November 01, 2015

Nanny State Ninny Award for October: Pesticides for me but not for thee?

David MenziesMission Specialist

Rebel viewers may recall the launch of my effort to strike back at the most outrageous acts of nanny-statism back in September with the Nanny State Ninny Award.

Continuing the tradition, we have the dubious honour of presenting the dubious award for October and this time our winner isn't just an over-reaching Nanny Stater but a hypocrite too!

Then again, those who like to tell others what to do often do eventually reveal their hypocrisy so this one might sound familiar to anyone who lives in a city that banned pesticides for homeowners but runs a municipally owned golf course.

I have a feeling ours isn't the only town council that has doubled-down on the nanny-statism on this issue. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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commented 2015-11-09 05:22:29 -0500
I never used pesticides on my grass, and only a couple times tried fertilizer cause someone was throwing out a empty bag or two of it.
I have no use for Grass. I cut it, but there is just about nothing less important to me than grass. People will not go to church, won’t read their bible, won’t visit their children or do anything for anyone, but Oh, they got to weed and feed their lawn and have it perfect even if it means getting cancer and killing off the birds and bees.
The real crime is the fact that we let companies hire kids to spray lawns and let them soak in that junk day and night week after week, and wonder why the kid ends up with cancer or his kids are still born or whatever. With Cancer all around us, people washing their hands with Gas, one has to wonder if some self respect might be a important part of a daily diet.
While I don’t want a nanny state, I also don’t need to have my neighbor soak his lawn in chemicals.
commented 2015-11-02 16:47:12 -0500
Well I certainly do not plan to spray down my hay fields to kill the grass so I can work it under with something that kills weavels in cotton – even though there might be some cross over.

You know what I meant Ken – so take it the way it was meant.

Or admit that the terminologies do get misused and abused by greenies all the time and even by those who accept the use of chemicals in ag and such.

I hear that in Ontario the organic nazis have finally manage to pervert the organic system even furtherby getting RoundUp authorized as a “natural” substance by the Ontario organic nazi bosses so they can dry down their wheat.

Want to call that a pesticide too?

Hell gasoline can kill plants AND insects – perhaps you would rather call that substance a pesticide and ignore the cross over?
commented 2015-11-02 08:08:28 -0500
The attempt to override parental authority by force ranks as one of the most outrageous acts of nanny-statism. Indeed, hypocrisy abounds amongst those who have made it their business to override the parents right to choose what’s in the best interest of their child in terms of food, sex education, and medical care!
commented 2015-11-02 08:07:15 -0500
I can point you in the direction of a few farmers that will disagree with you. Indeed, pesticides are designed to kill bugs and herbicides are designed to kill plants. The overlapping effect however, especially with the respect to herbicides is well documented. They to…even trace amounts, have the ability to stimulate illness and cause death in higher life forms including humans.
commented 2015-11-02 06:28:31 -0500
Pesticides kill bugs – herbicides kill plants folks

They are vastly different

To provide a reasonable and coherent argument about their use be sure to know the difference
commented 2015-11-02 02:46:38 -0500
Environmentalist overkill is not pro-human, it is anti-human. This is the left’s newest anti-human religion. Enjoy.
commented 2015-11-02 00:52:31 -0500
Montgomery County is NOT the first jurisdiction to recklessly impose prohibition against conventional pest control products used in the urban landscape. And, like all other prohibition-jurisdictions, such as the province of Ontario, inferior green alternative pesticides are permitted. In the past decade, in all jurisdictions where prohibition has been arbitrarily imposed, so-called pesticide-free parks and green spaces have ended in dismal failure. Consequently, government officials, especially at the municipal level, have scrambled to find a way to rescind their self-imposed and arbitrary prohibitions. There are growing and significant trends against anti-pesticide prohibition. Montgomery County will soon face the dilemma of unsafe and unattractive playing surfaces for children that may lead to injuries and liabilities issues. It is impossible for professionals, and even home-owners, to protect their properties by using so-called green alternative pesticides and practices. There are NO viable, NO efficacious, NO economical, and NO low-risk alternatives to replace conventional pest control products. Green alternative pesticides are bogus and dismal failures ― they DO NOT work and they are NOT reliable products. By definition, alternatives are inferior, which is why they did NOT win the market-place originally. Overall, green alternative pesticides are not only inferior, they are also ineffective, inadequate, high-risk, more toxic, and stunningly expensive ! In many cases, green alternative pesticides are questionably higher in toxicity, and pose higher environmental risks. Green alternative pesticides and even organic fertilizers often contain living pathogenic organisms, fermented materials, or metals that may be deemed unsafe for children, adults, and the environment. Conventional pest control products are absolutely necessary.

