January 30, 2019

Nanny state tackles “fine art of hydration” in latest Canada Food Guide

David MenziesMission Specialist

It’s not likely that many see the Canada Food Guide as a must-read owner’s manual when it comes to deciding what to have for dinner, but as I delved into the latest release, I discovered an entire section devoted to… drinking water.

If you’ve ever felt that federal government bureaucrats seem to have this thing for treating adult taxpayers as though they are mindless infants, this truly inexplicable part of the updated food guide will confirm it for you.

Watch as I share just a few of the pithy points on the fine art of hydration in a chapter entitled, “How to make water your drink of choice.”

I’m left with just two questions: Who writes this stuff, and how much are we paying for it?

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commented 2019-01-31 14:17:12 -0500
Nuritional guide provides guidance on nutrition (what you drink is part of that).

This is clearly shocking news.

This article is more than five times longer than the three brief sentences devoted to the matter in the actual guide.


“…like worrying about why any Prozac was in the watershed at all!”
Sewage treatment doesn’t’ remove pharmaceuticals. It’s a known issue but nobody has figured out how to address it.

“Fluoride: Otherwise known as a neurotoxin, it is a very able destroyer of synaptic connections in the brain. Wonder why the last few generations seem so dumbed down.”

Canada fluoridates water much less than the Americans do. Ontario is the only province where it’s routine in most water supplies.
commented 2019-01-31 12:19:03 -0500
Regarding our water:
The reason why the government is pushing water is because of what they, the government puts in the water!
Chlorine: Nothing organic can survive chlorine, because it is one of the most toxic substance on the planet! Wonder why so many people are so sick.
Fluoride: Otherwise known as a neurotoxin, it is a very able destroyer of synaptic connections in the brain. Wonder why the last few generations seem so dumbed down.
Then there was that time they were testing the watersheds around Vancouver, one of the substances they found was Prozac! The government assured us in the article that there were only a few parts per million – and not to worry…like worrying about why any Prozac was in the watershed at all!
Yup, I think it’s pretty obvious why Jihadi-Justin-Groper is pushing water, likely for the same reason he’s pushing drugs and his overt fascism on us!
commented 2019-01-31 10:54:25 -0500
I think when making my beer I should receive some sort of carbon rebate as long as the bottles are not opened. My garden absorbs carbon , actually its addicted to carbon and loves it. Can I apply for a carbon rebate as my plants and my 100 acre maple bush are sucking up tons of it and turning it into maple syrup. OOH forgot maple syrup is a sugary drink and should be avoided . I never knew that you could actually drink water . I thought it was only used for bathing. Well goes to show you that we need government to help us along.
commented 2019-01-31 10:51:03 -0500
What a joke that they mention water. While they allow certain municipalities to dump their sludge into our waterways.
commented 2019-01-31 05:25:25 -0500
Tell me this isn’t so! CARBONATED WATER! That puts more CO2 into the atmosphere, and the Trudeau The Dumb government is pushing this heinous act of environmental terrorism!

How can this be? Carbonated water… what next, Sprite and 7-Up? Coke and Pepsi? RC Cola and Cott products? Where will this madness end? Where-oh-where is Dr. Pepper to save us?

How insensitive of the government. Maybe push other carbonated drinks that our Prime Moron Trudeau approves, such as sparkling wines, or alcohol drinks where CO2 is a by-product, or even (gasp!) the dreaded BEER (the champagne of the common man)!

Does our drunk with power Environment Minister, Climate Barbie, know of this infamy, or is she too boozed up and puts 2+1 together and get trees?

Who knew one could drink water? Who knew that CO2 in water is now acceptable by this government? Where would we be without the Guide and guidance by the Baby Doc Government and its wise instruction to us all, especially in this election year?
commented 2019-01-31 02:07:09 -0500
Good one Menzoid… Holy Crap!! Who would have thought of this? Oh, wait, any one with a Dog, or a Cat, or a Hamster in their home.. Damn….
commented 2019-01-31 01:23:10 -0500
Bruce Atchison to be fair the nanny state is for left wingers and they are total imbeciles who need the government telling them what to do.
commented 2019-01-30 22:23:42 -0500
You’re right, David, they think we’re total imbeciles who need Nanny to watch over us. Having worked with bureaucrats for 14 long years, I can attest to their idiocy. The higher up the chain of command, the more clueless they were and still are. No wonder I never climbed the ladder. I had the fatal flaw of common sense.