May 12, 2015

NDP's Notley picks "anti-oil, anti-Alberta radical" Brian Topp as chief of staff

Rebel Staff

Brian Topp is new Alberta premier Rachel Notley's pick for Chief of Staff.

Topp is a bit of an NDP mercenary.

Most recently, he ran Adrian Dix's failed "no pipelines" campaign in BC.

As you'll see in my report, being against pipelines and fossil fuels is in line with Topp's own extreme views:

For example, when running for office not long ago, Topp vowed to "get fossel-fuel cars out of our cities."

I've got lots of other examples, too.

Which leads me to wonder:

Is an anti-oil, anti-Alberta radical really the best choice for Notley's chief of staff?

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commented 2015-05-15 20:53:06 -0400
The bigger question who is more delusional and equal parts dumb ass , Notley or Topp. In either case both need therapy , they are not well people . Unfortunately Alberta will be their quinea pig for their madness. Fascinating to watch their fanciful fantasy up against the reality of blood sweat and tears. Would not be surprised within a couple of years, Albertan’s go all french resistance on them. WildRose unite with the pc, call yourselves the new conservative party, NCP , but wild rose calls the shots. This is the only benefit of the election the death of a false corrupt conservative party and the birth of a real conservative party .
commented 2015-05-15 18:09:36 -0400
It’s clear Masonry has his back.
commented 2015-05-15 17:25:56 -0400
Well, now all you dumbass NDP voters that didn’t think it through are going to find out how bad a socialist government will be for Alberta, especially with Brian Topp involved.
commented 2015-05-15 13:41:03 -0400
Welcome back, dear Ezra, to your return to my computer screen, I have missed you a lot these past four months. From my severely marximized province of BC, I could not believe that supposedly saner Albertans would fall in the same trap… Is there anyone in the decimated conservative ranks who will fight the red tide?
commented 2015-05-15 13:36:34 -0400
There’s nothing one can do. The people have spoken. Much to their own detriment, but they’ll see that sooner than later, I’m sure. The whole country will. Boy, apparently hearing they’d have a deficit this year effected the people of Alberta’s thought processes to vote her in. Her husband is head of a huge union…….big unions hate Harper, big unions hate manufacturing, big unions hate the right……what a combo.
commented 2015-05-15 12:12:05 -0400
This is like Newfoundland or Nova Scotia electing a Premier that is strongly opposed to fishing.
commented 2015-05-15 00:32:49 -0400
“Conservatism, though a necessary element in any stable society, is not a social program; in its paternalistic, nationalistic and power adoring tendencies it is often closer to socialism than true liberalism; and with its traditionalistic, anti-intellectual, and often mystical propensities it will never, except in short periods of disillusionment, appeal to the young and all those others who believe that some changes are desirable if this world is to become a better place.
Socialism has never and nowhere been at first a working-class movement. It is by no means an obvious remedy for the obvious evil which the interests of that class will necessarily demand. It is a construction of theorists, deriving from certain tendencies of abstract thought with which for a long time only the intellectuals were familiar; and it required long efforts by the intellectuals before the working classes could be persuaded to adopt it as their program.”
