September 24, 2015

NDP candidate says she didn't know what Auschwitz was: Is she dense, indifferent or lying?

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The NDP's Alex Johnstone want us to believe that she didn’t know what Auschwitz is until just this week.

She’s the Ontario NDP candidate that made a penis joke about the infamous Nazi death camp and then claimed ignorance.

How can someone who has written their master’s thesis on racism not know about the systemic extermination that took place at Auschwitz?

How can someone who sits as the vice chair of a school district recognized for excellence in Holocaust education not know about Auschwitz?

How did she not learn about Auschwitz, even by accident, through movies and television? It's all too unbelievable for me.

It's ok, though.

The NDP will stand by her, whether she’s flat out lying or just plainly ignorant. They’ll stand by anyone, even the guy that told the pope to f**I himself.


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commented 2015-09-30 10:44:16 -0400
I have worked at a University, and seen many useless degrees, but this tops it, Masters in Racism, Yikes.
commented 2015-09-26 19:07:57 -0400
“If 10 inks make an inkling, and 10 inklings make a clue, then this woman doesn’t have an ink.”
commented 2015-09-26 19:02:56 -0400
I would strongly suggest that this “educated” woman, check out Ray Comfort’s docmumentary, “Hitler 180”, on Youtube. Comfort is Jewish, and knows of what he speaks. (You will see many other “intellectuals” of Ms. Johnstone’s ilk in this video. —Their ignorance is uncosncionable.
commented 2015-09-25 20:25:34 -0400
Sheila, you did a great job with this exposure.
Vlad and others, well said.
So Alex likes Hugo Chavez? Not surprising, and no doubt many members of the NDP organization would like to emulate the Chavez regime here in Canada. They could just reopen the WW II prisoner of war camps and send people who do not agree with their socialist agenda for re-education. They could put someone like Alex in charge as she has experience in education.
commented 2015-09-25 16:28:19 -0400
NDP = ’Nother Dump Person…
commented 2015-09-25 16:26:38 -0400
Sample question to qualify as an NDP candidate. Bill has do drive 25 km to work, Joe drives 15km to work. What color is orange? My guess her answer would be, " 25 + 15, let me use my calculator, is 30. I got it, the color of orange is 30. yay", " Congratulations, you are now an NDP candidate".
commented 2015-09-25 16:25:03 -0400
Question: How could she not know what Auschwitz was?
Answer: Easy: She’s dense. I hear she worked with Ben Levin on the new school sex curriculum…
commented 2015-09-25 15:13:49 -0400
This “Bubble Girl”‘s bubble should be burst by her boss! But, it won’t be!
commented 2015-09-25 13:44:48 -0400
She works for a school board and doesn’t know about the death camps? Maybe now we know why Ontario students know nothing about history if this is the sort of person who is at least partially responsible for educating our next generation of citizens. She is even unfit to work at a school board let alone as an MP, just like her boss, Mulcair, who stands behind her. It’s probably the safest place to stand, as most of the crap comes out of her mouth!
commented 2015-09-25 13:42:21 -0400
Sheila, you are one KICK-ASS reporter with charisma to spare. Great, concise, informative AND funny report.
commented 2015-09-25 12:46:26 -0400
I do believe she is lying! Just like her mother NDP’s! They will make Canadians poor by their taxes! Taxes that will not benefit anyone but themselves!!!
commented 2015-09-25 11:53:29 -0400
Anyone remember when Libby Davies spoke out against Isreal and publicly voiced her support for the BDS movement.
It’s not just the goosesteppers of the NDP , the Brown Shirts that own and operate Canada’s unions have also participated in anti Isreal events too.
commented 2015-09-25 11:23:16 -0400
Vlad said, "Aren’t you sick and fucking tired of the socialist pigs controlling our lives and taxing us to fucking hell with their scams?? "

commented 2015-09-25 10:22:24 -0400
@georgeluck – liberals/socialists/communists/marxists/fascists – they all run from the ideology. Would you like any of these???

One of the biggest crimes in history is how educational institutions parrotl fascism is far right – hardly – hitler was a fascist and the leader of the national socialist party – fancy that????!!! Another deep rooted and perpetuated lie. Big surprise.

Aren’t you sick and fucking tired of the socialist pigs controlling our lives and taxing us to fucking hell with their scams??

