August 14, 2015

NDP fires one candidate for anti-Israel comment, allows another to remain

Dean SkoreykoRebel Blogger

NDP candidate Morgan Wheeldon was immediately fired after the Conservatives exposed his anti-Israel posting:

Earlier today, Brad Lavigne, an NDP campaign adviser, said Wheeldon’s position as reflected by the Facebook post didn’t reflect the party’s position.

“Our position on the conflict in the Middle East is clear, as Tom Mulcair expressed clearly in the debate. Mr. Wheeldon’s comments are not in line with that policy and he is no longer our candidate,” he said. 

“We were made aware of some information that had not previously been disclosed. When we approached Mr. Wheeldon with this information, he submitted his resignation.”

Yet the NDP have allowed Matthew Rowlinson to remain:

To Thomas Mulcair, not all Israel-haters are equal.


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commented 2015-08-16 04:29:31 -0400
The “keep oil in the ground” NDP lady running in Toronto has also made some very choice comments on Israel also.
commented 2015-08-15 03:20:18 -0400
Dean, if the dippers ran off all the antisemites in the party there would be no one left!
commented 2015-08-14 22:48:46 -0400
Mulcair will say anything to please the audience on hand at the time.
commented 2015-08-14 18:20:03 -0400
There’s something wrong with Mulcair’s brain. Oh right, he doesn’t have one.
commented 2015-08-14 17:57:26 -0400
But… but… the Palestinians are so put-upon by the Israelis! Those Jews don’t let any of the Palestinians’ rockets and other arms through the blockade, and they keep blowing up the Palestinians’ tunnels…! Never mind all the civilian casualties from Israeli aircraft rockets because the Palestinians dared the Israelis to blow up the ammunition dumps and artillery and rocket launchers in civilian structures (and still housing civilians, no less)…! How dare those Israelis stand up to the Palestinians when they attack Israelis from afar…! I mean, really…! Even though Israel was just an unwanted desert before the Jews had the audacity to claim a nation in the middle of nowhere…! The Palestinians couldn’t even call themselves a people before the Jews went and did that — they were still Arabs in the Trans-Jordan area. Then, when those audacious, rebellious Jews decided they wanted a homeland, they offered money to the Arabs for their land — which the Arabs proudly rejected! And then the Imams told those proud Arabs that they couldn’t take the Jews’ offer of land after the dust had settled — they had their pride, don’t you know! Never accept anything from a Jew!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The above is all documented history, and written extremely tongue-in-cheek. The Palestinians, as a people, as a nationality, didn’t exist before Israel became a nation, and the reason for Gaza is the Arab leadership themselves. These Arabs (now calling themselves Palestinians) CHOSE to live in refugee camps, rather than accept land or compensation from the Israelis. Gaza is a choice. And then the Arab/Palestinian “leadership” blames this whole scenario on the Jews, and vows retaliation.

Do the actions of these “Palestinians” remind you of anybody we’ve read/heard about in Canada, hmmm?

Gotta love #cough, choke# politics…
commented 2015-08-14 16:28:57 -0400
Hatred of Jews and Israel is alive and well in the No Democracy Party!
commented 2015-08-14 13:04:11 -0400
Makes you go “Hmmm”