November 12, 2018

Negotiators Still Scrambling on Final Brexit Deal

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Number 10 insists that UK and EU negotiators were up until 2.45am last night, and insists that progress is being made on the final Brexit deal.

This reminds me of when I was in college. I’d have weeks to finish an assignment but I’d always somehow find myself up the night before, drinking energy drinks and pounding my keyboard, hoping what I was writing was making some kind of sense. This is literally what’s happening right now.

The Tories dragged their heels triggering Article 50, and have spent two years umming and ahhing about which direction they’re going to take. Now we are a matter of weeks and days away from the emergency, and they’re up until silly o’clock in the morning trying to hash out a deal.

We’re told that progress is being made, but we’ve been told that for a while now.

The pressure is on, too. Penny Mordaunt, Secretary of State for International Development, has warned Theresa May that the Cabinet will be checking her deal to ensure that it delivers on the referendum results. She told Sky News there will be two checks on the Deal – Cabinet, and Parliament. If it doesn’t pass Cabinet, then it won’t even arrive at Parliament.

What are the chances of Cabinet voting it down, though? We had high hopes of Brexiteers in the Tories kicking out Theresa May with a vote of confidence when she was faced with the 1922 Committee, and they bottled that. What reason is there to believe the Brexiteers won’t bottle it again?

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commented 2018-11-12 19:08:03 -0500
The problem with the British Conservative Party is that they are not Conservatives, most of them anyway. They have slid far to the Left in their views because of there need to to grab left wing votes. I would not mind betting that there are some of them who are in fact far left Marxist who have infiltrated the Party, disruption their goal. Only those who wish to leave the EU are real Conservatives, the remainder are just doing the job for capital gain and position, they are dangerous.

The biggest problem the Conservatives have is Theresa May herself, she is a NWO Marxist and working to wreck the Brexit deal with her bloody minded schemes and scams. If she is permitted to continue with her deceit there will be no Brexit and there will be no Britain.

The People have voted ‘Leave’. They were told that their vote would be final and that there would be no turning back. So what is the problem……The UN dose not agree?

Come to Canada Ms May, we will build a double Gallows for You and
our own version of ‘Idiot’, Justin Trudeau…..Two Traitors on one Gallows.