PIG WYNNE is the latest in a long line of these SOCIALIST PIGS that steal and rape and murder our economies and our quality of life.

ok, all done. : )
commented 2015-09-25 09:45:38 -0400
She should go back to school and have a do-over, Billy Madison style.
commented 2015-09-25 09:43:58 -0400
“Is she dense, indifferent or lying?”
commented 2015-09-25 09:40:58 -0400
Hyacinth, “I doubt that they really believe their ‘platform’ but rather look at they can get out of it (personal benefit).” William D. Gairdner made such a conclusion in his latest book, “The Great Divide: Why Liberals and Conservatives will Never, Ever Agree”. According to Gairdner, the will-o-the-wisp pursuit of equality of results in libertarian-socialist countries has led to the development of stagnant “tripartite states” where one third of the people is employed by government, another third subsists on significant annual government handouts and only the remaining third relies on productive, private-sector employment. And the three parts vote according to what best meets their self-interest, with two thirds choosing for more government control. I don’t like the odds!
commented 2015-09-25 09:35:33 -0400
" Is she dense, indifferent, or lyng?"
Gosh I hate these “pick one of the above” questions. So limiting.
commented 2015-09-25 09:29:14 -0400
So, Vlad, I might not be the brightest bulb on the string ( anyone can feel free to jump in here to defend me) but I am beginning to think that you don’t really like liberals very much. No?
commented 2015-09-25 09:23:06 -0400
Just another example of the anti-Semitism of the socialists.
commented 2015-09-25 08:40:38 -0400
If the NDP commie party keeps this fruit cake their poll numbers are going to drop even lower.
commented 2015-09-25 08:16:12 -0400
Garry, I would hazard a guess that the unions mainly back the NDP (unless like in the Ontario election it was more advantageous for them to vote Liberal) and the fringe of society that think voting for NDP might get them something whereas voting Green wouldn’t. I doubt they “believe” in their platform but rather look at what they will get out of it (personal benefit) so scandals etc. be damned.
commented 2015-09-25 08:09:54 -0400
Garry, the answer is because the ranks of people who teach, study and gobble up “the oppression of me” are growing by leaps and bounds. Pity parties are everywhere and I guess you could say that Thomas M is the life of the pity party, even though JT is giving him a run for his money this time around.
commented 2015-09-25 08:07:20 -0400
Another ndp communist pig, ALEX PIG COMMUNIST JOHNSTONE , making headlines.

It is amazing that this NAZI PIG ALEX JOHNSTONE will actually remain a candidate and get votes. Nice job mulcair, YOU NAZI PIG!!!
commented 2015-09-25 07:16:48 -0400
Could some one please explain to me why people vote for this party, even though this kind of thing keeps making the news?

‘cause I don’t get it.
commented 2015-09-25 07:09:03 -0400
Modern post secondary education in the social justice and social work “disciplines” does not focus on the oppression of people-you-don’t-know. It’s all about the oppression of YOU mainly by either the patriarchy or the white race or, worst of all the white patriarchy. I doubt there is a course out there that explores how people from the whole spectrum of races, ethnicities and genders have oppressed and exploited each other, including their own, across the millenia. If you take Social Justice Studies 101 or do your PhD thesis in it, your focus is on ME and those who oppress me. To this end there is no need to know any history at all. You just read stuff and watch videos that support your own sense of injustice and opine about how it makes you feel. If you want history, take a history course is what the faculty will tell you. Besides, history is written from the point of view of the oppressors don’t you know? Notice how it’s called "his"story? (That’s actually a big beef of radical feminists.) I think Alex is a bimbo who spent a few years exploring her sense of being oppressed and who really hadn’t heard of Auschwitz because she had not the slightest interest in anything that wasn’t all about her.
commented 2015-09-25 04:23:00 -0400
The leftist students always respon the same way when reality hits them – they will say that communist countries are not really communist.
commented 2015-09-25 04:21:48 -0400
SAM YOUNG, “Modern post secondary indoctrination goes like this. You have less because you are being oppressed. This is the sentiment that students buy into, which makes them entitled and worst of all, too dependent on a left wing government.” Indeed, a lot of this can be understood by students being taught the “Web of Oppression” by the left wing professors in universities these days, which undergirds the contemporary thrust of social policies among ‘progressives’ :
You are ipso facto an oppressor by virtue of where you appear on the web. The more attributes you have closer to the center of the web, the more you are characterized as an ‘oppressor’ regardless of what you say and do.
commented 2015-09-25 02:47:16 -0400
The NDP vetting process is a joke. Then again maybe this is the type of candidate they want. Just look at the anti Jew retiring MP Libby Davies.
commented 2015-09-25 02:29:18 -0400
Rick Plesnick proobably a waste of time to point out Brinkmans stupid example that makes his party of choice look even worse, he is too brainwashed