Montgomery County’s prohibition is similar to the one imposed in the province of Ontario. On April 22nd, 2009, the government of Ontario arbitrarily imposed the needless, senseless, and malicious prohibition against pest control products used by home-owners and by the modern professional lawn care industry. Because of Ontario’s 2009 provincial prohibition, businesses operating in the professional lawn care industry were destroyed. However, AN EXCEPTION STATUS WAS PROVIDED TO INDUSTRIES LIKE GOLF, SPORTS FIELDS, SPECIALTY TURF, FORESTRY, AND AGRICULTURE. THESE INDUSTRIES EMPLOYED THE VERY SAME PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS OTHERWISE PROHIBITED FOR THE MODERN PROFESSIONAL LAWN CARE INDUSTRY. The legislation was implemented despite the fact that the prohibited pest control products were/are Health-Canada-approved, federally-legal, scientifically-safe, practically-non-toxic, and will cause no harm. Ontario’s 2009 provincial prohibition ignored the federal regulatory system and dictated aesthetics to the public. Moreover, there were serious issues with the Ontario minister of the environment, John Gerretsen, who was responsible for implementing prohibition. Gerretsen was indiscreet with his close public associations with radical and subversive anti-pesticide activists. Thanks to Gerretsen and the government of Ontario, his party-pal-activists profited from prohibition through government pay-offs from Ontario Trillium Foundation. Because of the 2009 provincial prohibition, the owners, employees, and families dependent on professional lawn care businesses have faced bankruptcies and business failures, as well as terror, despair, and destitution. Gerretsen’s 2009 provincial prohibition led to the destruction of the professional lawn care industry. Because of the 2009 provincial prohibition in Ontario, businesses operating in the professional lawn care industry lost over 500,000,000 dollars, with over 12,500 unemployed. In Ontario, one-business-per-week disappeared into total oblivion, and, by 2012, half the businesses closed their doors. Because of the 2009 provincial prohibition, the professional lawn care industry lost over 500,000,000 dollars.
commented 2015-11-02 00:10:31 -0500
This guy is awesome. Keep it coming!!!
commented 2015-11-01 19:31:34 -0500
David, London Ontario bans those things too, and exempts city owned golf courses and land.
For UBER (and I have no problem with them) Why not go after the Johns? I mean customers. Just like prostitution. Make them attend a 20 hour taxi indoctrination course, so they may better understand the exemplary industry already here. After a $1000 fine of course.
commented 2015-11-01 15:08:29 -0500
Hypocrisy abounds in the circles of the elitists. A great example is the green kooks influencing the B.C. government to not use pesticides or clear cutting to deal with the pine beetle when it could have been easily stopped, that resulted in a huge economic hit, millions of burned trees which pumped untold amounts of carbon that they hate so much into the air , and far fewer trees cleaning that hated carbon , and yet not one bit of remorse or self blame from the hypocrites on that one. Why was SAINT SUZUKI not enraged? Probably supported the stupidity in the first place.
commented 2015-11-01 15:04:19 -0500
David is becoming a new star of our media, discovering our nanny nitwits .
commented 2015-11-01 14:07:24 -0500
Corn might be better Guy – it grow taller.
commented 2015-11-01 13:28:39 -0500
Almost makes a person consider spreading roundup resistant canola on that counties property =8^}