April 05, 2016

NDP craziness, Liberal shenanigans and the great conservative hope

Brian LilleyArchive

We all know the NDP has a looney left but did you realize how closely that mirrors the thinking of the current government?

Plus Brian talks to Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown about political fundraising and Liberal dirty deeds, the push for windmills in farm communities against the wishes of residents and the problem with heroin injection sites. And Brad Wall the great conservative hope keeps one province strongly on the free market side.

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commented 2016-04-11 11:00:40 -0400
This reconfirms for me that Patrick Brown is not the leader Ontario needs to save it from going down the sink into 3rd world politics and economy. I think the PCs are as devoid of vision and solutions as the Dips or Libranos.

You guys need an “Ontario Party” – like the one that got Saskatchewan back on its feet after decades as a Dipper economic basket case
commented 2016-04-05 16:41:36 -0400
The arrogance of Judy Foote. In my industry the margins, therefore the wages, have not justified an increase for the last f***kin’ decade!

If I would had the fortitude to stay in the toxic environment of government, geez, I’d be on easy street!

Not all in the middle class are doing well. Maybe I’m headed to the working poor. And the lefty hypocrites in power now are really the problem in their arrogant embarrassment of riches.