UPDATE: 84.5% of Albertans oppose NDP pay raise, foreign junket

Rebel Staff

Sept. 29 UPDATE:  84.5% of Albertans oppose NDP pay raise, foreign junket

An independent poll of Albertans shows an overwhelming opposition to Rachel Notley's aborted plans to give high-level government officials massive pay raises, and to send NDP MLAs on a junket to Boston.

The poll, conducted by Torch, surveyed 344 Albertans and has a margin of error of +/-5.3%, nineteen times out of twenty.

According to the poll, 84.5% of Albertans disapprove of the pay raise and Boston trip — and 66.5% of them disapprove strongly.

And 73.6% of Alberta NDP voters disapprove of Notley's behaviour:

This professional poll was crowdfunded by generous viewers of The Rebel. To chip in, please click HERE.


Over 40,000 Albertans have lost their jobs so far this year, just in the oil patch alone.

So what has Alberta's NDP decided to do about it? 

They voted to give their friends in government a 7.25% pay raise -- and to give themselves a $20,000 junket to Boston!

In May, Albertans were so disgusted with Jim Prentice and his pigs at the trough, that they threw them out, and voted in the party they thought would be the most dramatic change.

Except there’s no change: the new NDP MLAs are living high off the hog too.

Two of the NDP MLAs who voted for this pork are juvenile MLAs in their twenties: Mike Connolly and Estefania Cortes-Vargas have never earned this much in their life, and never will again. Taxpayers have given them a personal jackpot.

But it’s still not enough for them. Now they want luxury junkets. Now they want to give raises to their friends. It’s disgusting. And this is just after four months.

That’s why we are asking for YOUR HELP. 

Please SIGN OUR PETITION below to cancel the 7.25% raise, and cancel their luxury trip to Boston.

Please also HELP US FUND a professional, independent, statistically valid poll of Albertans.

We want to know what Albertans think of the NDP giving 7.25% pay raises to their friends — and taking a $20,000 party trip to Boston.

I estimate that poll will cost $1,500 dollars. Please help me pay for it, by clicking below and donating right now.

Albertans are having tough economic times. It’s only going to get tougher — partly because of the NDP’s own doing, raising taxes and declaring war against oil and gas.

That’s bad enough.

But for these little emperors to be living high off the hog — well, what’s the difference between them and the Prentice PCs Albertans just threw out?


Sign the petition!

We demand the Alberta NDP cancel their proposed 7.25% pay raise for legislative officers and cancel the upcoming $20,000 Boston junket for five NDP MLAs.

Will you sign?