November 19, 2016

Nanny state and helicopter parents have turned Canada into “Flab Nation”

David MenziesMission Specialist

A new study by Participaction reveals that Canuck kids may be among the least active children in the entire world. When compared to 37 other developed countries, Canada is near the bottom of the pack with a D-Minus.

I’m sure childhood fatness rates 40 years ago were not what they are today. Now, one in ten Canadian children are clinically-obese. So what changed?

Participaction researcher, Dr. Mark Tremblay, places some of the blame on too much screen time and not enough free, unstructured play.

I’m sure that’s part of it, but is there more to the decline of physical activity other than video games?

Watch as I name and shame the two other prevailing factors:

The nanny state, coupled with helicopter parenting.

We’ve gone from true north strong and free to “Flab Nation”, thanks in part to paranoid adults who entomb children in suffocating bubble-wrap while handing out “participant” awards to all so nobody’s self-esteem takes a hit.

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commented 2016-11-20 22:25:03 -0500
I feel sorry for today’s kids. They’re missing out on great fun running and playing, plus using their imagination.
commented 2016-11-20 20:24:25 -0500
I grew up in the real world, born in 47 Didn’t know there was a safe place Just made my way. Walked to school each day and worked part time in a store. Ended up teaching college. I feel so sorry for the uninformed young people coming up. Where is Sun News… cut off by CRTC …. our money. Liberal policy is CORRUPT
commented 2016-11-20 11:54:42 -0500
I remember learning how to skate with the neighbourhood kids. The kids that didn’t know how to skate were at the end of the whip, which was all the kids in a row. You learned fast to stay on your feet. When I enrolled my 5-year old son in skating, he was angry that it wasn’t as easy as it looked. He thought he could get out there and skate like the professionals. He ended up dropping out, though he did eventually learn how to skate with his friends. When my daughter was the same age, I enrolled her in a local skating program, and what a contrast. My daughter fell constantly and picked herself up and kept going. She had bruises everywhere, but she wanted to learn so badly, and she knew that falling down was part of the process of learning. Our kids need to be encouraged to go through the process of learning new things. Playing and making mistakes are part of growing up. Being coddled guarantees that you will have a child that grows into a constant complainer, that never tries anything because it’s too hard. I’d rather raise a child that isn’t afraid to try!
commented 2016-11-20 10:24:04 -0500
When my kids were growing up I raised them to get up when they fell and work hard if you want anything. They had a couple video games but never liked them or played them. They liked playing outside and being active. I coached them both in hockey and I got advice and “words of wisdom” from all the intelligent parents on how a child should be raised. Today both my son and daughter don’t drink, don’t smoke, and they both stay in shape by training and staying active. They are both successful as well. Most of those kids of the super parents who had all the advice for me are either useless and can’t complete anything like school or jobs and are also partiers, overweight or in trouble with the law. My motto: an busy child doesn’t have time to get into trouble or get lazy. And by the way, I just love it when I see one of these parents and they ask how my kids are doing. I’m not going to deny it, I brag about them. But then again, I have a right to.
commented 2016-11-19 18:06:54 -0500
School in small town western canada when I was 12 in 1985. Physed for ALL students until grade 10. 3 out of the 5 classes was…run around the school block. Twice. ALL students go to the county track meet, no exceptions without a doctors note, your fat ass will throw a shot put at minimum. 15 minutes of soccer, softball or a game of 500 (anybody remember that? Jays fans?) in the morning, again at lunch for an hour, again for another 15 in the afternoon. I personally either went to hockey practice or basketball practice after school, came home, fed the horses and or the cows, played with our dogs and inumerable cats, killed several dozen gophers on the weekend, picked rocks and painted fences in the summer, skated on the pond in the winter (when it was -30). What on God’s named happened in 30 years? As Gavin said in one of his vids, “and it was considered (horror) NORMAL!”
commented 2016-11-19 17:06:21 -0500
Just when you think progressive retardation could not get any more ridiculous, Stockholm ,Sweden is now going to plow snow based on gender.

Seriously , you cannot make this stuff up. Even snow plowing is sexist now. Enjoy your subjugation Sweden, it is well deserved.
commented 2016-11-19 16:57:53 -0500
Charles Norris, you got that right, i am so glad i grew up when we were allowed to have fun and learn life lessons.
commented 2016-11-19 14:26:55 -0500
The next generation of snowflake SJWs in the making. It will create new industries along with new job opportunities, though…. building “safe spaces” and “trigger warning” police jobs in Justin’s new world.
commented 2016-11-19 11:59:10 -0500
Its absolutely ridiculous how society has become so over protective. People think their children are made out of glass. I think grandparents may be even worse than the parents these days.

I was at my mothers house last weekend with my 7 year old son. I told him to go to the park and play which was approx 700 meters from their house. My mom had a fit and said he was too young to walk to the park by himself. BULLSH!T I said!! This was the same lady who would let me walk about 1.5Km by myself when I was 6-7 with my GT Snowracer to go taboggoning.

Next example… I was taking my son skating and he fell down at one point, but I didnt help him up. It was quite obvious he wasnt even remotely injured, but I still got a comment from the peanut gallery when some gross looking woman approached and said “arent you going to help him up”. I said no because he is a big boy, hes not hurt and I dont come running everytime he falls. She gave me the ol’ stink eye and I told her to fug off and mind her own litter instead of bothering me.

Everyone always has an opinion and they all think they know better than anyone else… Our society is a pathetic shell of what it once was.
commented 2016-11-19 11:56:47 -0500
Where the lefties and their fellow travelers the Globalists haven’t yet emasculated, indoctrinated and fattened up our youth – for the kill, they are under attack from their schools, their homes (TV and already robotized parents), their governments and their already programmed friends.
The worst part of this insidious agenda of destruction is that these so-called parents go along with this evil debasement and demoralization of their precious children – in ignorance or otherwise!
commented 2016-11-19 10:48:34 -0500
The country is bugs buggered, I’m afraid…