Friedrich Hayek, 1940s
commented 2015-05-15 00:18:36 -0400
Seriously, I can understand wanting to make sure Prentice was booted, but voting NDP was just stupid. You didn’t know what you were doing or you wouldn’t have voted for Notley. Alberta is so hooped!! The whole country will feel this mistake, for 4 years, and then recuperation time, who knows how long. Momentum has been lost. Momentum is everything. Leaving a vacuum is never a good thing. Brian Topp as chief of staff, unbelievable! Bad dream. What is a BC socialist loser doing in Alberta under any title!!!
commented 2015-05-14 23:36:37 -0400
All the clueless who voted the NDP in, I hope you’re happy with yourselves now, because that happy moment won’t last long. I won’t feel sorry for you when the pixie dust blows away, because you deserve what you get, but to all who did not vote them in, I hope the opposition hold their feet to the fire & don’t let up.
commented 2015-05-14 21:09:56 -0400
TRAGIC! FOR ALL OF CANADA…bright side: there won’t be any money for socialist agendas!
commented 2015-05-14 19:29:07 -0400
I’m curious, is anyone representing Alberta who is actually from Alberta? What a disgrace. I can’t express my disappointment in words.
commented 2015-05-14 18:39:24 -0400
First Esra, picking this fool is notley at her best, wait to see this idiot’s decisions will seem mild. You have an idiot premier, a government of incompetent morons, what can you say… from alberta as fast as you can…I am gonna milk the system and suck as much as possible out of these idiots…hahaha…
commented 2015-05-14 16:18:10 -0400
Maybe he should change the name of the province to something like Albertuela. I am planning to make a lots of money in selling toilet paper there in 2 years from now
commented 2015-05-14 14:14:01 -0400
We have many colonies in Alberta. We have to assimilate with the Amish. I’m glad Brian Topp has vowed to stop driving and flying himself.
commented 2015-05-14 11:22:15 -0400
Would political masochism be an appropriate term for Alberta
commented 2015-05-14 06:15:11 -0400
Ontario had its’ experiment with the NDP and we are still recuperating after 20 years. Of couse now we have the Liberals in power and they appear to be attempting to make the NDP look like timid conservatives.
I guess the Provincial goal in Canada is to be a ’Have Not ’ province.
Welcome to the club Alberta !
It is not very lonely down here.
commented 2015-05-14 05:07:08 -0400
B.C. had it’s “experiment” with NDP, Alberta now has theirs, I pray Canada will be spared NDP.
commented 2015-05-13 12:05:16 -0400
Google UN Agenda 21 , you’ll see exactly the NDP play book! 350 pages of of race to bottom for all, same playbook all radicals world wide are using, SunZu said know your enemy! Same plan the progressives/liberals/greens are all using. Easy reading and explains the decadence and corruption spread in communities across the country. This topp creep just another face reflected in the sewage lagoon depravity. Shun these folks always.
commented 2015-05-13 10:02:36 -0400
Alison Redford, Danielle Smith and Jim Prentice should hang their heads in shame – this NDP government in Edmonton is ALL YOUR DOING. You have no place in a Conservative meeting or group. Please join the Radical Environmentalists like Preston Manning did – the puppet-master that commandeered Alberta into the left.

