017-09-10 22:37:43 -0400
Unions, Taxation and regulation are responsible for the great offshore migration of industry and capital. They have no economic solutions and if their workers keep listening to them they will unionize themselves right out of a job.
commented 2017-09-10 21:41:58 -0400
Great report Holly.
Not than long ago, I was contacted to do a survey; all questions pertained to unions. The questions were framed to put them in a positive light. I responded, “strongly disagree” with the survey questions, and, said unions outlived their usefulness long ago & they have been too influential in politics.
commented 2017-09-10 21:40:52 -0400
WTF does General Secretary Butts care about the 10th Amendment? That’s about as far away from Marx as you can get.
commented 2017-09-10 20:21:44 -0400
Let’s not forget trudeau’s M-103 Motion…For sure there will be an amendment..No criticism from Canadians to the all high and mighty wingnut liberalics negotiations concerning any Trade Deals…Imprisonment up to 2 years and a fine of $35,000.00..Is that a possibility trudeau? Is that your realm of tough negotiations? Take it out on the Everyday People…because of your incompetence..Much like your HRC….
commented 2017-09-10 20:14:18 -0400
Of course, Trudeau fails to realize that states-rights exist in the US, and the US Labor Dept. has effectively kept their hands off of state labor codes and practises.

If this is an effort to virtue-signal to Unifor, I can’t see how Trudeau will gain from it. Apart from cutting deeper into the NDP’s ground in Ontario, it’s going to get very crowded on the left soon enough.
commented 2017-09-10 19:36:11 -0400
The person who tells Justcuck Trudeau what to say and do, needs to be shot a traitor.

Justcuck Trudeau needs to be shot because it would be the kindest thing to do.
commented 2017-09-10 19:25:14 -0400
Thanks Holly, it’s so sad to see Trudeau2 manipulating things like this. Because of the political activism of large unions such as the auto workers, AUPE, the all powerful teacher’s union, and others, we should start to faze them out as having served their purpose and no longer needed. I have watched as unions try very hard to sway elections in their favour, this is wrong on so many levels.
commented 2017-09-10 19:18:58 -0400
Yep. Unionized shop in Ontario. Everyone on the assembly line in the union. That would be the one technician monitoring the robots. The one bank teller monitoring the ATM. The one McD worker monitoring the self serve kiosks. The one Walmart worker monitoring the self check out. The one…