October 06, 2015

NDP's failed "move to the centre" proves Canadian politics is "a colossal fraud"

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

Way back in August, everyone who is paid to talk about political stuff was fantasizing about NDP minority governments.

Meanwhile, I let it be known that Thomas Mulcair was about to join Darrel Dexter, Dominic Cardy, Adrian Dix, Dwain Lingenfelter, Andrea Horwath, and Olivia Chow on the list of NDP figureheads who decided, over the objections of their base and common sense, that “moving to the centre” was the path to victory -- and paid hugely for it.

Now that the chuckleheads in Canada’s political/journalistic/legal bizarre love triangle have finally caught up to me, I’m going to spend one sentence of this article (the one you’re reading now) gloating about how right I was, and the rest of it talking about what a colossal fraud politics in this country is.

It is tempting to blame the NDP campaign’s refusal to pick up on and respond to even the most clear and obvious signals -- be it the Tommunist Manifesto from their base, the populist uprising against the niqab currently taking place in Quebec, or the exploits of Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders abroad -- on the usual suspects, namely inexperience, stupidity, laziness and fear.

Doing that, however, would absolve the true culprits: the strategists, pollsters, communications consultants and other such “consensus builders” who said to the NDP, “Guys, you need to put a picture of your leader playing in a ball pit with a middle-class family on your literature so middle-class families will vote for you. That’s where the votes are.”   

And so, the NDP got Mulcair and his fake smile, instead of what they wanted, which was bankers being guillotined in the middle of downtown Montreal, pipelines being bombed in B.C., war parties on the rampage in Winnipeg, the Hamas flag being waved in Mississauga, farmers beating ploughshares into swords on the plains of Saskatchewan, and to top it all off, a social justice warrior meetup in downtown Toronto where naked, bespectacled women in their 20s with purple, blue and green hair hang a Men’s Rights Activist upside down by his genitals and use his tears as fuel to ignite a bonfire into which video games and American Apparel clothing are thrown.

That’s the kind of populist uprising that makes you sit up and take notice, and would surely spur voters to electing an NDP majority government!

But the clueless Media Party wouldn’t notice a populist uprising if it walked into the CBC archives and smashed Mr. Dressup’s Tickle Trunk with an axe.

They trot out Naheed Nenshi to reinforce the party line that the niqab issue does not matter -- despite the fact that the NDP is getting clobbered on their home turf because they are on the wrong side of that debate.

They don’t think the niqab debate matters, and nobody they talk to think it matters, so it doesn’t matter!

So of course the NDP dismisses it, along with the sex-ed furor, as “Republican tactics," in their clumsy attempt to regain control of the discourse.

They do not recognize the new Canada -- the true Canada -- emerging from this chaos, for it is not of their design.

On this point, the social justice warriors are of one mind with us: The consensus must be destroyed.

No real progress can be made either way, so long as it can distract, divide, and suck the life out of attempts to bring about change, as it did to the NDP campaign.

So, once the NDP emerges post-election from the rubble of their broken hopes, let’s hope the lesson finally sinks in, and left and right can finally have the war they’ve both been waiting for.



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commented 2015-10-07 16:57:06 -0400
“Unhinged” is the perfect description of the mentality of those on the left!
commented 2015-10-07 00:08:30 -0400
Great stuff Joshua. Your leftist fantasy is hilarious. However if the left was truthful about what they really want, they would do even worse. They are stuck in a bind because their base is so utterly unhinged. With their ideas all discredited by history, they have nowhere to go but underground, to impose their revolution through subversion within the system. Which they have been very good at. They just can’t win elections anymore.
commented 2015-10-06 22:31:06 -0400
Left of center parties who adpt the progressive mantle and dogmas are failing because progressivism has become too authoritarian and intolerant for its own growth – Leftist progressivism has become the new regression to puritanical statism. Conservative-libertarianism is the new counter culture revolution against tyranny