Ontario is waiting for you to join us at the bottom of the barrel.
commented 2015-05-13 09:38:17 -0400
THEREBEL.MEDIA is going to open an Alberta office with the primary objective of reporting the news of the new NDP government. They have raised just over $30K to this venture, we need only 400 people to kick in $50 each to bring it to the goal of $50K Please join me and kick in $50 from your pay pal account. We have to keep an eye on this government because the media party won’t.
Enlightened Conservative
commented 2015-05-13 09:19:34 -0400
Me Thinks Alberta may be in the hurt locker with this NDP Government.
commented 2015-05-13 09:06:37 -0400
Contrary to those who think that we all voted for this travesty, many of us voted for the WR. And thank God we did, now it is up to the opposition to keep these fools, and their foolish ideas in check for the next 4-years, until we can rid ourselves of this socialist disease.
commented 2015-05-13 08:48:31 -0400
Albertastan fits.
commented 2015-05-13 07:36:38 -0400
After the nightmare of a klepto-Dip govt. no one really wanted, will Alberta be the first province to pass a recall referendum?
commented 2015-05-13 07:36:38 -0400
After the nightmare of a klepto-Dip govt. no one really wanted, will Alberta be the first province to pass a recall referendum?
commented 2015-05-13 05:47:08 -0400
I am one of the 52% of the popular vote in Alberta that supported the PC or Wildrose (and no, it’s none of anyone else’s business which one I chose, and I’m not telling).
52 percent PC/Wildrose vs 42 percent for the NDP says to me that Alberta is still very much a conservative province, but nonetheless, it’s time for a change. I’m trying to be optimistic.
Meanwhile, the right needs to get its stuff together and realign with its core values instead of focusing on the politics of staying in power. It is time to reorganize and prioritize Alberta’s best interests above the naively egoistic whims of (predominately) unproven, inexperienced university students who, like Rachel Notley, still rely on their parents for support and “allowance”. If the majority of the 49/53 NDPs elected are like Rachel Notley, then I wager they are predominately from the middle-upper class, slightly more female than male, unemployed faculty of arts undergrad/graduate students in their early to mid-twenties with limited to no prior political experience, who don’t own any property and pay little to no taxes.
It’s a tad tangential, but does no one else feel the same way I do on this subject? By the time you’re in university, you’re an adult, and I think at some point you’ve got to suck it up and grow up. Cover your own bills, pay your own way. In the end, no one owes you a thing, but if in fact you’ve already made it as far as university and/or beyond, you probably owe your parents at least a teensy bit of gratitude whether they help you pay for school or not.
My own parents (bless them) planned and saved for years, and eventually paid the tuition for my first degree (BA), even after I moved out for the second time, this time for good. I turned a car insurance settlement into a down payment on a condo, then paid for all 3 years of law school while entirely supporting myself and even paying down my mortgage by $40,000 in 10 years (mostly spent in school) by working multiple jobs and simultaneously engaging in various volunteer community/property, employment or school related roles. By the time I was 23, I no longer relied on my parents to pay so much as a traffic ticket on my behalf, let alone give me an allowance.
Casting a protest vote against the PCs is one thing, I get it. Putting a 23-year-old university student who still relies on mom and dad to pay his/her bills in charge of your political representation when he/she has absolutely no understanding of common, real world experiences and struggles is ludicrous.
I just can’t wrap my mind around the irrationality, and I can’t help but lose some respect for Rachel Notley having learned she actually argued with her father over increasing the amount of her university allowance.
commented 2015-05-13 03:26:19 -0400
I truly hope the “another one bites the dust” reference doesn’t come true, but having read a significant amount in my life, I am more than a little worried. Rationally, it doesn’t make sense to deliberately sabotage Alberta’s energy industry, being a significant driver of the Canadian economy. But, rationality doesn’t always emerge at the forefront in political consideration. Anyone who’s bothered to read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (instead of just denigrating it based on the politically-biased opinions of others) would automatically acknowledge this to be true. Read it, and you will understand that bleeding Alberta dry so as to make it “pay its fair share” is not so impossible.
Or don’t read it, and just continue to parrot uninformed opinions and leftist propaganda in ignorance of one of the largest political conflicts of interests Canada has ever seen — i.e. the appointment of Brian Topp as Notley’s Chief of Staff.
Topp is adamantly against development of the Alberta oil sands in any way, shape or form, and has pledged to eliminate fossil-fuelled cars from Canadian cities. He actively campaigned in BC for the NDP on a “No Pipeline” agenda, no doubt contributing to regulatory delay in the approval of Keystone XL and other pipeline projects. Delay alone is responsible for dramatically increasing the cost to taxpayers of these pipeline projects. Instead, Topp and the Alberta NDP would rather enact stiffer regulations and enhanced government bureaucracy on rail transport, which is still one of the dominant means of transporting Canadian energy exports to both foreign and domestic markets. Apparently the risk of another Wabamun or Lac-Mégantic disaster is preferable to the statistically far-less probable occurrence of a minor surface pipeline leak.
Alberta’s resource future depends on investments and approval of trans-continental energy pipeline infrastructure. Brian Topp is the last person who should have any involvement in advising the Alberta government or in selecting government appointees.
commented 2015-05-13 02:33:21 -0400
Well Alberta, you voted for these communist pigs and now you get to live with them for four years.

Alberta has 44 years of PC management in the goobermint, so these communist /marxist/ socialist/ liberal pigs have lots of experienced managers to fire and replace with second year students before this gets rolling.

What a complete gong show this is becoming.